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  1. Found a daily record article when he signed. I’m sure the permanent figure was 200k
  2. He was still playing as of April this year! Don’t mind him being awful to the level of others.
  3. Clyde are the ones playing at Hamilton.
  4. I’d imagine with her going to clinical settings and travelling abroad she’ll be testing non stop like we’ve been told to for 2 years.
  5. Aafjes was a rolls Royce of a defender btw, him and Barr had everything especially for the level we were at.
  6. He took our 3-1 victory over Clyde the day before a bit too far, he was hopeless with us also wee shitebag.
  7. Mines would be very similar but possibly Early day Paddy Cregg ahead of McKenzie but not by much.
  8. As we had a car crash of a season very apt that on of our players had one off the pitch
  9. signed for the last 5 games, 1 minute played. Madness
  10. As McGlynn has already said recruitment is key, making any predictions before we’ve even had a emoji is a bit wild.
  11. Exactly what every keeper should be doing, making the first one wait over a minute and then saving it exactly what your after.
  12. I’d hate to piss on your parade but he’s also liked ones about signing for Patrick. Be a great signing for anyone in our league and above tbh.
  13. If he was coming to sit on the bench and also part of the coaching team wouldn’t be against it but not first choice.
  14. It’s not been mentioned on here but Aaron Muirhead to Patrick says my source.
  15. They have obviously received another email from a Nigerian prince.
  16. Mr McGlynn we need a signing to start this week off
  17. This b*****d junction never really had any issues until the last week when not once, not twice but three times I’ve been cut across from someone the left lane cutting into the lane that goes to the a803 when it clearly has Howgate only.
  18. It’s hardly a humble brag but even in our worst season in decades you didn’t take 12 points off us.
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