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  1. To be fair not much else choice at right back apart from Miller.
  2. Martin Miller Hall Dixon McCann Hetherington Telfer Mdaid Nesbitt Mcguffie Ruth
  3. I was at your game on Tuesday and Montgomery was the obvious weak link in the team and could sense the crowd getting on his back when he either went backwards with the ball or misplaced a pass ( was a few)
  4. Having had to use my passport on Tuesday afternoon during a visit to Celtic park I got my app ready on route and opened up the second dose QR code expecting them to scan it, got near the gates and the wife just took a quick look at the home page of the app and no other questions asked.
  5. Payne was on trial with us last season so he’ll raise his game imo.
  6. To be fair Jamie’s job is Kieran’s old job rebranded so like for like.
  7. ScotRail bodying a weirdo for taking pics of ransoms on public transport.
  8. Think lots of people would agree with this. Personally I’ve not worn one since March apart from going in for an operation and even then it was off pre and post surgery.
  9. I’ve no kept an eye much on hospital figures this week but noticed they were at 829 today, sure a week ago they were close to 1k. Still, get passports in the bin.
  10. Another day on completely normal island
  11. Indeed but noticed Carlisle have said they are in no rush, sure that’ll change if they lose at the weekend again.
  12. Cross border compensation is lower than in the same country most of the times. Like Celtic getting Dembele for 500k a few years ago from Fulham.
  13. He’s no longer the favourite for it on SkyBet.
  14. The prices are mental I paid just under 7k for our car in 2018 and getting figures of 5500-6k for it currently.
  15. 1,908 new cases of COVID-19 reported 19,394 new tests for COVID-19 that reported results 10.5% of these were positive 27 new reported death(s) of people who have tested positive 51 people were in intensive care yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19 935 people were in hospital yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19 4,265,755 people have received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination and 3,866,372 have received their second dose
  16. Very meh and now need to wait until Feb for the next part of the last season.
  17. Hope she’s okay, same thing happened with one of our neighbors the boy at school was positive and the rest of the household was negative on all tests, couple weeks later the mum came up positive.
  18. Not posted in here in a while since we lost our dear Albus last year to a blocked bladder but this is our current cast of cats. Luna who’s nearly 3, likes outdoors at night then comes in to sleep on top of the fridge, since albus passed she’s really changed and is thr grumpiest cat I’ve known but still loves us really Hermoine who is 10 months old, born in Xmas eve eve by a stray that was living in someone’s garden, she’s the most affectionate cat we’ve ever had, loves a cuddle and can often be found sleeping under our duvet in the morning, also tiny for her age, less than 2kg and vet doesn’t see her getting much bigger. Nifler is about 6 months old and was a rescue from a litter that was unexpected, he was very timid and had obviously not been used to human contact as couldn’t get near him but he’s coming out his shell now and is going to be a big boy going by the size of his paws .
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