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  1. Season 5 Rick is peak walking dead.
  2. Slamming the ball down after the foul is what he will have been booked for.
  3. Some random berwick fan said it on twitter so has to be imo.
  4. Done my test in 2019 and done a lesson on the motorway couple weeks before hand, believe most instructors will try and do it outwith busy times. Fog has been quite heavy in the FK last 2 days and some amount c***s with either side lights on or nothing at all.
  5. Stinking draw, only 2 other league 1 teams in the draw and we got 1 of them.
  6. Grangemouth v Clydebank should be the title imo.
  7. Have them go to Hamilton and try squeeze in 3 games in one day.
  8. Is fear worth watching? Might give me something to tide me over until The negan/Maggie spin off.
  9. I disagree, it was never going to “end” When 3 spin offs are happening next year. Pacing was really good but do wish previous episodes had similar pacing leading up to this one right enough.
  10. What’s the best way to watch this? I see they are talking about it being streamed live on YouTube but I can’t see that being true. Might just hold off and get it first thing tomorrow when I’m at work.
  11. He genuinely said all GVB needs to do is win every game between now and the end of the season as if they didn’t just draw with St Mirren, Livi and lose to St Johnstone.
  12. Good to see the focus on the lower leagues with the interview with Souness talking about rangers and var.
  13. If you’re seeing progress after 6 weeks I would say stick at your current routine! Rest days are key and the older I’m getting the more I appreciate them for recovery.
  14. Series 5 Rick was superb but by the time he left he was becoming tedious but he definitely needs to come back for the end of this season. Negan is the only reason I kept watching tbh. Top tier. The early years of the show was really top TV, have been going back and watching it over the last few weeks building up to the finale, the amount of times Glen has a baseball bat makes the season 7 opener make sense.
  15. If you know anyone with a Costco card I’d say there, the prices on MyProtein are mental.
  16. Would’ve saved us 3 months of shite Fitba that’s for sure.
  17. The had a drone at our game last week yet this week someone walked into the stadium with a bag and didn’t get searched and even just looked at ( was a change of clothes post work)
  18. I’ve been going back and watching some of the old series and in 5 when Abraham finds out Eugene isn’t going to be able to cure the virus is hilarious proper lamps him. Seeing some of the spin off shots especially the negan and Maggie one it looks like the cure isn’t in sight.
  19. Look forward to this being another conspiracy to keep fort down.
  20. Wasn’t the offside for when Burrell hit his shot?
  21. No grumbles about Hetherington coming off the bench to see out games, he won the ball high up the park at the end of the game yesterday which led to us getting a free kick and hit the bar.
  22. He rolled the ball to Lawal and McCann for their goals so wonder if he gets 2 more assists
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