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  1. Just want a wee 👀 from the club tomorrow.
  2. Kirk broadfoot trying to make eggs in kyles maws microwave.
  3. 2 clean sheets in 9 games. He threw one in against Ayr at home, league 1 is his level. Burgoyne was miles ahead of both.
  4. Not stopping a cross against Morton and over hitting some crosses #baller
  5. 100%, thing is David Mitchell wasn’t much better when he got his chance. Hartley talking about getting a keeper who was experienced yet signed Fasan who had played less than 50 games. He and Deniz were at Port Vale at the same time also.
  6. If the club don’t announce a signing it may continue to get posted everyday until I see that scarf aloft.
  7. Lewis is the correct answer in regards to the worst signing. Fasan had more impact on the first team but the nonsense racism claim when it was thrown out almost instantly tips it over the edge for me. He was working his ticket to leave in January and that was his way out imo.
  8. Not the kind of fans to celebrate.
  9. I mind being at a Clyde game ( free school ticket or something) and Partick fans were in the away end I think it was when Inverness won the league, or am I imagining this. Top level shit housing.
  10. Noticed on YouTube that Falkirk tv are uploading lots of old content 2003/04/05 Around the time I was introduced to Falkirk via my step dad who is currently not having a great time of it at the moment. Tear in my eye watching them 💙
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