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  1. Seeing as every footballer nickname is just thier name wirh YY at the end is his nickname Markyyy
  2. Going from Nelson who would work his nuts off from minute 1 to 90, could tell he enjoyed being here and playing and all importantly grabbing a few goals eventually to ending up with Dennon Lewis and Marcus Haber doing none of this makes Nelson seem a superstar. I loved him and would’ve have had him in ASAP but it’s not the end of the world, still plenty time to get bodies in the door.
  3. Just finished a trial with Livi.
  4. Irving was one of Hartleys better signings and he would barely get on the bench at the moment. Says how well the summer recruitment went.
  5. He’s shite, don’t sign him.
  6. Chris Erskine leaves Partick for Livi
  7. Hearts confirming that Irving has returned to Tynecastle.
  8. Fraeser Aird once also.
  9. “Am just here to score fucking goals” wit a boi