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  1. This plus a player getting the chance to go fulltime again, he may even had a clause to allow him to go to a fulltime team.
  2. Over 9k on a Tuesday at the end of January is superb.
  3. If Scott mercer is the answer I don’t want to know the question.
  4. He’s missed 31 of the 57 league games during his time at the club.
  5. Mental he’s went from nearly playing in league 1 for us to now the premiership.
  6. At a guess Arbroath probably wanting more of his wages covered knowing he can’t go anywhere else.
  7. He was never going back to Arbroath and he can’t sign for anyone else having played for they 2 clubs this season.
  8. I can’t imagine clubs will see 2.4 million after add ons being accepted and go ahead and bid one penny more.
  9. It’s 5 domestic loans, England not included in those numbers.
  10. What’s the rules again? Is it 5 domestic?
  11. Only downside is Allan has played in the Scottish cup for Clyde this season.
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