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  1. I’d of taken him last summer but appears to have had a rubbish season at Alloa, he and Chris McStay seemed to be a good partnership in the middle of the park for Clyde the season before last.
  2. Likewise, our season falling off a cliff be more regular if he was manager.
  3. I don’t know a single person who wanted him to stay, he’s away so move on.
  4. It’s not going to happen but I hope the 600 tickets don’t even get bought. I Fucking hate the SG some times, get Leitch to f**k.
  5. Right kick in the teeth for Leitch with those figures.
  6. Thank f**k Durnans away, Hall next please but I don’t see Miller or Alston going anyway. Noticed Dixon is continuing to nurse back from his knee injury, definitely someone I’d like to be kept if fitness allows it. Good back up left back/centre back with plenty experience.
  7. If I had a torn hamstring the last thing I’d do is push that high up the pitch.
  8. Expect nothing other than The Record/Sun using ex old firm player over ex Falkirk player.
  9. Stubbs is a stick on with the Dempster link, that or Kettlewell for the ex player link.
  10. Aye it’s open surgery on my leg so understand about the testing but was phoned on the 16th April and told to isolate from the 18th to the 28th for my procedure. 2 days notice to get 3 weeks off work.
  11. I went for an out-patient appointment and didn’t need a test. Got a call about my surgery and they told me I’d have to isolate for 10 days before + negative result. Had to turn down the surgery as it too short notice and now back on a waiting list.
  12. At the moment I get tested 3 times a week (care) 1 that gets sent away to a lab and 2 lateral flow tests per week. Think we started getting tested around June time and haven’t stopped since, resident tested postive but had zero symptoms and no other cases with staff or residents. Everyone’s vaccinated as far as I’m aware too.
  13. Far too positive for this thread. Like the sound of it.
  14. Would be happy with the signing of Liam Dick, he’s played over 100 championship games and at a good age at 25.
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