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  1. gav-ffc

    The Walking Dead

    Could not give one single shit about Maggie, if she comes back and kills Negan I’ll leave the last season for sure.
  2. The mrs auntie makes a cracking curry and always has pineapple in it. Fucking outstanding as is pineapple on pizza won’t be told otherwise.
  3. Not today’s cases up average up to 22nd of this month.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.falkirkherald.co.uk/news/people/new-report-states-railway-station-grangemouth-key-priority-1385418%3famp this is obviously pre-pandemic but a station in Grangemouth would be good if it included a station next to the Falkirk stadium for the helix/college/ new business park planned across from the stadium.
  5. 6 months isn’t too bad to be honest. it’s manageable for now.
  6. Anyone on here had/have a inguinal hernia? Had it a few years ago and pushed it back in which seemed to have sorted it but after a pretty intense exercise routine in January it’s resurfaced and won’t go away at all. Doc has referred me to the hospital but I can only imagine the wait to be seen will be heavy lengthy at this time. Seems manageable with basic painkillers throughout the day but just wondering if anyone’s been under the knife for it as the doc said they’ll go in and plug it up with some mesh.
  7. Godley will keep the crowd down to Facebook maws who share her guff.
  8. We sadly lost our dearest boy near the end of November with a blocked bladder that led to failing kidneys and put to sleep, posted him many times on here but beautiful boy was only 7 😔 few weeks had passed and we had said no more cats until after the New Years as it had hit our daughter pretty hard (first proper pet loss) but my sister told us her friend was looking to re-home one of her cats as he was being bullied by her oldest and the second we saw him we couldn’t say no. Wee Severus has become the biggest sook in the world after a few weeks of spraying everywhere he got his snip and has calmed right down. Albus Severus
  9. Rotten, minds me or the temporary stands we had at the Falkirk stadium.
  10. Currently at our work we are 2 lateral flow tests a week and one PCR.
  11. Not going to lie if these restrictions continue for much longer I’ll be struggling even more than the last few months. I work in care so things haven’t really stopped for me since start of last March when our service was put into a lockdown weeks before the official lockdown happened, it made 14 hour days doing 1 to 1 care not too bad but not getting the boy out for outings even just a run on the bus to stimulate his mind has taken its toll on him basically a hermit now who is a creature of habit so be a long way to get him back into a good routine. I had written of my 30th birthday at the end of this month when the restrictions were announced in December but with the rate of vaccination and hospital numbers falling I need to hear some good news shortly, home life isn’t great with a 5 year old who’s bored beyond belief and there’s only so many times you can go a walk to try stimulate her but hopefully going back to school on the 22nd will help her.
  12. At a total guess I’d expect him to be part of setting up the youth/reserve squad and recruitment model talked about.
  13. I’ve done the same but I’ll find it in a few days.
  14. Not much snow on Dumayat this afternoon, bairns been out on the sledge all day and in bed knackered already. Class day all round including clearing the drive to get the car up it until Thursday as last night was a no go after my drive home from work that included someone abandoning their motor on Graemes road leaving me stuck behind them and having to spin a 180 to get back down and away as they just left the hazards on and grabbed a bag and looked like they were running for a train bizarrely.
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