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  1. Were hardly building a whole new training facility from the ground up everything is there already.
  2. Good days work considering results elsewhere.
  3. Amazing how we’ve got the best McGinn.
  4. Oh I agree much easier in person but the option is there on the website to make a one off donation.
  5. If anyone does wish to stick a few extra quid in a month you can donate to FSS with a one of payment on the website rather than going through the turnstiles.
  6. 4 goals in his last 5 league games, happily have him keep up that ratio over 36 games.
  7. Agreed on this having more options is what is needed, perhaps under16s at a couple quid a month, also perhaps a monthly raffle prize for members along the lines of B4L and I know people will say that’s taking money out the club each month but long term you’ll probably get more members.
  8. Guessing they are referring to this part of the email.
  9. I’ve been back on 5g a day for the last month, not capsules right enough just the powder. Can feel the difference in my lifts already. It’s the best value supplement on the market the rest could be left out as long as you have your creatine + plenty water and your protein you can’t go wrong.
  10. Mental how every reply to me is a SNP supporter ( I’ve always voted snp) but these simps are something else.
  11. He’ll have the letters ready to go without any evidence imo.
  12. Wouldn’t be against that once he’s fit to start. Need Yeats beside McGinn as soon as possible.
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