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  1. Hartley still have his PE teacher as a fitness coach?
  2. Last years were only balanced out with these add ons, when are we ever going to gain add ons like these with the current set up? Edit to add possibly next years boosted with Vaulks move to Cardiff.
  3. gav-ffc

    The Walking Dead

    That was a lot of shite tonight. Felt like a season 8 episode when everything was dragged out.
  4. gav-ffc

    The Walking Dead

    With how much they’ve been paying Reedus there’s no chance they’ll continue after 12.
  5. The greatest success of the academy was getting money for that waster.
  6. The Den in Laurieston, just along the road and the boys are brand new. Have to book in which is good If you plan in advance. Skinfade with a tidy up on top and beard trimmed and lined up for £15. Cannot complain.
  7. Toshney and Miller in midfield alongside Gomis?
  8. Finally booked in to continue my arm for my daughter.
  9. I may be wrong but I’m sure Finnbogasson left in the January of 2010 but at least he scored in the league unlike Lewis/Haber etc
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