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  1. What's Paul McGowan got to do with it? Thank you.
  2. I agree with Baracus FWIW. All of the blame goes on McPake. IMO.
  3. They're probably all upping their budgets because we are in the league, and this is the thanks you get, a load of abuse. Disgusting.
  4. Just made a profit, thanks to covid insurance. So sorry to disappoint you. Thank you.
  5. Indeed, some horrible individuals down here, quite upsetting some of the remarks. Thank goodness it's temporary.
  6. I would tell Maloney to bolt. This is going to be another Neil McCann project/experiment. IMO.
  7. Unfortunately he was in Sunderland playing in a testimonial. eta. John Cooke testimonial: Sunderland heroes Peter Reid, Niall Quinn, Kevin Phillips and Ally McCoist star in fitting tribute | Sunderland Echo
  8. The big boys are back in town. Thank you.
  9. No probs, I'll sit on the bare concrete. FFS. Thank you.
  10. McPake binned Cummings because he got pished. Charlie Adam does worse, and everything is fine. Yet more McPake fuckwittery. IMO. Said it at the time. Thank you.
  11. Something about cats? Too many s's in 'pus'. A typical dayglo moron. Thank you.
  12. He made an inappropriate comment, that was rightly called out, but the response was a bit excessive. IMO.
  13. Well said, that's my thoughts as well, sick to death of chasing around after Jack Ross, like he's some sort of messiah, gone and in the past now. Gave Spud a DM when it happened, didn't reply though. He made a mistake, but the response he got was unacceptable. IMO. Been on here for as long as I can remember. Good guy.
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