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  1. Will be quite amusing when all these 'fantasy signings' go tits up.
  2. At least now that Gollums gone, the team won't be any uglier than the supporters.
  3. Harkins tells the DAB's to stick their offer where the sun don't shine.
  4. Anyone on over 17,000 posts is a total social misfit, IMO. So none of them, cheers.
  5. Could this be the catalyst that finally forces anarchy in the UK? I fucking hope so.
  6. Hopefully the pair of cowards are paralysed from the neck down and have to spend the next 30 years lying on the floor in a cell.
  7. Calm down FFS, we're going to have to jiggle the budget a bit before we make the move.
  8. Those were the days. Granny Danger was in his prime back then when this was filmed. Happy times.
  9. I'm not surprised you broke bones, they're like a cheap pair of plastic slippers.
  10. They are really smart, keep telling my son to get an old school pair like that but he chose these monstrosity's: teenager though, so suppose i could let him off.
  11. Get one done once a year through my job, always pass although I smoke, can't remember the % though, probably because I'm too busy staring at the nurse, who's a right honey.
  12. Its a shame the morton could'nt do it this season, this was your best chance, especially with the big boys being back in the league next season.
  13. FWIW Dundee are currently paying off all of their football debt at £13,000 per month.
  14. Genuinely sorry for the Pars and their supporters, but I'm fucking glad you're suffering.
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