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  1. Found the formation at last? Everyone excellent today, thought Byrne was superb when he came on, hardly put a foot wrong. V.good, from Bowyer.
  2. This bunch are worse than the Cowdenbeath. IMO. Terrible fife shitemare.
  3. Is that the striker? He looks the business, take it he's banged a few more in? mrs has got coronation street on. Thank you.
  4. Got a sister who I'd happily never see again, unfortunately the scum sucking piece of pondlife will show up when the old dear croaks it, for her share of the cash. Pretty sure she's a psychopath as well. Thank you.
  5. That was his chance to shine, but he couldn't do f**k all. Over-hyped charlaton that screwed the sheep out of millions, although that could be viewed as a positive. Thank you.
  6. Watched the first half last night, an absolute joke, how much are you paying the 'bearded wonder'? Thank you.
  7. Used to have a look at this guy's channel for a laugh. He took his 'Grand Diver' in the shower and ruined it.
  8. Not really, had you bunch of mugs on the coupon, so everyone's a winner. Thank you.
  9. That silly killie are really bad, square passing back the way.
  10. Got them on the coupon. That's them fucked. Thank you.
  11. He saved himself with the second half subs, 50/50 on him, just now.
  12. Still be bottom though, with the chronic goal difference. Thank you.
  13. That's what I'm thinking. Better have the targets set up and ready to go Bowyer. Thank you.
  14. It's quite simply good manners, and polite etiquette, something you Fife mutants would know nothing about. Thank you.
  15. Danger forced to live on beans on toast after the pension goes tits up. Fucking brilliant. Thank you.
  16. Yeah, in the main stand, he knocked out ten of them on his own.
  17. Personally I would bin him, and get Deewok back, maybe start a petition or something? Thank you.
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