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  1. Proper tartan, drop the zig zags, white shorts and red socks. It's a winner. IMO.
  2. They could've given him half a chance and put him in an open prison to see how he got on. Pretty fucking harsh. IMO. Thank you.
  3. Spot on, apart from the colour, the collar and the tartan being totally different. Thank you.
  4. I think that's the final piece in the collection, superb.
  5. 'Mon the 'broath, fire right into this mob. Thank you.
  6. Was wondering who would pick this up, school boy error on my part, in fairness nobodies seen Gillian for months, and I'd totally forgot about him. Thank you.
  7. Get Cove back in the highland league. FFS. Hartley would fit in as well with his greasey hair and beard. That's my opinion. Thank you.
  8. I would add the mega bucks contracts to top knot has-beens, and dodgy goalkeepers, but apart from that, pretty much spot on. Thank you.
  9. Where have all the DAB's gone? I asked the same question when you never showed up at Dens. Never got an answer though, just a load of mumbling. Thank you.
  10. The two up front will need to stay, you'd need to be a moron to change it. Defence is a different matter, as a lot have said before, the 3-5-2 is probably the answer. Thank you. eta Let's attack these absolute fucking donkeys in the remaining games.
  11. Would be telling Mulligan to attack their full back, no more square passes inside. FFS.
  12. Good shout for Murray, done well at Raith, and they don't have a pot to piss in.
  13. Here's hoping, couldn't cope with another clusterfuck.
  14. Do people on here trust Bowyer with the summer re-build? I really don't know, want the guy to succeed but the past few weeks (most of the season) have been brutal and totally infuriating/unacceptable. Probably, slightly in the 'bin him camp', see what he does with the few games left. No DAB playoff. Thank you.
  15. Better not be another shite-fest from Bowyer, like Saturday. Rapidly losing enthusiasm and interest in this season long f**k up. Thank you.
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