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  1. Could You Be Loved.............at Bohemians Dec? I'll get my coat. Thank you.
  2. Not for me with the 'stats' Clough would've put a hammer/squash racquet right through the laptop as well. Thank you.
  3. All the best Lorraine, but you're sixty now, time to call it a day. FFS. Thank you.
  4. I won't be making any judgements until I see Bowyers side first hand. Thank you.
  5. If he wants to keep playing, then he can't be asking for silly money now, because of his age. IMO. Would've kept him as an impact sub in the championship, he would do a job in L1 as well.
  6. Yeah, that's the feeling I'm getting, fresh start. No offence to McPake, but really the past 4 or 5 years have been absolute shite concerning managerial appointments. Going back up next season with the young lad, hopefully talk my mate back into going as well. DDYB. Thank you.
  7. Spot on, that's the way Bowyers going according to his interview. Good thing. IMO.
  8. I'm in unison, voted for strike action. Thank you.
  9. My fave pic of him, getting it right up the DAB's at fulltime........ This ones a classic as well............ Big sexy bassa. Thank you.
  10. Is he out of contract? Wonder if McPake would take another punt on him.
  11. McCall was a great player, remember when the 'incident' happened, was like oh FFS.
  12. You've changed your tune, but you probably hate the Dundee more than Clum, understandable and fair enough. Thank you.
  13. Few more courses for Clum to tick off the list., Thank you.
  14. Had no idea 'Fester' played for them, the rest are a right bunch of 'characters' as well. IMO. C'mon Bowyer, lets trample all over them. Thank you.
  15. Yeah, a vile list to be sure, few ferrety weasels in there as well, looking at Imrie and McIntyre in particular. Thank you.
  16. No silverware at the end of it all though, was funny as f**k at the time. Thank you.
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