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  1. Young team have done a fantastic job, need to reign it in with the pyro though, IMO. surprised nobodies been burnt/blinded.
  2. You behave. Zach Robinson would stroll right into that team, no problem at all. Thank you.
  3. Great pic, looks like she's a concert pianist. All the best, tough times.
  4. Dearie me, what happens if 'top knot' gets injured? Not that he's any use. Thank you.
  5. All the best to the ginger whinger, better player than Rudden. IMO.
  6. Be on about 3k a week at the fruitbowl, for sitting on his arse and doing film reviews. Money well spent. IMO. Thank you.
  7. Sit down Coyle, as well as the QP nuggets on here, and shut the f**k up. Thank you.
  8. Have a think before you type out nonsense like this. Thank you.
  9. Take it this is a pop at me so I'll bite. Was right wing before Steven ever mentioned it, sorry we can't all be 'left wing'. Thank you.
  10. Think this will work out well, wont be expensive, you need a big unit centre mid. IMO. Great chance for Maguire.
  11. Got a pic with Javier, absolute gent. Sure he played in the Robertson testimonial at Lochee, seems like a long time ago.
  12. Was thinking the same, Cowdenbeath, currently residing in the 'where are they now' file.
  13. Horrendous, seem to be everywhere, bit weird as well.
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