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  1. You were the boy that was banging on about what a great guy Billy Dodds was, think I'll respect Monkeys opinion more. Thank you.
  2. First thing he will do is get his useless mates in.....Davies and Curran and Woods. Absolute shite.
  3. I really hope you dodge the bullet with this McIntyre comedian, without doubt, the worst manager in our entire history, and by f**k we've had a few clowns. Thank you.
  4. Maybe running about on his own up front has something to do with it?
  5. Slap-heads of the world unite and take over, Slap-heads of the world hand it over........ Thank you.
  6. I'm not too keen on the face tattoo. Thank you.
  7. I can appreciate both sides of the argument, but I agree with others who reckon he's not good enough. Your mewling about managers not given a chance? We give managers plenty of time here, also you're moaning about fans moaning? There was nothing but positivity in the Derry on Saturday, until the arse collapse. Thank you.
  8. At least you're not bothered. Don't have a sly dig, just come out and say it's me, was going to correct the miserable nonsense you post but couldn't be arsed. All the best Yoda. Thank you.
  9. Good shout, a pair of absolute donkeys, I get the fear everytime baldy touches the ball. Thank you.
  10. 4-4-2 Hamilton McGhee Meekings Forster Marshall Todd Dorrans McGowan McDaid Johnson Nelson Thank you.
  11. Who's going to sack the clueless manager first? Thank you.
  12. The living shitemare of last season, and now this fucking disaster to follow.
  13. Hemmings is playing in a formation that doesn't suit him, he's still class, you're right on the first two points. Thank you.
  14. Well played Thistle, you've got a good manager there, unlike the dolt we've been lumbered with. Thank you.
  15. Absolutely spot on. He's miles out of his depth, the subs, the formation it's all a pile of shite. Certainly there are good players there, but if you have a manager that's not up to it, then you are fucked. Away to get pished. Thank you.
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