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  1. Give the chunt a real reason to fall down, and roll around. Thank you
  2. Hamilton are good especially their field watches. Hamilton Khaki is a classic. I would just keep saving for the Panerai, you're right about the fakes, years ago there was a load of them, because Panerai made it too easy to copy them. The superclones coming out of China now are a different story though, you need to be a true expert/watchmaker to tell the difference. If you buy from a reputable dealer though there is no probs, also don't buy a Panerai brand new!
  3. Yeah, I'd be quite concerned if I was a dayglo fruit. Thankfully I'm not. Thank you.
  4. Come into contact with a few of these DAB's most days, a dreary bunch that tend to drone on a bit, I switch off, nod my head, and bid them good day. Thank you.
  5. Yeah, in an ideal world Sweeney is on the bench with Marshall to cover for injuries, think Bowyers sussed it now though.
  6. Back five finally sorted. No more tinkering. Onwards and upwards. Excellent. @Shadow Play Thank you.
  7. A blend of youth and experience, that's the way to go for us, looking good just now, a good 3 or 4 coming through/progressing.
  8. No need for more signings to win this league, at the moment, IMO. Assess things in January, and the correct additions can be made then. Bowyer likely identified some good signings, if they don't want to come, what can you do?
  9. Cheers, I played to the best of my ability there, thought I had you beat, gutted to lose it, but on the flipside, a great game to take part in. Thank you.
  10. Zak Rudden is not coming back, just get over it, and move on with your life. FFS. Thank you.
  11. It didn't help when his linesman was as bad as him, miles behind the play/not seeing anything, don't know the name of him, but it was a horrendous combo.
  12. According to Peter, an outfield player is allowed to punch the ball off the goal line. An absolute clown of a man.
  13. Don't hate him, tried his best with the shitemare that was left. Thank you.
  14. Probably strolling along Brighton beach front now, lecturing geriatrics about turning the heating off, and challenging randoms to a 'square go'. Terrible desperate times they were, Mutley. Thank you.
  15. We all know what the best defence is. Will Bowyer pick it this time? eta I don't think he will, as Marshall will stay lb.
  16. Midfield over run, get sevco boy back to govan, Anderson anonymous, Marshall the usual shite, Sheridan can't be fucked/scared. Terrible.
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