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  1. FFs. He's going to be interviewing himself, running round the table and swapping seats, isn't he?
  2. Needs to get a razor blade and a shave, basically a tramp . Clough wouldn't have tolerated that shite.
  3. Nice one you Perth morons, that's you stuck with 'Clum' for another season. f**k Billy Dodds. Thank you.
  4. You're heading for oblivion with the spending nonsense, and I should know. Haha, hoho. Thank you.
  5. It's not a popular opinion, but I thought he improved us after McPake, we were a lot better organised, and barring a dodgy goalkeeper chucking the ball in the net every game, he would have kept us up. IMO. Thank you.
  6. How long did he have left on his contract? Anderson has another year to go.
  7. Out of interest, how is this going to happen when he is under contract for another year with us?
  8. Dream on, he's under contract. Worse than the DAB idiots thinking their going to get Max Anderson. Thank you.
  9. It's a bit of a lottery really, he could be a success or it could bomb. (just like any appointment) Like I said before, hopefully he learns from the mistakes he made at Dens. He's got all the uefa diplomas. I think he would do well. Thank you.
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