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  1. You'll be going nowhere with that absolute clown in charge. IMO.
  2. McGlynn saying it was never a penalty. An absolute fucking moron. Thank you.
  3. After washing hair, I leave the shampoo on for exactly one minute, before rinsing, timed on my Omega Speedmaster, or other quality timepiece.* *The watch is on a shelf, not worn in shower. Thank you.
  4. Bowyer backing up McGowan on stv news. Feel we've missed the rage/experience in the middle, and it could be crucial in the run in. Get fit soon Gowzer. Thank you. eta Want to see what the hair is like as well.
  5. Like to see Fin get a start in this one, can't think of anyone to bring in for the defence, maybe give a youth a chance. Think players like McMullan/Williamson/Byrne/McGhee are better off rested for this. Don't see the point in risking injuries to key players.
  6. McGinn fannying around with the youths/reserves this afternoon. Hopefully we can punt this waster next month, yet another piece of McPake fuckwittery that's costing a fortune. Thank you.
  7. Spot on, think it was a pee pee that Paula stopped for and not a poo poo though. Thank you.
  8. I'm on about the betting scandal involving your club in 2003 when you chucked the league, also I see Imrie has been investigated as well for dodgy betting. People living in greenhouses shouldn't be throwing rocks around. IMO. Thank you.
  9. The Andrea Bocelli one lost thousands I've heard - no wonder af a £100 plus a ticket for a restricted seat view. £100? I wouldn't look out the window if he was warbling in the garden.
  10. The only thing you could hear was sweetie wrappers getting opened.
  11. Good times, looks like he's found the winnig formation, couple of quality additions in Jan, and lets see where it goes.
  12. Don't want to see them go down the shitter, but if you employ a pair of useless morons, you get what you deserve. You were well warned about this Gardiner idiot from us. Thank you.
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