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  1. That's the same 'manic grin' the Mallo gets, when he receives a red. Thank you.
  2. Glass houses cunto, glass houses. Just worried about the DAB's no need for this abuse. Thank you.
  3. Maybe should have thought about this before signing Cameroon internationals. f**k them. eta
  4. Knew one through an acquaintance, saw three of them on Arbroath rd couple of weeks ago, nice bikes.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated, punting the house in a couple of years so don't want to go top spec. Thank you.
  6. Nice one Mondo, great to see you're still alive. Thank you.
  7. Got forced to watch this shite yet again, terrible, the acting, storylines, everything.
  8. That's what I need, got glass doors as well, probably spend hundreds on it, and he wouldn't use it.
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