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  1. Ho ho, enjoy your new oak dining room tables and chairs. Probably set you back about 2k. Thank you.
  2. Yeah, couldn't see any way to win it, even though I was 3 up, my stats were crap, but thought it was a good even game. Well played. Thank you.
  3. This better not be the end for Cummings, McPake. That's some amount of decent strikers you've ruined. Thank you.
  4. C'mon now, there's a couple of you putting the boot into Leigh. Not very nice. IMO. Thank you.
  5. Yeah, probably one of the 'leaders'. Hopefully he gives it up.
  6. Get Cummings on from the start McPake. FFS. Get Leigh on the bench, and no McGowan on the fucking wing. Thank you.
  7. Yeah, it's Dundee FC's fault pc plod are fucking useless, now off you pop back to diddy land. Thank you.
  8. Its obvious where the flare came from, everyone of these balaclava clad 14 year olds should've been searched before entering the ground, the same with the 3 or 4 older 'minders'. Would've taken about ten minutes. Pathetic stewarding, and incompetent police. IMO.
  9. Should set up a crowdfunding page to pay for Leighs legal costs. IMO. Thank you.
  10. Stand full of stewards, polis, cameras covering everything, and nobody saw anything or did f**k all, pathetic.
  11. No word on the morons who threw it in the first place? Probably too much effort for plod. Thank you.
  12. Can't see that happening, must be guaranteed game time or we wouldn't be loaning him.
  13. Mainly starts games, can't remember too many times when he came off the bench.
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