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  1. Could You Be Loved.............at Bohemians Dec? I'll get my coat. Thank you.
  2. Not for me with the 'stats' Clough would've put a hammer/squash racquet right through the laptop as well. Thank you.
  3. All the best Lorraine, but you're sixty now, time to call it a day. FFS. Thank you.
  4. I won't be making any judgements until I see Bowyers side first hand. Thank you.
  5. If he wants to keep playing, then he can't be asking for silly money now, because of his age. IMO. Would've kept him as an impact sub in the championship, he would do a job in L1 as well.
  6. Yeah, that's the feeling I'm getting, fresh start. No offence to McPake, but really the past 4 or 5 years have been absolute shite concerning managerial appointments. Going back up next season with the young lad, hopefully talk my mate back into going as well. DDYB. Thank you.
  7. Spot on, that's the way Bowyers going according to his interview. Good thing. IMO.
  8. I'm in unison, voted for strike action. Thank you.
  9. Never knew that, what shop is it? Thank you.
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