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  1. Nobody is calling him a c**t, people are just saying they've had enough, and he's out of his depth.
  2. See this twit has had his arse handed to him again Makes it even worse when we've got a bigger twit, and can't capitalize. Thank you.
  3. Thought he was a great striker, fast, lethal in front of goal, was disappointed when he left. but don't blame him. Yet more f**k-wittery from McPake.
  4. Is there any decent young central defenders coming through? I will break down and weep if that Forster starts on Tuesday. Thank you.
  5. Yet again more stupidity from McPake. and his 'subbies'. GTF.
  6. Yeah, he built another home along the road for them to live in, while the main one got constructed, the one along the road was smart and perfectly adequate, but no, he had to be the big man, and then it turned to shite, his own fault. IMO.
  7. The guy that went bankrupt half way through his concrete monstrosity, and then his wife left him.😀
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