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  1. Lying dead in the hallway, while the family pet chews on the decaying flesh. IMO.
  2. Yeah, every jnr ground I've been in, has floodlights like that.
  3. Knew one that flew all the way to New Zealand, to meet up with his biker brothers. Promptly got arrested coming off the plane, held in a cell for hours and then deported back to Scotland.😃
  4. Whiskas sachets only. Favourites seem to be tuna and the beef.
  5. Hopefully the Dutch get knocked out. That tangerine and black is an absolute eyesore. Thank you.
  6. Yeah, swap the 'super' for a heavy catnip problem. Time for counselling. Thank you.
  7. In the land-locked town, that they forgot to close down, come Armageddon, come Armageddon come...............
  8. @eindhovendee defeats Strachanovski by check mate. Great game m8, thought I had you at the end, but you played it perfect, enjoyed that. Cheers. Thank you.
  9. If he's played over a 100 times in the past three seasons then that suggests to me that he's not shite. Thank you.
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