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  1. Cruising around in that with his Roley on, thinking he's Pep Guardiola.
  2. It was excellent work Hood, did look a bit like him off Antiques Road trip as well. Thank you.
  3. There is no need for defenders, everything is fine. Thank you. eta need to get McPakes pus photo-shopped onto this.
  4. Sweeper comes in, proclaims to be not very good, and then destroys every opponent put before him.
  5. The fruits finally win a game, and along comes Mondo. Hiya Mondo hiya pal. Thank you.
  6. Yeah, well spotted Shadow, will set you back about 15k.
  7. Highlight of the night was watching the fat Turk ping his hamstring. No blowing kisses at goalkeepers, or biting people last night you fucking chunt. Thank you.
  8. Not looking forward to this at all. Cheers McPake for draining any enjoyment I got out of the football. Same goes for the other morons that preceded him, bunch of fucking chancers. Thank you.
  9. Lawlor Mulligan Sweeney McGhee McGinn Byrne McGowan McCowan McMullen Adam Griffiths. Thank you.
  10. David Paulides author of The Missing 411 books, believes this to be the case in some of the disappearances. Thank you.
  11. Different for a winger, he's got to have pace? Unless McPake plays him in a Charlie Adam type role as mentioned above.
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