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  1. Shame the Morten couldn't hold out, the two points would've made all the difference. Boo hoo.
  2. Pile of shite today, prolonging the misery. Thank you.
  3. Tried to watch that, and it was this chunts life story. FFS. ETA. f**k THE BBC. Thank you.
  4. You've made an arse of yourself on the Dundee thread, best to STFU. IMO.
  5. No, but some of the tripe posted on here is an absolute nonsense, was at Dens when McPake fucked himself, no chance he's laughing at an injured player.
  6. Feel like putting a compo claim in for the mickey mouse stream. Thank you.
  7. I noticed with the commentators that every time an Ayr player went down in the 2nd half it was 'oh this looks really serious' one time the big lump got up and was running about within minutes, and the other one was the wimp with the broken nose. Thank you.
  8. Well done Scorge, I played a load of shite in that game. Good luck in the top flight, kind of glad to be gone, as out of my depth in a lot of games. Thank you.
  9. Fucking right, have put up with years of pish. Thank you.
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