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  1. Couldn’t make it today. Good result but how did the team play? Any improvement or were we hanging on at the end again by dropping too deep?
  2. Airdrie v East Fife

    Murray has obviously put a rocket up their collective arses since the 2 recent home debacles. Urgency, fight, some good interpassing, threat at corners, decent crosses into the box espec from O'Neill, heads didnt go down when behind. In other words the complete opposite of those recent home performances. If this is what IM has done after only 3/4 weeks in the job then more to his elbow and well done to the Board for selecting him. The next few weeks should tell us if Murray Maestros are for real?!?!?!
  3. Airdrieonians v Stranraer

    Can't make it tomorrow but I'll be their in spirit. One up side is that they usually win when I'm not there!!!
  4. Stenny Versus Airdrieonians

    I was certainly told Airdrie fans werent allowed in the stand by the steward outside the stand turnstile. I suggested we always were given some seating in the stand the response to that being ... "Not today mate"
  5. Airdrieonians V Montrose

    I'm also optimistic about our prospects this year. I thought we looked really organised against Accies and passed the ball to good effect. I wasn't so impressed against Forfar. Until the subs came on we looked as though we could play all day without scoring but Victoria and McIntosh changed the game. Victoria has scored 1 and had 2 assists in his 2 cameo appearances in the last week and is already proving his worth. We seemed to miss McDonald as Josh was up against a good opponent and had fewer opportunities to get foward which reduced the effectiveness of our attacks. I'm sure quite a few season tickets will be purchased this weekend. After quite a number of years I think at last we have a team worthy of our support thanks to the new regime
  6. Forfar versus Airdrie

    At about the 79 minute mark I texted my son to say we were 1-0 down and not playing well accompanied bythe usual sad face emoji. A few mins later it's 2 then 3-1. Based on the previous 79 mins Paddy Power would have given you at least 50/1 for the eventual score line as we were very poor up till that point. As has been said elsewhere the Vitoria? and McIntosh substitutions changed our fortunes. One lad behind the home goal in 2nd half was going mental at SF for not having brought on a sub before then (around 60 min mark). SF must have heard him as the first sub came on almost right away. Forfar must feel aggrieved they took nothing from the game as they were definitely on top and the better side until that last 10 mins. Last year I might have expected a meek finish to a pretty terrible display but this team don't seem to know when they're beaten as shown by their performance against Hamilton last week. Missed McDonald at LB today as thought much of their threat came from that side. I think young Josh Edwards could be a real find at left mid but LB isn't his best position. Pleasing 3 points on the road - something we didn't achieve very often last year
  7. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Benburb won 13-0 onSaturday against Lesmahagow and have only conceded 1 and scored 24 in last 3 games. Just sayin
  8. Arbroath v Airdrie

    Well that was worth travelling a round trip of 200+ miles for!!!! I know its near the end of the season but the effort of the team completely short changed the small band of fans who bothered to go yesterday Ferguson apart - who saved us from another 7 goal thrashing if not worse - noone else deserved pass marks. Most of them treated it like a training game while Arbroath were right up for it from the kick off. I don't know what the answer is but the signings made for next season so far don't strike me as being good enough to challenge for the play offs never mind the title. Hopefully players brought in over the summer will change my views???
  9. Airdrie vs Ayr Utd

    Airdrie bossed the game until Scott Stewart had to go off after falling awkwardly when challenging for a header. Key player for us and big miss due to his physicality and competitiveness. Bit unforunate not to take at least a point today. If we can cut your defence to shreds as we did at times it doesn't doesn't bode too well for you lot next season. Unless you improve the quality at the back we'll see you in the passing at the end of next season.
  10. Airdrie Vs. Raith Rovers

    Bring as many up as you want. We'll gladly take your £££££££££'s
  11. Airdrieonians Off Season Thread 2016

    I've been pretty impressed watching Mark Wilson's post game interviews on Diamonds TV. He's articulate but more importantly seems to have a plan and talks a lot of common sense. A bit early to say we'll competing for league honours but at the moment things auger well for the rest of the season under his stewardship.
  12. Airdrie v Brechin 12th Nov

    Is that what passes for hostile up Brechin way - petal? You're a delicate wee flower aren't you!!!
  13. Airdrie v Brechin 12th Nov

    You his best buddy then??? Or do I smell the brown stuff.
  14. Airdrie v Brechin 12th Nov

    He made such an impression that I'd completely forgotten he played for us.
  15. Airdrie v Brechin 12th Nov

    Can only echo the above sentiments. Dodds has obviously got his team well versed in the how to play dirty as his players executed every dirty trick in the book. Shocking display frim Brechin today as the foul count (18) + the warranted red card for No2's double foot over the ball tackle testify.