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  1. Tinkerman does it again. Why change a winning team??? Why why why!!! Only one team wanted this right from the first whistle. Well done Edinburgh City. i would honestly say that is one of the most gutless performances from an Airdrieonians side I've ever seen'and I've been following them since the late 50's. It was apparent from early in the first half we would not be at the races today. I lost interest after the first half when we hadn't even worked their keeper. The only good thing that happened was I lost the stream when they scored 😂 How we can change from a team that bosses Clyde and puts in a great performance at Falkirk to that today is beyond me. It's obvious when they start badly the manager or players haven't a clue how to turn it round. Fans will excuse players for bad results if they show some urgency during the game. Unfortunately that was completely lacking today Beginning to agree with many others that Murray and Miller are not the team to take us to the next level. That was abominable today but by the time I've calmed down I'll probably end up watching the game next week. Glutton for punishment
  2. Absolutely pathetic. That’s 2 x 90 mins (last week and today) that I won’t get back. Same old same old. How many goals have we scored from about 8-10 long throws per game - 1 maybe 2 max. It rarely works!!!! Play ALL your best players Murray and pass the ball - like Montrose did for instance - It’s not that difficult. Murray’s position is rapidly becoming untenable in my eyes unless something changes dramatically and quick.
  3. I think the officials were under instructions to make sure you won today given the horrendous decision the SPFL made regarding your relegation. Draw would have been a fairer result but encouraged by the way we stuck at it for the last 20 minutes against a latterly panicky Thistle defence We’ll play much worse and win so heads up and on to the next challenge
  4. Broke his wrist in the Betfred Cup match against Alloa earlier this month in the first competitive match of the season. He had scored 5 times in as many friendlies prior to the Alloa game so will be a miss for the next 6 weeks or so
  5. Refreshed worked for me but how do you get rid of black box with ‘this website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website’ No x in top left or right of box to close it. Very annoying
  6. I have no idea of the level of opposition but from those highlights he definitely looks to have a better skill level than most L1 players. Whether he has the ‘heart’ to go with it remains to be seen???
  7. Not a great watch today which was spoiled by the wind to a large extent. Probably slightly fortunate to take all 3 points but we lost to a penalty last week so things even up usually. After we scored we seemed content to sit back and soak up the pressure. Today that worked as we defended well albeit EF weaved pretty patterns up to the last third but then lacked a decent final ball. Our keeper really only had to make one save of any note. Against more creative opponents this tactic would be extremely dangerous but Murray got away with it today!!! The team sheet looked a bit suspect with no McCann Ryan or Roberts and a slightly makeshift defence with McDanald going from RB to LB and Fordyce moving from CB to RB. However they defended as a unit pretty well throughout. I agree with others who've suggested that Fordyce has been a bit of an unsung hero this season as he's been very consistent no matter what position he's been asked to play. Like many others I'm not sure that McKay brings enough to the midfield and even his long throws have lost any element of surprise or productivity. I think I still prefer Roberts in his place as he certainly brought more energy and creativity to proceedings than McKay when he came on. We now have 8 cup finals left (A) Forfar, Stranraer, Raith, Falkirk and Clyde (H) Dumbarton, Peterhead and Montrose Hope Andy Ryan, Leon McCann and Calum Smith's injuries arent too serious as we need all 3 on the pitch to perform at our best. Would be a tough ask to win the title from our current position 5 behind Raith and a vastly inferior goal difference to the top 2 but hope springs eternal and we should have enough to make the play offs. The next few weeks should be very interesting ...........................
  8. Excellent result. Well done to everyone concerned. [emoji471] Hopefully the first of many in the future. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  9. Another very tough away fixture. Montrose have had a great season so far. Hopefully a similar outcome to the Balmoor result last week. Would be quite happy with a draw though. C’mon the Diamonds [emoji815]️[emoji815]️[emoji815]️
  10. Do Peterhead not have an artificial pitch as well?
  11. Would take a win of any sort at Balmoor on Saturday. I missed the good run earlier in the season having been traumatised at the Montrose 1-3 game when we played as badly as I think I’ve ever seen. I made my return at Broadwood for ‘that’ Clyde game but hadn’t seen much to convince me that we could go on another run since. On Saturday that changed as I at last saw the team put in one of their best performances since that good run. Andy Ryan makes such a difference as the main front man and really has a Championship pedigree. Could he be playing Championship football with the Diamonds rather than the Pars next season?? Here’s hoping. Ian Murray also looks as though he’s brought in a good loanee in Ian Murray from Hibs giving us more midfield creativity. The defence have been playing well of late and Leon McCann has been a revelation since he arrived. He’s held down the left back slot on merit at 17 yrs of age at the expense of Adam Eckersley for a large part of the season having taken his chance when Eckersley was injured. We need to try and make sure of a top 4 spot first of all and then see where our performances take us thereafter. Realistically the title should be Falkirk’s or Rovers but you just never know.................. Prediction:- A hard fought 0-1. C’mon the Diamonds [emoji815]️[emoji815]️[emoji815]️
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