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  1. Russia v Croatia

    Judging by this game, England will definitely score from a set piece against Croatia. Should be a close game though.
  2. Tunisia v England

    The Tunisian defender that gave away that corner must feel like an idiot. Rather than get it up the park in the last minute, he fannies about with it. They have looked very suspect at set pieces.
  3. Tunisia v England

    Keown moaning about the player taking ages to come off. He's hardly going to run off in that heat, is he Martin?
  4. Belgium v Panama

    Belgium would be doing much better here if Leroy Sane had brought Naingollan with him IMO.
  5. Portugal v Spain

    Ronaldo has deserved that slice of luck tbf, every time he gets the ball he's been dangerous. Some lovely passes to begin counter attacks and Portugal could have had a few more before Spain got into the game. Fancy either Pepe or Costa to be sent off depending on how the second half plays out.
  6. Egypt v Uruguay

    Egypt are well organised here, but they don't look threatening going forward at all. Can see how big a miss Salah is. Uruguay are playing quite pedestrian and Suarez is having a nightmare. Less of a nightmare than Pearce tbh.
  7. All things Dundee FC

    How many players do you think give a f**k about the club beyond their pay cheque? It hasn't stopped you supporting the team the rest of the season. We really need to keep Hendry on loan at least, he's the leader at the back and our season could unravel if we lose him.
  8. Why do sevco fans always go into hiding after a defeat? Does their team losing a football match really affect them so much?
  9. The Dee v The Dabs

    'The Edge' gets away with fouls from set pieces every single match I've seen him play. Infuriating.
  10. The Dee v The Dabs

    How the f**k does he score that but miss that sitter earlier? [emoji38]
  11. The Dee v The Dabs

  12. The Dee v The Dabs

    Starting to think we will regret these missed chances. That United defence is stinking though.
  13. The P&B Dees Shirt Sponsor

    I'm still waiting, albeit I was slightly later to see all this.
  14. The Dee v The Dabs

    For you, yes.
  15. All things Dundee FC

    I've been working for the past few days so I've only just seen this. I'll send a request for a refund tonight.