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  1. How many players do you think give a f**k about the club beyond their pay cheque? It hasn't stopped you supporting the team the rest of the season. We really need to keep Hendry on loan at least, he's the leader at the back and our season could unravel if we lose him.
  2. Why do sevco fans always go into hiding after a defeat? Does their team losing a football match really affect them so much?
  3. 'The Edge' gets away with fouls from set pieces every single match I've seen him play. Infuriating.
  4. How the f**k does he score that but miss that sitter earlier? [emoji38]
  5. Starting to think we will regret these missed chances. That United defence is stinking though.
  6. I'm still waiting, albeit I was slightly later to see all this.
  7. I've been working for the past few days so I've only just seen this. I'll send a request for a refund tonight.
  8. Unfortunately Deefiant isn't the only fellow fan that is a thieving b*****d. A couple seasons ago I was in the Derry over exuberantly celebrating a goal, a minute later I had noticed my wallet wasn't in my pocket and wasn't on the ground nearby. Asked people around me at the time and went up after the game to see if anything had been handed in. Nothing. I've always suspected a DAB infiltrated Dens that night, but now I'm not so sure...
  9. Brown aside, we've started well. Need to do better with our delivery from set pieces though.
  10. Would prefer Raith and Buckie away. Hopefully we make a serious attempt at taking maximum points from this group. We've been atrocious in both cups for far too long, would be good being competitive again.
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