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  1. she's also married to Marvin Humes (DJ who does, or maybe did, the Sunday top 40 show on commercial radio), forming the biggest airhead married couple since posh'n'becks. ITV seem to be on a crusade to try and turn them into their station golden couple. Which says asch about ITV as it does the Humes'.
  2. To be fair to him, Johnson is working hard to reverse that statistic.
  3. The Sports Scientist looks very like a physio we had a while back?
  4. Cut out Religious Education for a start, and teach budgeting instead. Imo.
  5. TBH, that doesn't really narrow the possibilities down much
  6. Any chance you could do the Dumbarton page, please? @Dundee Hibernian
  7. Bobby Clark blowing out his arse, just getting to the photo.
  8. How is he when the ball is aimlessly lumped at him?
  9. Aye, we seem to either get strikers after they're past their best, or they do nowt for us, but improve vastly after they leave. #TheSonsWay
  10. Surely you'll be too busy trying to catch up with your work to eat a 2nd......oh, right, as you were.
  11. Lassie on my FB just did some "happy heavenly birthday" shite for her granny. Who died in 1980. Forty. Two. Years. Ago.
  12. Everyone I saw coming back with beer last night looked like they'd actually bought a flappacappachino, such was the amount of froth on top. Boak.
  13. The biggest issue with that section is that pre-1st lights, 2 lanes. Between 1st and 2nd lights, 3 lanes, left is left turn only, middle and right go straight on into your picture. So those in the left lane at the first lights should either go left, of if going straight, pick middle lane for next lights. If in right lane, stay right. The amount of twats who sit at 1st lights in right lane, then drive straight into middle lane (ignoring the lane markings) and cut across cars on their left is unbelievable. That stretch pictured is only about 100m, after the traffic lights, not a lot of time for signage.
  14. Top work from Kyle from Edinburgh.
  15. Parkinson's Law 2 : Cock expands so as to fill secretary.
  16. Some people stand in the darkness Afraid to step into the light Some people need to help somebody When the edge of surrenders in sight
  17. Dealing with Hector online is an absolute ballache. Impenetrable security, have to say, I'd be really upset if some fraudster assumed my identity and paid my tax for me. Took me weeks to be able to self assess, and despite having done so, I still haven't been able to pass the further security to make a payment online - I have to phone up and use the payment line.
  18. And don't think we geeks don't appreciate it!
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