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  1. The table in my old work had a plastic water cup in each pocket.
  2. Nae luck. Bet if you instagrammed Cowan, told him you like Engelbert Humperdink, and asked him to send you a copy, he'd do it.
  3. His Army would therefore be 1 row in front of you. Prime position for kissing his arse.
  4. Narrator - and with that news, peace was restored on G82.
  5. Taking off our 2 least ineffective strikers at HT when we're already 2 down is a bold tactic. #StevieFarrellTacticalGenius
  6. The Big guy goes home, 2 wee-er guys turn up 2 hrs later.
  7. What serious actor looks for a stage name and thinks " 'Slim Pickens', that the one for me!"
  8. Didn't know the new season of The Apprentice was back on, cheers.
  9. My big handsome houseguest for the next 3 nights.
  10. The Lorne's tremendous. Add in The Poop Deck (just for 1) for the giggle.
  11. This Syvertsen chat is probably much more interesting than tomorrow's match is likely to be.
  12. Having spent a long number of years as a middle manager in previous occupations, they'll be shitting themselves at the prospect of missing out on extra long breaks/lunches which are disguised as 'working' lunches, meetings put in place for the sake of meetings, and as mentioned already, just being 'visible' at the right times to justify their existence. Like a lot of their employees, some middle managers will thrive on the wfh/hybrid way of working - many will be found out, and ultimately fail.
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