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  1. Early contender for Sons Sorrow post of 22/23 season.
  2. Typical hack - regurgitating others peoples' news
  3. Thanks for the tip, I'll be going for the 13" willy warmer then.
  4. This. Hutton was one of those players that it was only really noticeable what he did, when he wasn't there doing it.
  5. Anyhoo, me and the ranters arrived in Waverley at 1305 for our 1400 train to London yesterday, only to have to join a queue like a Soviet bread handout, and only got on a train at 1530. Not Scotrail's fault, rather the dipstick HGV driver who crashed onto the line at Wallyford the day before. The upside was that seat reservations were canned, so at every station down the line, I got to witness people getting on and having pointless arguments with other people "who were in their reserved seat".
  6. Having managed to finally get through it, it's as if they realised that the Dr's daughter story wasn't really going anywhere (other than her either being cured or dying), so they used this episode to wrap up her story. Pike's centre parting was funny, though.
  7. Sorry, this medieval pish is struggling to hold my attention this week.
  8. Season 1 had everyone working as one team (some a lot harder than others) - the 2 competing teams is the new thing this year.
  9. I have spotted the flaw in our plan, and claim my £5.
  10. Farrell made a similar comment before last season, that the team was full of leaders. Permit me to hold my breath that this may not work out as you hope*. *Hope I'm proved wrong.
  11. Brave c**t on the road - the Deliveroo cyclist I saw pedalling along the M8 last night, before merrily disappearing down the Springburn offramp.
  12. I wonder about the number on the back of the actual strips. Will we be able to just have a wee number between the neck and top of the band, as per tradition, or will modern rules mean that we have to have a bigger number that goes over the bands?
  13. Like his defending, probably turned up at the wrong place.
  14. See also hiding something "up your jooks/jouks" as in stuffing something up the front of your jumper (or hoodie these days).
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