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  1. Got a Morrissey vibe going on too. Thank you. ETA Heaven knows he's miserable now.
  2. "Eat them to defeat them" currently ripping my knitting.
  3. Aye, we've got 1 with 'Ranters, Est 2002' but those ones are just rage-inducingly horrendous.
  4. @Hedgecutter, please identify this shop, so that I can blow it up.
  5. Discovered tonight that Airdrie's gaff is visible from Kilbowie Place. Bit insensitive from the town planners.
  6. Iced gingerbread, Shirley? ^Connoisseur of Greggs^
  7. People who lash out 300 sheets on one, then want to make sure visitors know they have one.
  8. I'd been supportive of them since they told the royal family to GTF, but they can f**k off now.
  9. I was walking a group of dogs round the grounds of FVRH today, and witnessed an auld wumman wind down her window to read one of the hospital signs.
  10. I was speaking to a lassie I know in there just after they did the rearrangement, and she was telling me that it didn't cost jobs, because.....I can't remember as I was thinking about her knockers by that point.
  11. Is it established groundstaff, or a chance for their 'B' groundstaff to enhance their skills at an adult level, though? 😉
  12. Came across a photo of Jack Bolton on Twitter - looks like the Turnberry end of Boghead in the background.
  13. Mrs Ranter has volunteered to go round to her pal's tonight, leaving me in peace to slug a few beers and watch the Scotland game.
  14. FTWD going bit mental this week -
  15. Did you just assume their gender??
  16. Ray Bradshaw making a very pleasant difference to the show today.
  17. Used to know a lassie who was convinced Deacon Blue were singing about a chute called Dignity. Didn't even get it when I asked how you could sail a chute up the West Coast.
  18. I agree, I think it's ripe to finish now.
  19. Dunno if I'm maybe the only P&Ber still following this, but I really enjoying the climax that this seems to be building to.
  20. Yeah, but he showed you who da man is, eh? Ha!
  21. Then it wasn't, then it was, wasn't, was, wasn't, was.....
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