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  1. What did Ally Love do to stir up all the Union Jackers on Twitter?
  2. No, it isn't. It's one of those programmes where the participants seem to be having much more fun than the listening audience (certainly me, anyway). I hate when I accidentally catch it.
  3. Elgin haven't won a game yet, we haven't dropped a point yet. It's the most Dumbartony setup ever for us to lose on Saturday. I'm in for the win though, Mon the Sons!
  4. My Windows informed me that it was raining, knowledge I had gained just 5 minutes earlier, using a different type of windows.
  5. Lewis MacLeod. I thought OTB was better when they had wee sketches scattered throughout.
  6. I honestly don't think this is the thread for you mate. I think I've run out of idiocy for now.
  7. About a month ago I realised that a line in Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" is "they set you on the treadmill", not the "they said you are the treadmill" that I've thought for about the last 3 decades.
  8. Au contraire - based on the fact that a plummet is equally likely at our level, fans of any team going top should enjoy it while they can.
  9. Wait until you discover Saorise. And Aoife.
  10. A few weeks ago, I discovered that you get a much easier and closer shave if you shave AFTER being in the shower, rather than before. 40 (forty) years of shaving, and I just discover now.
  11. Gotta admit, when I read it at first, I read it as not being able to put the entire phone on silent, too. Only after some hard thinking I realised it was the shutter sound only.
  12. Loads of posts on my timeline stating that back to school pics are 'obligatory'. I missed that memo.
  13. All of the above is written on the basis that I don't think I fully understand what's going on - I've spent this entire season veering from felling like I'm getting it at last to confusion and back again. IE - I took last night as Hale and Dolores being at odds of purpose (at least initially), but I thought 'Hale' was actually 1 of the copies of Dolores, so surely they think alike? Or is this just further proof that I haven't a clue what is actually going on?
  14. Dumbarton's A, B, C, scoreboard at Boghead also had an analogue clockface with a single hand to show elapsed time during the half. Unfortunately, there was no timing mechanism to turn it, so a guy had to come round and move it on manually with a stick, whenever he could be arsed. Not hugely accurate.
  15. Which ex-employee is copping the blame for last year's toxic atmosphere then?
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