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  1. This gets even more confusing - what part does Whitney Houston's estate play in all this? Was she a creditor or an investor?
  2. Boghead ranter


    As I understand it it's a lot of the same people that make it that made 24, so similarities aren't that surprising. Plus you get bare breastage and swearing, which you never got on 24.....
  3. The Stranglers tomorrow night in Dunfermline. Assuming Jet Black (73, drums and has a dodgy ticker) doesn't appear in the Dead Pool thread first.
  4. Shit, I tossed a coin and went for Fred McAulay show on Radio Scotland, reckoned there was more chance of news on there. Epic Fail, not a word. Edited : put Fred McAulay shot instead of show, though I could equally have left it and it'd be just as good a statement.
  5. Flights would've been 100% cancellation charge, so if there would have been no saving to be made in cancelling. Better getting the staff to all drive to away games from now on - isn't business mileage a tax deductible item?
  6. No rush - this thread's going nowhere at the moment. There's always tomorrow though, always tomorrow. Or maybe even Liquidation Thursday, as has been mentioned on one of the pages not mentioned by me previously above.
  7. Even though you scudded my PB by 9 seconds, still felt compelled to greeny you. Well done.
  8. geekstat attack - that's me over 700km of measured exercise since starting using Endomondo in May last year. Bring on the 1000!
  9. Big Country last night - much awesomeness.
  10. Big Country this Tuesday at Dunfermline Alhambra, then The Stranglers at the same venue on 2nd March.
  11. took the plunge and entered the Great Scottish Half Marathon today. 7 months to get ready.
  12. That's great, restored my faith in amateur sports clubs. maybe the person who corresponded to me just wasn;t that great at written communication (or just lacking in people skils).
  13. I e-mailed them in the summer of 2010, when I quit basketball and decided to get back into athletics, to ask about joining up, but their reply was, to be polite, less than encouraging. In fact it was downright dismissive. Must be plenty of members and finds sloshing about that club. The worst line was along the lines of "contact me back when you're able to do 5 miles + in *canny remember amount of time*. Since then, I've just used the advice of 2 mates who are very good athletes and trained myself. I hope you get a different response.
  14. Had a great run last night, fantastic night for running. Did just over 8k, tried out a new strategy (recommended by a mate of mine who's run for Scotland) of taking it really easy for the first mile or so, then ramping the pace up. My fastest 2 km's were my last 2, and (by my standards) I was going like a train at the end, & felt brilliant. Some of the less-used pavements were a bit 'sparkly' and slippy, which was a bit disconcerting, but at least I didn't have to swear at the wind!
  15. I was out today, and I've probably said it earlier in this thread, but I fecking hate the wind. I ran a big square roughly, and on 3 sides the wind felt like it was howling right into my face. Especially bad on the home stretch of 2km or so. I even growled "f**k off wind" out loud at one point, when I seemed to be going 2 steps forward and one back. Must've looked a right lunatic.
  16. yup, I can accept that. what I should have added is that I can't do interval training as I have a slight heart problem that means my heart can't cope with sudden changes in pace, going from fast to slow to fast again etc. That caused me to have to give up basketball (which I find far more interesting than plodding for miles) as during a bball game you tends to either be standing relatively still or sprinting full out for short bursts. What my heart CAN cope with is long periods of a fairly nice steady pace. It worked for me doing the same route and then just building on it, as it gave me easy comparisons as to how fast I went and how I felt when I got home, and I took excitement from any improvements. I use the term excitement very, very, very loosely. The one thing I did notice is that my pace went up when I stopped listening to music while running. One day my phone refused to play music, so I just went out anyway, and my average pace was better than before, so I tried it again deliberately and got the same result. Ever since then I just run to the sound of my slapping feet, struggling lungs and pounding heart, and the every km updates from the 'coach' on Endomondo.
  17. When I was building up my distance to 10k in time for the Great Scottish in September, and again to get to half marathon distance (which I was doing by November), I used this as a 'formula'. Run the same route each time you're out. If you come home 2 runs in a row feeling like you could have done more, then up your distance next time out. If you manage 3 or 4 runs a week, you'll blow yourself away at how quickly you can increase the distances you run. Then aim to exceed your 'competition' distance, you'll find it easier to do that target distance. what I mean is that when I built up to 10k, I then tried to be under 50 mins (hey, I'm 45, lay off me) as much as I could, but didn't always manage it. Once I started doing 12, 14,16k runs and more, the first 10k was nearly ALWAYS under the 50 min mark during the run.
  18. Phan Thị Kim Phúc, is a Vietnamese-Canadian best known as the child depicted in the Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph taken during the Vietnam War on June 8, 1972. The iconic photo taken in Trang Bang by AP photographer Nick Ut shows her at about nine years of age running naked on a road after being severely burned on her back by a South Vietnamese napalm attack.
  19. With Ad Lib standing on the left in his tin helmet, VERY STRONGLY ADVISING the guy not to shoot.
  20. Good job. If you got the train home, I hope you paid your ticket I'm aiming for half marathon next year, but probably not as early as that. Going home for the Dumbarton 10k in early June, then aiming at the GSR half marathon. Plus any random events that catch my eye during the year.
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