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  1. We can fire up the temporary stand that is usually only dusted off when you guys visit.
  2. Dafties who step into the road then check if its safe to cross.
  3. It kinda hurts my brain to think it out, but when I originally said that the Lovejoys were a bigger danger to the unvaxxed than vice versa, it was from the point of view of how serious the effects could be if the virus was caught. Unvaxxed more likely to get serious outcome compared to double jabbed. I think.
  4. That's been my understanding anyway - being double jabbed lessens the chance of the person suffering seriously from covid, but only lessens (rather than remove) their ability to pass it on to contacts while infected.
  5. Vaccinated people can still carry the virus (though at a lower level it seems) so could pass it to the unvaxed dudes. However, the unvaxed dudes have a lesser chance of passing the virus to the double jabbed.
  6. Yet the double-dosed Lovejoys are actually a bigger threat to the unvaxed guys than vice versa.
  7. Yep, it has to me. Not in the idiocy of the OF type way, but deffo a derby.
  8. Ditto Flamingoland and Scarborough. So do the stats show as 2 positive tests when only 1 person is actually positive then? It was mentioned on the tellybox at Wimbers earlier that the Centre Court capacity had been restricted to 50%, but all the people from the back had moved forward to sit nearer courtside. May as well just have issued 100% tickets then, if the crowd is going to (be allowed to) sit all together anyway.
  9. I thought I'd used up every possible way of feeling as ancient as the dinosaurs, then I'm in an amusement arcade having to explain to a teenage Ranter how to play a pinball machine.
  10. The one time (thank f**k) I've had an exam, I'm sure the Dr had a baseball bat instead of a finger.
  11. From memory, the home report is just the equivalent of the old scheme 1 valuation from back in the day, and the surveyor is only really putting a valuation for mortgage purposes on the property, and will point out any obvious flaws/defects without doing any serious digging. If you commissioned whatever today's equivalent is of a scheme 2 or above, the surveyor is working for you, and has more responsibility to go under the floor, up into the roof space etc, and do a more extensive inspection. I'm sure some P&Ber will have more up to date knowledge, and will be able to correct anything I've got wrong. It's over 20 years since I was a mortgage underwriter, and all the houses I've bought in the last 20 years have been either brand new, or under 10 years old and within NHBC guarantee, so a scheme 1/home report was all that was really needed.
  12. Depends if you commissioned a full survey report, or just went with the home report (which is more of a valuation than a survey).
  13. If you get the digits of his number out of order like you do with the letters in league, there's your reason 😉
  14. Well the players certainly haven't been for the past few seasons.
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