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  1. I said it earlier in this thread, but happy to repeat - Sammy the Tammy wasn't Tinpot, he was genius. Him sledging down the stairs on a bit of cardboard was my favourite.
  2. Currently parked in Morrisons, Baillieston. Truly a TXT speaker's registration.
  3. Time your bar trips for the same time that a hot female is there, and stand right beside her. That might do the trick.
  4. Boris must appeal to dwarves, Patel is so short she's probably taller when lying down.
  5. I've used Voltarol and deep heat before but I'll keep my eye out for it. Don't apply deep heat to your eye, either ocular or Jap's.
  6. Back in the day, there was a small delay between one set of lights going from amber to red, and the next set going red/amber. What I notice now is that setting seems to be that red/amber comes pretty much instantaneously with the amber changing to red in the other direction. So amber gamblers (of which I admit to being) have an increased chance of meeting a like minded individual in the middle of the junction.
  7. Once, fair enough. I'm hardly likely to have changed my mind by the second or third time. Have you never stood behind a female at an ATM? Balance > Ministatement > another balance > end transaction > Insert 2nd card > same rigmarole > eventually withdraw cash* *this last step may well not happen.
  8. Dumbarton have narrowed the pitch because we have one player who's good at long throw ins.
  9. Does narrowing the pitch bring the nearside touchline out of the winter shadow of the stand? The bit that never thaws? You have to declare your pitch dimensions at the start of the season, and can't subsequently change it, so forward planning*? *Forward planning/our club, I know...
  10. Even Boris Fucking Johnson eventually realised that he was in the wrong job.
  11. I can't stand MacLeod as a commentator, but i thought he was really good in the anchor role this afternoon.
  12. Was the correct answer 'disorganised shambles'?
  13. You know how your phone software goes "that's similar to a word that he uses far more often, I'll autocorrect it to that" ?
  14. Is the dug called Stanley? My measuring tape is like crack cocaine to the kids, any time it take out my toolbox, turn my back, off it goes.
  15. According to some wag on Twitter, it's a Coup D'Twat.
  16. Saw this this morning, couldn't decide where is relevant to put it, but seeing as he's current on this thread, dumping it here. Gove, ya Commie b*****d.
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