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  1. @scottsdad, saw this, and you came to mind.
  2. Mrs Ranter still does it. Got a cold? Right, slather the soles of the feet in Vaporub, big think socks on, awaits cure.
  3. Trying to go for a spread of generations, so Hugh Ward Chic Charnley Christian Nade Lawrie Williams
  4. Technology Repair Centre, across from the Gulf station in Stenny. Fantastic service. http://www.technologyrepaircentre.co.uk/
  5. Inverclyde piggy backing in the glow of a glorious Ayrshire sunset is what I see there. Is that not Argyll and Bute?
  6. *yes, I said "in the middle of". Cue a defeat soon.
  7. We won, we're in the middle of our best start ever*, stop being a walloper.
  8. Boghead ranter


    Bump - started watching this at the start of this week - half way thru Ep1 I thought I wouldn't make it to the end of that episode, have actually just binged the whole thing. Caught the last 3 episodes in one go last night.
  9. I was only tuned in between 4 and 5 today, so can't speak for the whole show, but what I heard was far more like OAM. MacIntyre ran thru the full scorecard 4 times in the 45 mins the 2nd halves were active, I reckon hearing my wee Diddy club's score 4 times is as much as can be expected. Also, not having Preston's falsetto scream every minute, because a Hearts player has stopped to tie a bootlace or whatever, helped things.
  10. Problem is it bases its' playlists on what its' users stream, so if users have streamed those 8 versions enough to be in the 'most streamed', they become the playlist.
  11. ^^Also on Rangers forums sharing Ally Love's address^^
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