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  1. Too feart to go any wider in case we won a throw-in.
  2. I thought that was City Lights' thing at the time - everyone in it seemed to be overacting (& overacting some more after that), not just Watson.
  3. The episode Mrs Ranter and I watched the other night was the one where Eric went to his door to ask to borrow a hip flask for Alan (for his brother's wedding) Watson nonchalantly said "he'd look it out and drop it round later" until Eric mentioned that Michelle was on his house right now, and as you say, the change in his facial expression as he said he'd look it out right away and bring it in was brilliant.
  4. The very awesome Sons cult hero, Alan Kay! Showing his unique ball control, below.
  5. A long throw from Lynas started the leadup to our 2nd goal. Ok, it was about 90 seconds before, and there was a play stoppage included, but hey.
  6. I like the multiple camera angles, very well done.
  7. When I still lived in sunny Dumbarton, had a mate who was trying to get home after a day on the sauce in Glasgow. Got the Helensburgh train (good start) but fell asleep, only waking up in Helensburgh. He stayed on the train with the intention of getting off at Dumbarton ( fair backup plan) when the train went back up the track, bound for Airdrie. Fell asleep again, woke up in Airdrie, and as it had been the last train, he had to phone a mate to come and get him home.
  8. Unwritten rule that this phrase has to appear in every Sons match thread. Usually posted by a Sons fan, so nice to see the reverse for a change.
  9. Insert your own Fife/Dunfermline joke of choice.
  10. Sorry bud - hopefully the Sons players get equally easy tap-ins today
  11. Ooft, do we have to find a negative about everything?
  12. I've re-binged season 3, and then brought myself right up to date with Season 4. Feels like it's taken the first 4 episodes to even warm up, but it's good.
  13. I actually really enjoyed today genuinely guffawed at some things. Switched off at 2, as I knew who eh eh eh eh was coming next, and chose to listen to my satnav instead, as it was clearly the better option.
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