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  1. 52 minutes ago, Boghead ranter said:



    49 minutes ago, Jan Vojáček said:

    We've signed goalkeeper Harry Broun, who was our trialist on Saturday.

    I saw him play for Kilwinning Rangers in the 'Kilmarnock Pie Cup' final a few weeks ago and thought he was absolutely excellent. He got Man of the Match that day. I looked him up afterwards and saw he was on loan from Kilmarnock and, based on that showing, I expected them to keep him and maybe loan him out to someone at our level.

    He was good at the weekend too. Based on those 180 minutes I'm pleased we've brought him in. Looks like, for the first time in a very long time, we have two strong options between the sticks.

    Typical hack - regurgitating others peoples' news 😉😉😉

  2. 2 hours ago, sarti pooh said:

    Hutton had a stigma, if you will, attached to him when he signed that some fans couldn't let go of but in his last couple of seasons he was miles ahead of Carswell and that was playing with a foot that needed surgery as well if I'm not mistaken.


    1 hour ago, Silverton End said:

    It's noticeable how our midfield deteriorated when Hutton left, he was able to do the simple stuff, break up play, easy passes etc.

    Not always easy on the eye but very effective.

    This. Hutton was one of those players that it was only really noticeable what he did, when he wasn't there doing it.

  3. Anyhoo, me and the ranters arrived in Waverley at 1305 for our 1400 train to London yesterday, only to have to join a queue like a Soviet bread handout, and only got on a train at 1530. 

    Not Scotrail's fault, rather the dipstick HGV driver who crashed onto the line at Wallyford the day before.

    The upside was that seat reservations were canned, so at every station down the line, I got to witness people getting on and having pointless arguments with other people "who were in their reserved seat".

  4. 7 hours ago, KingRocketman II said:

    yeah, shades of the worst of Voyager holodeck episodes there.

    A telepathic nebula meaning a ship in a bottle at 8 episodes in is a bit meh given the potential for a range of different stories and planets each week. I don't know, but I like it when they pitch up at a different planet each week and this episode seemed a filler. At least we don't (hopefully) need to keep returning to the M'Benga's feckin transport buffer/family drama story arc. 

    In saying that I don't mind the potential story arc around The Menagerie Cage disfigured in a wheelchair - and normally I hate constant "flashbacks/forwards". Seeing the same image in a dream or vision constantly on loop bores the shit out me in any movie/show but this is one rare thread that intrigues me and really links the show to TOS. 

    Having managed to finally get through it, it's as if they realised that the Dr's daughter story wasn't really going anywhere (other than her either being cured or dying), so they used this episode to wrap up her story.


    Pike's centre parting was funny, though.

  5. 6 hours ago, fuzzydunlop said:

    I've got sucked into watching something on CH4 with two teams building a 'bridge' out of bamboo in vietnam to reach an Island about 1000 feet from the mainland.   The team who gets there first wins £200K - but only one of the team(of 8 folk) will win the £200K

    Difficult really to describe it without sounding like its just a mad dream.   Its utterly pointless but some of it is brutal.

    Spoiler alert if yer watching

    Last night, with about three quarters of the bridge done.  The team members were offered £25K on the spot to leave the competition early.    To put in context this had been literally days of cutting bamboo, tying it together with rope, and putting it together as bridge in the sea  -from dusk til dawn. Sleeping in a basic camp, poor food etc.  Not fun basically. 

    Pros for leaving -well they get £25K  and get away from the hell of it all

    cons -they leave a team they have been part of for the past week, built up friendships so ultimately leave tthem high and dry,  and of course the person leaving  wont be able to claim any of the £200K prize.

    One team stood firm and no one left.

    The other team, a few of them wanted to go so it came to a vote.  The 'winner' was this Welsh lad who appears to have some financial issues so the guaranteed £25K  would "change his life".  As he walked out the camp he got to a box with the money. However there was a caveat that he would only get the money if he smashed up 6 pieces of their bridge.   Funny as f*ck.  The guys walking away and they are all waving, he gets given an axe and starts smashing up the bridge - it then cuts back to the camp who can see him in the distance "what's he doing....?"

    Total bullsh*t TV but I must admit I love reality programmes where the people in them getting royally f*cked over. 


    Season 1 had everyone working as one team (some a lot harder than others) - the 2 competing teams is the new thing this year.

  6. 1 hour ago, Jan Vojáček said:

    Interestingly I see Byrne has previously captained Albion Rovers during his first spell at Cliftonhill. That gives us Lynas, McGeever, Buchanan and Love as players who have previously captained clubs. On top of Carsy and Wylde who have both worn the armband for us.

    Not all of them are natural leaders in my eyes. But it's interesting nonetheless and says a wee bit about their character.

    Farrell made a similar comment before last season, that the team was full of leaders.

    Permit me to hold my breath that this may not work out as you hope*.


    *Hope I'm proved wrong.

  7. I wonder about the number on the back of the actual strips.

    Will we be able to just have a wee number between the neck and top of the band, as per tradition, or will modern rules mean that we have to have a bigger number that goes over the bands?

  8. 37 minutes ago, Hedgecutter said:

    This is a new word for me, unless you accidentally hit the J key instead of the B beside it, in which case I tend to agree.


    See also hiding something "up your jooks/jouks" as in stuffing something up the front of your jumper (or hoodie these days).

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