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  1. 13 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

    Nah but I will.

    For as much as I'm more or less ambivalent about the two of them, there's something fascinating about seeing them pretty much tearing the royal family apart.

    It's also tremendous fun watching the usual media suspects and the foaming-at-the-gills types continually seethe about their (and particularly her) very existence and then pretend they don't like her because something to do with her being a liar or something.

    A compelling watch, so aye, I'll have a squint just to see how much of a froth it will kick the gammonatti into.



  2. 52 minutes ago, pleslie99 said:

    A foul's a foul regardless of intent. I'd say the majority of fouls are a result of players genuinely going for the ball and missing doesn't make it any more or any less a foul.

    This, same applied when I used to ref basketball. Jusy because a player didn't mean to foul didn't mean that they didnt foul (when they did).

  3. On 05/12/2022 at 16:50, honestly united said:


    Have seen any of fear since the end of season 6 - did he nuclear bomb actually go off, and if so was it ever mention on the walking dead?


    Yes, and no.


  4. I know it's been mentioned before, but shifting stuff on Gumtree. We tried to sell a chair at £50 last week, no takers. We just need rid, so listed it as a 'freebie' today, collection only.

    Enq 1, pretty much right away, "is it still available?". Immediate answer "yes, are you interested?". Still waiting for a response, so answered Enq 2.

    Enq 2 - "will it fit in a car?" "Yeah, anything medium size or bigger, with the back seat down" "Ok, I'll collect between 430 and 5 today"

    So I park Enqs 3 & 4 meantime.

    Enq 2, 3.50pm. "I'm not coming today after all".

    Message Enq 3 to let them know it's available.  "How much is it?" "It's listed as free".... still waiting, so go to Enq 4.

    Enq 4 " I can come tomorrow "

    I feel really crappy with the tactic, but I reckon next time I'm getting rid, I'll list the item as "First person to actually show up at my door gets it" FFS

  5. 42 minutes ago, FK1Bairn said:

    She's the only one who really drives our car. She came home from work on Friday and told me a warning light had come on to do with low pressure in the rear offside tyre. I checked it and it was a lot lower than the other three tyres. 

    Stuck it into Kwik Fit this morning ( I know but they're the only garage open on a Sunday in Falkirk) to get the tyre repaired/replaced. 

    Somehow its my driving that must have caused cracks in all 4 tyres meaning all need replaced

    Should've waited for Ace Tyres on Monday. 

  6. 13 hours ago, invergowrie arab said:

    Liam McLeod was really good on Saturday. Not just able to speak knowledgeably about the current situation in lower leagues but referring back to past seasons.

    He can actually be really good when he's not screaming about Celtic/Rangers winning a throw in 20m from their own bye line.

  7. 58 minutes ago, clair said:

    So so right about Greenock it's a hellhole full of depressed inebriated individuals. To make matters worse this town now boast new incomers from other parts of the uk they also bring thier shite with them. Dark drab and sullen good at destroying the properties they live in. Snd the roads they drive on with in their recyclable deadly aluminium foul smelling cars. But let us not fir get the shithole across the watter unholy ubiquitous Dunoon now a ghost town literally. All pubs shut during most of the week. Filthy smelly hotels check out trustpilot reviews. Dirty fly tippers have moved here. Bins everywhere. Foul smelling angry pig like inhabitants that live like primitive.  If you dont believe it try it cross the water. Taste it live it as that old corny tv ad said years ago.

    The Port, though, eh?

  8. 17 minutes ago, welshbairn said:

    Don't think I had any motorway driving in my lessons 

    Nobody has, seeing as learners aren't allowed on the motorway. 

    Most driving schools offer motorway-specific lessons once the pupil has passed, though im not sure how many new drivers bother.

  9. 1 hour ago, Bert Raccoon said:

    Do they not have small towels next to the bidet? I say this as when I was on holiday in Tenerife this year I was slightly perplexed by the size of the towels left in the bathroom for drying yourself after a shower till I found the normal sized ones and realise I was drying myself with the ones for your arse 

    They're great for making your cock look bigger though, errr, so a friend told me.

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