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  1. As a teenager I went on and on and on at my mum to knit me a jumper like JJ's, when I eventually wore her down, she made the left sleeve white, not the right. Had to wear the fucking thing back to front.
  2. Falkirk being part of Stirlingshire, but Stirling having a Falkirk postcode. Post Office : ignoring rules & conventions since whenever they were formed.
  3. This, same applied when I used to ref basketball. Jusy because a player didn't mean to foul didn't mean that they didnt foul (when they did).
  4. Bitch, please. Unusual way to spell Mods, but hey ho.
  5. I know it's been mentioned before, but shifting stuff on Gumtree. We tried to sell a chair at £50 last week, no takers. We just need rid, so listed it as a 'freebie' today, collection only. Enq 1, pretty much right away, "is it still available?". Immediate answer "yes, are you interested?". Still waiting for a response, so answered Enq 2. Enq 2 - "will it fit in a car?" "Yeah, anything medium size or bigger, with the back seat down" "Ok, I'll collect between 430 and 5 today" So I park Enqs 3 & 4 meantime. Enq 2, 3.50pm. "I'm not coming today after all". Message Enq 3 to let them know it's available. "How much is it?" "It's listed as free".... still waiting, so go to Enq 4. Enq 4 " I can come tomorrow " I feel really crappy with the tactic, but I reckon next time I'm getting rid, I'll list the item as "First person to actually show up at my door gets it" FFS
  6. I may be misremembering, but was his response to one of his many Douglas Park bans not to bring a ladder and shout/swear over the fence from the top of it?
  7. He can actually be really good when he's not screaming about Celtic/Rangers winning a throw in 20m from their own bye line.
  8. Really? Never knew. Ach well. ETA 4th June 2018 apparently!
  9. Nobody has, seeing as learners aren't allowed on the motorway. Most driving schools offer motorway-specific lessons once the pupil has passed, though im not sure how many new drivers bother.
  10. Good to see Craig Brewster getting a gig reffing the Fra/Tun game.
  11. They're great for making your cock look bigger though, errr, so a friend told me.
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