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  1. Dumbarton's A, B, C, scoreboard at Boghead also had an analogue clockface with a single hand to show elapsed time during the half. Unfortunately, there was no timing mechanism to turn it, so a guy had to come round and move it on manually with a stick, whenever he could be arsed. Not hugely accurate.
  2. Which ex-employee is copping the blame for last year's toxic atmosphere then?
  3. I'm with @19QOS19, fork in my dominant right hand, using my left to cut with my knife doesn't cause any challenges.
  4. The lack of gratuitous nudity this season disappoints me, but other than that, I'm still with it. Sometimes I think I know what's going on, other times I decide I haven't a clue. But I think continued use of mixed timelines early on (as in previous seasons) contributed to this. Maeve still my favourite character, hope she's full badass in the last episode.
  5. When you holiday abroad, and the pool looks brilliant and inviting, until...
  6. Ooft, it's a terrible struggle among many today to prioritise between posting their weans' exam results, and saying how much they'll miss Olivia Newton-John.
  7. Im hoping that people having to work longer hours/2nd jobs means that dog walkers will be safe.
  8. I have a skim thru the Falkirk thread earlier, and no heads gone. The craziest comment I saw was along the lines of "If we fail again this season, a lot if people won't renew their Seasons". When we all know that there will still be an impressive amount of ST's sold for Falkirk next season*, regardless of what happens this year. *This is not a slagging, they shift a tremendous amount of STs every year, regardless of league level.
  9. Too feart to go any wider in case we won a throw-in.
  10. I thought that was City Lights' thing at the time - everyone in it seemed to be overacting (& overacting some more after that), not just Watson.
  11. The episode Mrs Ranter and I watched the other night was the one where Eric went to his door to ask to borrow a hip flask for Alan (for his brother's wedding) Watson nonchalantly said "he'd look it out and drop it round later" until Eric mentioned that Michelle was on his house right now, and as you say, the change in his facial expression as he said he'd look it out right away and bring it in was brilliant.
  12. The very awesome Sons cult hero, Alan Kay! Showing his unique ball control, below.
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