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  1. These pics have been getting shared a lot today by people I know who live local to G82/83. Basically, light colour - you can probably still stand. Dark colour - you're out your depth. And it's a quick change.
  2. 19-66, for those that like famous/infamous football related dates. Or my year of birth, if that helps you remember.
  3. My suggestion didn't make the poll, so I not voting in protest. That'll show 'em. In fact, having read @The Moonster's post, I've not voted 50 times. That'll REALLY show 'em.
  4. Used to occasionally drink with a guy who was a volunteer in the Loch Lomond rescue - apparently only the top 6-9 inches of the loch ever changes temperature, no matter the weather, so the bit that the bulk of your body is in is pretty cold, no matter the air temperature. I presume the rest of the lochs in Scotland are the same. And despite looking calm on the surface, there can be some pretty fierce currents too. So yeah, if you're 'wild swimming', stay within water you can stand up in, if need be.
  5. No, but I can imagine the meltdown (from the 1 usual melt) on the SotR Facebook page if we don't.
  6. Nothing against you personally @Jordo1872, but this is what makes a mockery of restricting the way fans can attend games in the open air just now. But that's for another thread, back to worrying about Robert Jones finding a shooting boot & haunting us.
  7. Sadly that echoes what we went thru about 3 years back when one of the mini-ranters was diagnosed with a detached retina. His tests and potential treatment was spread between the eye clinic at the old Falkirk hospital, Gartnavel, the Glasgow Sick Kids, and Great Ormond St. We dealt with brilliant medical people at every hospital, but after a couple of appointments it was blindingly obvious (pardon the pun) that there was very little system in place to let each hospital know what was happening in the other hospitals. The burden ended up on us to take copious notes at every appointment, which we then used to fully update the clinician at the next appointment. And repeat ad nauseum. And all this was without the complication of Covid. I hope your gran is OK.
  8. 6 month validity has been a thing in the EU for years and years. The entire 21st century, possibly longer.
  9. Not someone, the knickerwetter-in-chief spouting shite as usual. Post was After being described as a "hauf wit" by @sarti pooh he edited it down to It's not there any more as after getting hounded by a few more people, he's deleted it (or @optimistic deleted it to save his riddy) He had the cheek to snap back at Sarti, slagging him for not being able to spell half-wit, but unsurprisingly for a hawf wit (which is being generous) he got put in his box pretty sharpish.
  10. Aye, the knickerwetter in chief is at it again. Being called out at it for once at least. Especially well done to the guy that (I think) is @sarti pooh on here.
  11. I seem to have stumbled into the politics forum/Covid thread by mistake.
  12. Did they change colour to suit whatever Tip Top they were eating for dessert?
  13. Baptiste, I take it you both mean? Not The Missing?
  14. 4-2-31 will give us a fighting chance of a score draw in each game, tbh.
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