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  1. How hard can it be to learn to drive a train anyway? It's not like you even need to steer, it's just stop and start
  2. Aaron Ramsay alias found. Asda self service tills are your friend. They also still accept paper notes.
  3. At least it'll lessen the amount of drunks on the trains.
  4. Yeah, I was bullied as a kid, for pretty much the whole of my S2 year. I found the move up to high school really difficult, found it hard to process the change moving from being in the biggest/oldest year at primary to being the youngest/smallest in secondary, for some reason. Then, in S2, 3 of who had been my closest pals for years (lived near each other, hung out together all the time, etc) decided for reasons that only make sense to schoolkids to make my life a misery. And I made it worse by, rather than standing up for myself, going completely into my shell, and just sucking it up. And at the time, it felt like the entire S2 year piled on and joined in, though, looking back later, some other kids joined in occasionally, most didn't give a f**k, but for me at the time, it felt the way it felt. I didn't even get respite in the school holidays, there were threatening/silent phone calls to my house, things thrown at our windows, stuff like that. There was one guy who I knew thru the BB and the played golf with, who without being a nutter, could be a hardnut and knew how to look after himself, and he kinda railed against what was happening to me, and hung out with me, went out of his way to walk me to and from school, and such. If it hadn't been for him, I dread to think what sort of place I would have ended up in mentally. It all kinda stopped in the summer between S2 and S3, though I never fully trusted those 3 in the way that I had done before. My self confidence never recovered from it, and has always been a fragile thing ever since then. I have grown up thru my teens hating my reflection, looking for both physical and mental things about myself that I deemed 'my fault' and the reason people would want to bully me for. And to this day, in my mid 50s, I still occasionally myself looking in the mirror and doing myself down, especially now that I can add 'old' and 'bald' to the list of things to dislike about myself. It's held me back in pretty much every job I've had, whether a new job or promotions, even though interviewers have spent time assessing me and deciding "yeah, he's the one for the job", I still get into the role and find myself thinking "I can't do this job, why did I put myself up for it" fairly frequently, and basically stressing myself out. I've become very adept over the years at being very careful how much of myself I let friends and colleagues know about me - most folk I'd say would say they know me pretty well, but they don't, they know the me that I've allowed them to know. I've taught myself to have a personality that doesn't come across as "there's something he's holding back and not telling us", so people think they know me. There are probably only 3 or 4 people who actually know me completely, who I trust to be able to share how I'm really feeling with, without worrying that they're going to twist that knowledge back on me. TL;DR bullying is shite.
  5. Still preferred the Twitter user who nicknamed all these shenanigans "The Scousetrap".
  6. Was talking to Jerome Vareille today, and I have been singing La Marseilles to myself ever since.
  7. ITVBe or E! are a more likely outcome. Have the Sellic fans decided to back Vardy then, is that the way this one has shaken down?
  8. Here's decision time for a lot of people - the season ticket renewal Social Media posts have just dropped.
  9. My hope is, regardless of whether the signings leave us overwhelmed, underwhelmed or just plain whelmed, getting a squad sorted early leads to them being coached all summer to work as a unit (particularly in defence). Time will tell, but its surely better than us barely cobbling an 11 together in time for the first game, and continuing to add players at the last minute.
  10. I think I might have a specific idea about what you're talking about
  11. Getting in before other teams snap them up
  12. It's a sausage party in my house for the next week.
  13. "Turn and leave now, do not return" I have also seen tagged onto those phrases.
  14. Gary Numan tonight, very excited.
  15. I think it's a last resort for many people, but as BBPF says, how else are people going to make themselves heard?
  16. Can the lights not be moved to a new location if need be? I know it's not even close to an ideal solution thing to do, but this is DFC we're talking about here.
  17. And we are now proudly well at the top of the 'how long since they last won the Scottish Cup' table. Good chance we'll be there forever, unless teams that go defunct get removed from it.
  18. All GPS vests do is show you who the athletes in the team are, and where they spend most of their time on the pitch being athletic. They don't tell you who was posted missing at a corner, who didn't track their man, who couldn't trap a bag of cement, etc etc etc. Perfect for justifying players like Orsi being PotY.
  19. Club statement klaxon. https://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=5323 A lot if it would feature in the Crap Business Speak thread in GN, right enough. No mention of sacking Farrell.
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