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  1. All players and officials to be supplied with one of these.
  2. How do you tag everyone who supports the same team on P&B? Sounding the Falkirk FC klaxon!
  3. You'll probably wake up with an identical lump on the other leg.
  4. Resource Planning forum for this pish.
  5. He's the Littlefinger of his day, by the looks of things.
  6. Asda Stenny changing the way they rack their vitamins. Now racking them grouped by benefit delivered eg joints, bones, skin, women's health etc. I have no clue of the benefit, I just want Vitamin C 'cos Mrs Ranter put it on the list, ya c***s.
  7. Write back and claim the Prof had borrowed your car that day.
  8. It was the Sunday Sport, and the girl involved was called Natalie Banus (later changed her surname to Jay). https://www.listal.com/natalie-banus 1987, what a year to be alive.
  9. Clown Job maintaining and growing his list of people who have spouted anti-catholic stuff.
  10. Plus he can now factor in his 'notoriety' as per the coverage in this thread. Capital to be made there.
  11. In case anyone's seen the worrying rumours flying about on twitter tonight, this is more reassuring.
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