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  1. Mrs Ranter has volunteered to go round to her pal's tonight, leaving me in peace to slug a few beers and watch the Scotland game.
  2. FTWD going bit mental this week -
  3. Did you just assume their gender??
  4. Ray Bradshaw making a very pleasant difference to the show today.
  5. Used to know a lassie who was convinced Deacon Blue were singing about a chute called Dignity. Didn't even get it when I asked how you could sail a chute up the West Coast.
  6. I agree, I think it's ripe to finish now.
  7. Dunno if I'm maybe the only P&Ber still following this, but I really enjoying the climax that this seems to be building to.
  8. Yeah, but he showed you who da man is, eh? Ha!
  9. Then it wasn't, then it was, wasn't, was, wasn't, was.....
  10. He was also on Shooting Stars, the greasy, 50s binman.
  11. This applies to any device, in or out of the house. Car radio, etc.
  12. Add Mrs Ranter to the list. Volume has to be an even number, or end in a 5.
  13. Logged in hoping for some, saw last post was 3 hours ago, so 😒🥱
  14. You know it's a semi decent days weather when you see the taps-aff, big-mad-beard guy strutting thru Bainsford 🌞🌞🌞
  15. Mid 80s, the union* was under a pound for pie/chips/beans and a pint at lunchtime. Passed it a couple ofonths ago, it's now flats ☹ *The Cellar Bar wasn't much more, and was much closer, however, so was in there more.
  16. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000wqdd/scotlands-football-jukebox A must for all Sons fans, especially from the 26th to 28th minute. The Sons, we're the ones!
  17. 'sake, we haven't signed anyone in about 20 hours! Think of all the players we're missing out on.
  18. FFS I've been ripping a Falkirk supporting mate about him the entire time he's been at TFS. This can't be 😭
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