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  1. Right, your mayorship, I just discovered today that there's also temporary lights on Muirhall Rd. Please sort it.
  2. That girl that's 'Victim L' is one of the bravest people I've ever seen.
  3. Today's RTBC for me is that fact that the Bovril topic is Hot.
  4. I'm actually quite disappointed that the Record missed the chance to say "large hole has appeared and police are looking into it"
  5. Sinkhole appears in Bellsdyke Rd, Larbert. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/large-sinkhole-closes-major-road-25253253 Probably those cnuts that have been digging up Foundry Loan forever, @Bairnardo
  6. Get after him @Melanius Mullarkey, he'll fold at the first sign of trouble.
  7. A point we make quite often - our pre-match updates are equally much a waste of time, they have little relation to the squad that get a strip the next day.
  8. Thank you sir, you are very awesome!
  9. Mrs Ranter and I have just binged it over the last 2 days, and add us to this list of people who think it's very good. Now discussing the dilemma of "do we watch Season 2 week to week, or try to hang off and binge it all at the end?".
  10. You can just donate the entire 20 quid to us, if change is an issue
  11. The trajectory they're on, they'll probably go for Laurie from Dennistoun. ETA - that fucking dick Laurie from Dennistoun.
  12. I played golf with a guy who is a ticket collector and they certainly had the payment removed, result being none of them now work on a Sunday. Handy information for us train jookers.
  13. I know plenty folk like it, but I find that level of body art much more of a turnoff than a full bush. Ditto excessive, especially facial, piercings.
  14. Mrs Ranter was down at the local charity shop buying some books today. They kindly offered her a free bag to carry them home, seeing as she was walking, which she duly accepted without looking at it. She walked home with this.
  15. There was a show on the telly box last week, where a marketing person was saying that the algorithms also work by reading data on regularly 'nearby' devices. Can't remember exactly what she was saying about how it works, but if your phone is regularly near, say, a family member's, it uses Bluetooth to read what sites it is connected to, and writes that knowledge into the algorithms it uses on your device. Also, it reads emails in your address book, and if those emails match the login details of other users on Facebook, it uses things that those accounts look at, when deciding what to pitch at you - as in "if those people are friends, then they're possibly interested in the same things".
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