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  1. "Spot of locking-the-stable-door-after-the-horse-has-bolted at Dumbarton FC today"
  2. In addition to all the bits & bobs hung on door handles mentioned recently, for the next few days I also have to contend with something halloweeny hung on any available point, too.
  3. I'm wondering if he'll hear us shouting from our living rooms. "Why don't you wave at the Pixellot more often, Ian?"
  4. I'll see you when I no doubt get sent thru to collect all your old decorations.
  5. Admittedly it's been a while since I saw Schindler's List, but I don't remember Kingsley doing a triple role.
  6. Came home with a few new Xmas decorations yesterday. Just to be added to the, now, 14 boxes worth that we already have in the loft. And she's bidding on gumtree for a new Xmas tree. We already have 4 of those too.
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