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  1. Death of Douglas Dalgleish announced on the club site.
  2. This Primary School Photos idea could be a whole new thread.
  3. Boghead ranter


    Just caught Ep8 this morning, thought it was an absolutely outstanding piece of television. Mostly because it put together a lot of pieces that helped me understand WTF had been going on in the previous 7!
  4. I remember Rolling Rock - green bottle, royal blue font on the label. Appeared , and then disappeared, at roughly the same time as Sapporo, iirc. Sapporo came in stupid cans that you could take the entire lids off of, and drink out of like it was a glass. So should've just been served in a tumbler.
  5. First pint in a pub was in 1982, sneaked out of the Riverside Church youth club in Dumbarton, along to the Lennox Bar in the High St for 1 pint, before sneaking back in. It's still there (the bar, not the pint). The Cladhan Hotel in Dumbarton (now the Abbotsford since being de-twinned with The Cladhan in Falkirk) became my 'local', and pints were about 52p, served in those proper dimpled pint glasses, with the handle on the side.
  6. Martin Mooney drove past me this morning. A Reason to be Cheerful that would have been wasted on the masses if in the RTBC thread, so I'm putting it in here instead.
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