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  1. Anyhoo, go on, come and try for the ball, we dare you...
  2. G82 was never behind the Bankies though
  3. When I was noseying the other day, there was still a mahoosive hole, so big it's got that metal device in it to stop the sides caving in, and there was a dude standing in it, he was shoulder deep. Probably one of your brickies. It's an absolute pain in the stones for me.
  4. Aye, I had a minor seethe at that myself this morning. It pushed even more feckless drivers into Muirhall Rd, which is as good as single track anyway, due to the amount of cars parked on it. The company working on Foundry Loan must surely be being paid by the day as opposed to by the job, they're stringing it out to f**k. I even drove down as far as I could yesterday, just to nosey at how far along the job looks, and there's still a massive hole dug, like there has been since virtually the start. I don't even know what the work is for!
  5. Honking place frequented by arseholes. Other than that, it's fantastic!
  6. Mark Hately just said "if you can keep a clean sheet, you've got a very good chance of not losing the game".
  7. If one dog's pished on it, lots of other dogs will also have pished on it.
  8. I was sitting with Mrs Ranter on Amadores beach in Gran Canaria when a dude on a sunbed near us came back from the beach bar and told us about the first plane hitting (at that time no one knew deliberate or accident). We were staying in the Altamar, which at that time had coin operated TVs. By the time we got up to the room at teatime, it was obvious what had happened, so it was a quick dinner out, then back to the room to feed the telly like a puggy for the rest of the evening. Flying home 4 days later was a bit of a faff to say the least. Taken to the airport hours earlier than normal, and then delayed, delayed, delayed while every person and item of luggage in the airport was scrutinised over and over.
  9. Mine does that when I type for, assuming every time that I must've wanted to say fir.
  10. Spend the £670 and get the deluxe version.
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