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  1. Things that annoy or delight you on the telly right now

    I've never seen any explanation, I've always just assumed some BBC knob made an arse of it.
  2. Game of Thrones

    And the half a page rambling descriptions that could just have been "Tyrion put on a jacket".
  3. Sons' sorrow

    More seasons than not, we could also claim "goods delivered not as promised"
  4. Chernobyl

    At least you can now say you've seen Trevor from Eastenders' knob!
  5. Chernobyl

    Fucking hell, those poor b*****ds in the hospital this week. Some makeup job.
  6. Westworld

    I love this programme. I'm currently rewatching the first 2 seasons right from the start. The final 2 episodes of S1 are magnificent, even on a rewatch with the awareness of what's going on. Hopkins and Newton are superb.
  7. Sons' sorrow

    Me too, I was just being flippant.
  8. Game of Thrones

  9. Sons' sorrow

    Duffy to Kilmarnock. May as well get it said and out the road.
  10. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Pink songs on the radio are hilarious because of this. And Stranglers' Golden Brown got played, uncensored, every time, despite being about heroin abuse.
  11. Sons' sorrow

    Can we save this debate for once (IF) we find out that we're having to replace Jim?
  12. Caley v United/United v Caley

    "Sold over 8000 tickets" is going to be the overused phrase of the night, obviously.
  13. Sons' sorrow

    I think everything will become clearer once the Scotland position is settled. Not long now. Ach, we know who's a shoo-in for that!