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  1. Sparklingbrook would be high in the guest list too.
  2. Natalie Martinez (Dayna Jeurgens) in her skimpies last week was a very welcome addition to the series Edit- I think the guy doing Tom Cullen is very good too.
  3. From memory*, you might lose it initially, but once the other drivers' insurance company admit liability to your insurance company, it'll be reinstated. *it's over 20 years since I worked in the motor insurance industry, so I could well be wrong.
  4. Shield sitting in the soap tray before the bath, covered in yer Da's pubes. 70s were awesome.
  5. He says that they've only had 2 cases out of 60-odd that travelled. My schoolboy arithmetic tells me that their per 100,000 rate is over 3333. If Celtic were a town with that rate, they'd be getting a Simpsons-esque dome put over them.
  6. I just googled for this, I had typed "neil l" and the top 2 suggested searches were Neil Lennon And Neil Lennon interview 🤣🙈
  7. I think you are thinking of the rather bizarre 'Kenco coffee jar' at the Silverton End in the last years of Boghead - I'm sure someone posted a picture of it fairly recently. Me! Also, I do remember both sides of the Turnberry Pie shop being open at the same time, but only when we had a massive crowd. So, only very rarely.
  8. Aye, service buttons dont ring any flats, they just open the door, provided you use it within the prescribed hours (usually pre 11am or 12 noon or so.) Outside there, if you can get round the back, it's amazing how many blocks have secure front doors, but the back has no security, or is wedged open.
  9. What about studies on the effect of these boulders on us kids who played in the 70s and 80s at school, for the BBs, etc? I can still hear the PYOOIIIIINNG as one of them leathered (no pun intended) off some poor bugger.
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