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  1. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    There was one numpty ( a regular offender I think) shouting dogs abuse at the referee) , The ref, while walking off looked across and winked at the abuser, and then he went up the tunnel. That's all I saw.
  2. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Wee warning , Edinburgh Cities web page has them playing at Meadow bank but they play at Ainslie Park which is actually easier to get to from Alloa. Will there be segregation or can we wander about as we please?
  3. Alloa vs Raith Rovers

    Morrisons car park
  4. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    We have had several class strikers, Spence, Renton ,Malcom and others but if you don't get quality ball to them they fail. We have a defender as coach and our goals against is very good. We have a goalkeeper coach. How about we have a coach for the forward half of the team? After all we have one of the lowest scoring teams in this division.
  5. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Leo said: If I was to make a criticism of the team its that we don't control games like in past eras. When we get a lead we invite pressure by sitting deeper. A great piece of research by Not A Bee. So I was thinking that we have a very good and experienced defender as manager, who personally I like and want him to do well for us. But are the tactics right? In the last home game while we were pretty well pushed right back with everyone defending, there was a moment when the ball was cleared and no Alloa players moved out until the stand roared at them. So maybe we don't need any signings this window but maybe we need someone to coach the forwards.
  6. Alloa/stranraer

    Renton was spent. Blowing through his A**e according to JG. Crossan was booked and was being wound up something rotten by the old head Hammill. A case of being taken off before being sent off.
  7. I am told that tomorrows Ref is Finnie. Be prepared for plenty of cards. He may be a PE teacher somewhere.
  8. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Great photo. Remember the glaur sticking to my shoes. It stayed with me a long time. How things have improved since MM came.
  9. Albion Rovers vs Alloa

    I would like to see us start with the same line-up as we finished with against Dunfermline. We were 3 goals down to a fulltime club who were going for more, then we started to click as soon as the subs came on. The guy scored with his first touch. Surely not starting with the same failing long ball tactic again.
  10. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Probably looking for a guy who can come a bit deeper and keep things going. Agree with this. I am not too sure that we can afford to play with an out and out striker when we have several players who can score. With an out and out striker we are effectively playing with ten men.
  11. Alloa vs East Fife

    Imo Isaac hasn't been getting much quality ball, or balls that suit him and only a few chances in the short time he is on. How about him and Hynd together, chasing long through balls? Two fast players together could put the wind up a lot of defences.
  12. Alloa v Hibs

    We now have more attacking options than before but Spence came on for 11 mins last week and managed to miss two sitters in that time. Some may say he was unlucky but he missed them. I have focused on him for a few weeks now and feel that he effectively reduces us to ten men. Maybe after last week he will be further down the pecking order.
  13. The Rangers v Alloa Athletic

    Not a mention of this tie on the Duffle website. Is the site down or is there some kind of protest going on? Is there a bus going today?