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  1. I absolutely hated Dead Money though, couldn't wait to get back to the real game. I like the freedom of dropping in and out of quests as I like, this DLC felt too controlled and the clouds and collar were terrible, frustrating aspects of it.
  2. Having spent a few hours on the DLC I can confirm that it is a pile of shite, nothing like the actual game. Dark, frustrating, confusing, poor equipment, poor/annoying characters. Hellish. Save yourself £8 and stay in the Mojave wasteland.
  3. I had been doing that too. One of their gaurds poking a gun in my face telling me he has his eye on me, whilst I pick up a flame thrower and walk to the toilet with it. Brb.
  4. Started on the 'Dead Money' DLC Today. I’m still undecided on it. It’s very very Bioshock-esque. I loved Bioshock 1 & 2, and completed them both, but I’m not sure if this style of play will be suited to the majority of Fallout fans. There’s very little RPG about it. I suppose you can’t blame the writers for trying something a little different though.
  5. Good stuff, hope to see them win it this year. Oh and you'll probably be visited on this thread soon by that obnoxious little Livingston w****r, the one with curry and cider in his username...
  6. Deserves a thread of its own. Completely new game, but more of the same in terms of gameplay. I'm not complaining though, must have racked up a few hundred hours playing F3. Actual canny wait, ken.
  7. Fife's youtube legend Robert Clark is trying his hand at rugby vids now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6UVhXB2mUA
  8. Why would Rankine be so keen to help out all these clubs that he doesn't even support? His majority shareholding at East Fife, though public knowledge, is still something that he won't go public over and as far as I know he's never been to an East Fife game to support us. Also, when did he save East Fife from bankrupcy? Any shares he bought would have went to the sellers and not the club surely?
  9. Rankine is East Fife's major shareholder, though his shares are spread about in other peoples names (including the 10 year old lassie) and Derrick Brown was his man in charge, laterly replaced by Sid Collumbine. Nobody knows what Rankine wants with East Fife but its certainly not for football reasons.
  10. Hah... never seen this before. Stuart Dicklover is a repulsive fat tedious c**t, absolutely the worst poster in this forums history.
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