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  1. Soccer jerseys? Get that tae f**k. However I do own about 170 fitbaw taps
  2. Of course. A few more red dots dished out and maybe some of that self esteem will come back. You can use me. It's cool.
  3. Seems like I'm getting it the way some of these people rattle on and how highly they value their own opinions.
  4. Shut this thread down. If I have learned anything from here it's that a handful of you c***s should be working at the very top instructing governments and this big fuss over nothing will be over in a couple of days. It seems like an incredible percentage of this forum are experts in every field. f**k me.
  5. Had a quick listen to Power Trip there as everyone is banging on about them. Definitely seems up my street, but absolutely typical that I get on board when the games a bogey.
  6. I'm glad McBurnie has pulled out. Saves me getting raging at the state of his socks.
  7. I've been doing this and have no idea how it works. First week of the season I thought I had a shiteload of points because a lot of my players were doing well only to find out half of them had been benched for some reason. All my subs are Injured bar 1. I've been doing fantasy football for a good 5 years but I always forget about it a month into the season because I don't have a clue what I'm doing.
  8. Shite disnae burn, etc. On the plus side my letting agency have phoned because there's a gubbed pipe that runs down past my bedroom and it's a matter of "when" it bursts. Funny how I never heard anything when I complained about the fact the flat is falling apart and reminded them that a single man shouldn't be paying upwards of £60pm on gas IN THE FUCKING SUMMER. They'll be coming out next week and I'll have a list as long as a virginton post with all my issues. They might even upgrade the 1970s boiler! Finally a reason to be cheerful.
  9. And people are thick enough to buy them.
  10. Good. Maybe my landlord will stick some fucking double glazing in.
  11. Brilliant. I've been looking for an excuse to get back on the gear. Am aff it so make it a can of ginger.
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