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  1. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Little Wing
  2. Mike Herons Reputation - Down On My Knees After Memphis
  3. Amy Winehouse - To Know Him Is To Love Him
  4. Pat Bonners brain only works for 4 hours at a time before shutting down and rebooting so tbf in his mind he's correct.
  5. Jethro Tull - Too Old To Rock n Roll Too Young To Die
  6. I too was quite content within a Union of Nations. It is called the EU. Now a choice has to be made and I reject England and all it stands for.
  7. This is going from bad to worse isn't it? I do hope you're not going for those white airport taxis when you land. They are without exception in my experience an evil shower of grumpy bast*rds.
  8. The Harkness years prompted me to write a stiffly worded letter to The Standard.
  9. That's unfortunate. I shall reflect that when I hear the big Emirates plane flying over about 12.30 that onboard will be one disgruntled father and a child who is probably sleeping again after f*cking up his fathers lunch.
  10. The Wolves game was the one after which the term **** was coined. They were referred to in the Wolverhampton press as marauding **** after they rioted in the city. Then followed Newcastle, Birmingham, Barcelona and numerous others. This is why as a proddie the term offends me not one jot. It applies to the followers of one football club and to them alone.
  11. Not the fattest ! Back in the day Hawick RA played in a cup game at Palmerston. Their No 9 was so rotund that his shirt and shorts failed to meet by about 18 inches. The vision of that pale lump of blubber bouncing around is one that haunts me every time the word Hawick is mentioned. At least it wasn't a shame game, we won.
  12. King King - Long Time Running


    Season 4 starts tomorrow on Amazon Prime
  14. Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes
  15. Incredible String Band - Mercy I Cry City
  16. He's having a nightmare ( on Terregles Street )
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