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  1. For either home or away fans M8, your assertion was how difficult it was for "away fans"
  2. Other than the restricted allocation bollocks you keep trotting out there is no difference between the situations for the home and/or away fan
  3. What they get out of it is people reading it and then re-posting it as fact Not my kind of fun but you are pretty well their target market IoBS
  4. Conor Newton was interviewed in the 1877 Club last year, I think he was left in no doubt re the esteem he is held in although I agree in general with your point...it may be something to do with the fact that he is still playing, even at a lower level that has limited his visits. I often wondered where his career may have gone had he come to us permanently rather than Rotherham.
  5. Brophy wasn't the issue.....there was absolutely no attempt to play to his, or our attacking, strengths. Smashing a ball as far forward as you can with a 40 yard gap between forwards and attackers isn't a universally accepted tactic!!
  6. I'd agree in essence CS, however if we receive any funds for McGrath we want them in time to be able to use them to boost other areas of the squad.
  7. If Tanser isn't attacking he's a passenger and we can't afford a passenger at Full Back, from what I've seen of him (every game this season) I think he's defensively weak......St Johnstone stopped playing him when they played a back four I believe.
  8. It was dissent he got the second yellow for was it not??
  9. It's there if you look Doonhame........ to be fair though they've cunningly disguised it behind a "Matchday Ticket" banner
  10. I was there and it had absolutely F*** All to do with Vaccine Passports, there were a few people in our queue with QR Code issues but they were steamin' and as always too many people turning up too late to get in................nothing but cheap opportunism in that Tweet
  11. Brilliant result for you chaps last night, it must be amazing to be a fan of The Saintees right now............I still remember how good a feeling it was when we were competitive against the likes of St Etienne (they were a top drawer side at the time), Feyenoord (Gullit and Cruyff) and drawing away at Mechelen (who won the Cup Winners Cup that season). Run with it for as long as you can as unfortunately it doesn't last forever, however any youngsters who are starting out on their football journey will be fans for life on the back of it.
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