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  1. Devante Adam is top 5 WR maybe best tbh
  2. Mahomes getting a soft roughing the passer call against Max Crosby on a failed 3rd and long in your own endzone. The worst rule in the nfl bar none. If you are on the field you can't be treated differently with regard to tackling. I understand defenceless but a hand brushing your helmet (insert joke) is bull.
  3. Falcons stuffed at 2 and hand ball over. We aren't winning this game but I guess draft pick becomes important as we will be out of playoffs, as we should be. Positive is QB Desmond Ridder has looked the part this game and allows Falcons to pick another position high in the draft. D Line please
  4. Just thinking about the Patterson TD called back for a hold on Ravens CB. It's clearly a flop by the CB and conned the refs. I hope the NFL crack down on cheating like the fake injured players. I'd hate it to turn into football diving etc.
  5. I know Atlanta isn't good this year but the officials have shafted them with really 2 bad calls this game so far. Still Atlanta are usually good late so let's see if the defence stiffens up.
  6. That's me on draft analysis. We'll done, deserved it
  7. Just run the ball. Washington win
  8. If Ryan was still qb we would win. I've no confidence in what's gonna happen
  9. At least your improving. Same as 75% of teams, need a qb. McLaren is awesome.
  10. Washington playing like Atl when winning. Why change what gets you in the lead
  11. [emoji23] Tru dat. Atl are screwed unless Jarrett or A Ebikete get a sack. Oe TH throws an int. If Washington throw this ball deep then Riverboat Ron needs punting
  12. Think the only joy I'm getting this weekend is the 'Aints losing.
  13. Mariota is so frustrating. His running ability opens up so much of Atl plan and play concepts. But je can't throw consistently. Then you build a team with Pitts and London. If Ridder hits with 70m cap space next year...
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