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    I still haven't watched it again. Having followed the Falcons since the Jerry Glanville days I was surprised how much it hurt tbh at the time. Last time I'm nice about the 'aints
  2. 2018 season review

    Team : Atlanta Falcons Overall Performance : A failure of a season with the defence struggles continue albeit with the loss of some key personnel early on. A season to forget. Positives : Offense is getting back to were it should be and with the sacking of 3 coaches including the Offensive coach things may further improve. Calvin Ridley looks a baller. Negatives : Defense. No pressure on QBs. Secondary is not good. Watching opposition teams drive against them is painful. Best Player : Well pick from either Matt Ryan or Julio Jones. Notable mention to Kicker Matt Bryant as they don't get any love but he's some boy, and Centre Alex Mack who went to the Pro Bowl again. Worst Player : It takes some doing to stand out in that secondary but Robert Alford take a bow. Best Game : Couple of choices and went for the win over Carolina 24-10 in Charlotte. Season was gone but good to get one over a division rival. The win over Washington to go 4-4 was the other game. Worst Game : Take your pick from the Browns, Packers or the horror show against the Steelers. All on the road up North. Best Play : Giving the D some love with Vic Beasley rumbling 74 yards on a fumble recovery for a TD against the Ravens. Guess it would be easy to pick JJ making some worldie catch. Notable mention to the punter taking out the returner and planting him near the end of the season.

    I hate the patriots. Over I the states so did the Super Bowl party thing with family. It was a really poor game and can't help thinking the Saints would of put up a better show with Brees. Flying back today through Atlanta which wasn't the best planning.
  4. Montrose v Brechin

    Treat yourself to the Peterhead thread.
  5. Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    Therein lies the issue for me still. The LL is looking to be a good league to drop into and with the East juniors moving across (and hopefully the West) it promises to be a quality league in time. The Highland League for the 4 Angus clubs is not an attractive place to be. Serious work needs doing with the Tayside juniors coming in somewhere but the HL don't want change. I'm not against automatic relegation from the SPFL but they need to get tier 5 right North and South.
  6. Sorry Sons -vs- Angus Azzuri

    Got to give it out while you can
  7. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    He scored a last minute winner against East Fife in the cup whilst here. I lost my shit celebrating and still can't remember 30 seconds of the running around jumping like a bairn. I was standing near to Hamish for some odd reason as it's not where I normally stand, so no one would of noticed. Hamish was singing about hating Berwick for some reason. Right colours, wrong team.So Mr. Gemmell has my thanks for that. Wasn't there rumours about a 'businessman' paying his wages or something like that? As you say it never worked out and he obviously didn't enjoy his time with us. Back to the league, we have a great chance to push on in the next few weeks and secure at least survival in this league. Hoping with Milne having been training fulltime and not getting game time he'll be one of the fittest on the park and ready to go. Mom the Mo!
  8. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Just in case people aren't on Twitter or fb.
  9. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    A goal scorer must be the hardest position to find and I guess it doesn't help when Arbroath are down by the head with them. But they can attract players being where they are at the moment. We will become a more attractive proposition I guess as time progresses into next year if the club goes forward as planned. But with Skelly coming back and the CJ news I doubt we will get anyone coming in. Coupled with SP being careful to bring in the right character's it can't be many options and not an easy task. But I'm happy enough with that approach. You just need to look in this division to see a team whose sum is less than its parts and fans prior to a ball being kicked delighted with the transfers completed. Now spewing as some players have the wrong attitude and not much money to change things this January. If it takes time then so be it. The one thing is if anyone does come in, they will be improved under this management team.
  10. Montrose v Dundee United - Dillon Derby

    Good effort that. Don't think there was as many last time you came through. Anyway. Mon the Mo.
  11. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    True that. Couldn't put it any better.
  12. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    I wouldn't argue with any of that. Not sure if we'll be spending any money anyway. Stenny probably targeted us as a team to finish above and although it looks unlikely now it would be an odd decision to sell him to us. However they have already made an odd decision this season with the manager so who knows. Are they not struggling for numbers anyway? Not convinced we are going for him but I'd still be happy with it.
  13. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Surely Arbroath have enough striking options now. I'd be happy if he came in.
  14. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Happy days. Was getting the fear there yesterday.
  15. Stranny v Mo

    We owe Stranraer so no sympathy. I'm still scared by that 4-5 game in that season. Exercising some demons last 2 years with the football.