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  1. Montrose v Rovers

    Really enjoyed that and well worth the £15. Rennie's free kick and Nisbet'sfinish were both quality. Two teams pressing and the first 5 minutes I thought we might be onto a bit of a hiding. Credit to the midfield for wresting control back and stopping Rovers playing. 2nd half there was only 1 team winning. Motm for me was Paul Watson. Good travelling support, enjoyed the day and now on the piss looking up the table. Petrie is different class.
  2. League One Highlights 2018/19

    Wouldn't argue with the lack of closing space down. But some of the recent pumpings you've given us I'll take it.
  3. League One Highlights 2018/19

    Great opener by Henderson.
  4. Arbroath vs Montrose

    I'm not into the crowd w**k scene but the fact the away fans figure has been published shows you're pulling figures out your arse.
  5. Montrose vs Dumbarton

    As I've been drinking in Diamond Lils for around 20 years I can confirm it's unique. Be quiet midday Saturday mind but you'll get some good food. Bit nervous about this game after The Sons result on Saturday and with Arbroath away following a tough 2 weeks upcoming. But hopefully we go with the same frontline and a bit of confidence flowing through the team after Saturday. I get the impression that the team are still a pretty close group and the spirit is good.
  6. Montrose vs Dumbarton

    I'd avoid the star bar personally but age may have something to do with that. Market is fine for a Saturday afternoon.
  7. Stirling Albion Thread

    With D.Campbell being manager, S.Petrie coaching and setting the teams up, J.Weir attending to ahem, half of the demographic of Angus and umm, D.Dods umm pulling pints at the new all seater in Friockheim it could be a goer. Europe he we come. Anyway, good luck to the Binos. Always a good day out, and maybe seeing you again next season.
  8. The Albion Rovers Thread

    Congrats on your first league win. Hoping you boys can build on that and avoid bottom and the playoff.
  9. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    If we get a result against Raith, it will be fun. That's a big if mind.
  10. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    I do enjoy reading the mini meltdowns on other clubs threads when we beat them. Happened a fair bit last year as well.
  11. When he came back last year was the point that I actually thought we could go on and win the title. As well as being a class act he provided balance back in the team for me. Gutted he went as well but we move on.
  12. Angus Azzuri. I'm liking that. Better than what the smokies call us. Nice to halt the defeats but the league game is the important one.
  13. Montrose v East Fife

    I don't have many happy memories watching us play East Fife. Last time we were ripped a new one down in Methil when EF were marching to the title. On the way back home we got off the bus at Markinch train station and an old boy with us took a bringe over a curb with hands in pockets. Face had blood all over and grazes, real messed up. It was a shame we missed that his knuckle of his pinky was halfway up his hand. We could of got him sorted earlier than the Monday when he rang me and we ended up in Ninewells hospital. Drink may of been involved. It's about time we made some good memories other than a cup win in that year we had. SP seems to like the loanees starting so I guess he will go for the front line that's started last couple of weeks. Hoping for Redman/Masson starting and breaking forward. Not that I'll be there but hey ho. 2-0 The Mo
  14. Stranraer FC v Montrose FC

    Hope you had money on that
  15. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    The Salutation has been shut a number of years now. Duke of Montrose was on the corner of the high street and the street running up from the train station. It's now a restaurant I believe after changing hands and names numourous times. It's opposite the Market Arms which is where I'd recommend for a pint. Star Bar on the way to the ground and Royal Arch in the high street are to be avoided. There are loads of pubs for the size of town and plenty choice if you can find them. Personally like the Golf Inn but maybe a little out the way for visiting fans.