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  1. Never understand how Dumbarton who have one of the more iconic strip designs in Scottish football don't use it more often. Airdrie being a prime example of having the strip everyone knows and keeps it clean and simple. Also like Clyde home strip. All three Mo kits I like. Clean, simple.
  2. I get what you're saying, it's just how I look at things. Maybe as we have a number of our squad on 2 year contracts you end up looking a bit further down the road. The one thing I haven't heard anyone really talk about is when this temporary expansion of a year or two what happens at the bottom of League 2? We punting a few clubs down into Highland/Lowland league?
  3. To be fair as a Montrose fan that's the first thought I had. Go up and have a season of better gates like Arbroath have done.
  4. There was a certain Mo fan I found out last Saturday that went down to the original rearranged fixture a couple of Tuesday's ago. He knew it was postponed but as the hotel was booked.... Big 3 points that, delighted for Rusty. He's played well recently.
  5. Highlight was the linesman missing an obvious throw in and the resultant heads gone from the Airdrie fans behind him. No flow through the game, two teams competing and nullifying each other. Can't remember too many Airdrie chances if I'm honest.
  6. As no one else has posted it yet. Lewis Hawke signs from the Binos.
  7. Aye delighted for both Martin and Blair. Hope they both go one to have great careers going forward. With Boyler and Aaron T-S in the Premier League it's good to see other players improving here and moving on. Hopefully a few youth players will step up as well in time. On a totally unrelated note, one year after having all 4 Angus clubs in the same division, their is the real prospect of no Angus derbies at all in Senior football next year.
  8. Martin Rennie away. Not so much surprised at him going but where he's off to.
  9. Striker Martin Rennie away from Montrose to St. Patrick's All the best to him going fulltime.
  10. All the best for today. Love to see you go through and pick up a big tie. The changing face of Scottish fitba'
  11. I can't get with Green Bay for some reason, so hope the 49ers stuff them. Chiefs have to be favourites after last night. Scoring that quick in the 2nd quarter after being so far behind is as impressive as I've seen since the Falcons offense a few years ago.
  12. Got my dates wrong somehow thinking of be over there for the championship game. Instead I'm sitting in the NE of Scotland in this beautiful weather watching everyone in NOLA in the build up partying. LSU by 14+ for me. Burrow is too good this year.
  13. Well that was pleasing. Derrick Henry though.
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