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  1. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    Occasionally we play to the level of the players not the level SP has got them too. Today was one of them days. I still thought at 2-0 we were still in the game. After the 3rd only one team in it. Great season, sore note to finish it on.
  2. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    Could be worse. Could be raining.
  3. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    For me if we went up (big if I know) I think with 2 other part time teams in the league it gives us a better chance of avoiding a 'full' Brechin and getting some wins on the board. I feel we are better equipped than when Brechin went up but I would expect us to struggle no doubt. With Arbroath, one Dundee side in the league possibly two I'm sure the board would love it. In fact I'd think we'd have less travel as well through the season. You have to aspire to go as high as you can, and as long as we don't blow all the money up there then take it as it comes. The one thing I've noticed with the change in the club is with the make up of the crowds we get. During the preceding years before the Brora playoff you would see the same middle aged people watching us week in and out. Crowds shrinking and an apathy in the town to their club. Now there are younger fans there, community and schools involved at the ground through the week. Teams through the ages and hopefully one or two starting to come through. The long term future looks brighter.
  4. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    All booked up cheers
  5. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    Cheers for that. I'm a bit out of the loop being away so sorting options out.
  6. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    We do? Both supporters club or one a pub in town? I've looked at the train and it's possible but a bit of an epic. Anyway are Queens looking forward to the prospect of a derby against Annan next season?
  7. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    He may have a Lewis Milne style fulltime release clause. One things for sure, the fact players come back to the Mo says something about the management and club as a whole. Anyway managerless Queens on Tuesday. Doubt they'll be many travelling up midweek but a good chance for us to set up the return and make the final and some cash. Mon the Mo!
  8. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Yass! Great bit of business.
  9. Cove 1 up but down to 10 men. Edit to add 2 up now 2nd edit 10 against 10 now. Cove almost home
  10. Montrose Vs Raith Rovers

    If we went up then I'd rather Alloa were there. Another 2 part time teams in the league would help us avoid doing a Brechin. Having said that QotS can be done by train on the Saturday but it's a long day. So The Jags would be grand for me. Falkirk can't see them getting anything on Saturday. It's going to be Alloa i think anyway. Easy enough away day.
  11. Think is was the nature of the win. Garry Woods screamer coming as we were settling down after Marvs header. 15 minutes from Highland League. Went on the pitch at the end in a state of euphoria but reality struck a minute later and felt deflated. It doesn't need me to say that this Berwick team and board is in a bigger state of disarray than any of the 3 other SPFL teams that have been present in the playoffs. And your club are seemingly doing f**k all about it.
  12. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    For us generally the playoffs mean getting pumped out at the semi-final stage. My understanding is we are at home on the 7th or 8th. Then away on the Saturday as per screenshot. I'm home after around 12 weeks away on the 8th so manage to get the away leg on the Saturday so would like to take this chance to thank the management and team to making it possible to see some more football. I'd also like to apologise to all the Mo fans for the inevitable in advance of it happening on the Saturday. It's my fault. I guess if its QotS or Alloa the travelling support won't be big midweek so not a massive money spinner. Who are we all hoping for? Still like QotS for the away trip on the Saturday.
  13. The Albion Rovers Thread

    Hope you're all on the happy juice heading back from Berwick. Promotion playoff form at the end of the season, great to see. Enjoy the night and hope after next week your close season is a bit more settled to enable you to push on next season.
  14. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    I find it more amusing that what some Berwick fans were accusing us of they have become. Its still a horrendous thing to go through but as time goes on if the SPFL and SFA get their act together it it won't be such a cliff edge that it is dropping in to the LL. HFL however.....
  15. Montrose v Airdrie onions

    That's a bit quicker than expected. One season from 'Well done great to see you promoted and progressing' to 'You're just a bunch of cheating bassas'.