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  1. Gogs Grog

    Week 14

    Something we can all get behind
  2. Gogs Grog

    Week 14

    Massive for the Niners. Great win.
  3. Gogs Grog

    Week 14

    And recover a fumble on Panthers kick off return. You wouldn't make much money betting on what Falcons team will turn up.
  4. Gogs Grog

    Week 14

    93 yard td Matt Ryan throw. Wish we could play Panthers every week.
  5. Gogs Grog

    Week 14

    Niners Saints is fun to watch. Wish Kyle Shanahan was still Falcons Offensive Coordinator.
  6. I'm over there in the deep South over the festive period and get to take these in. Looking forward to it and think it'll be better than the Super bowl for a tv/drinking time. LSU to take it all for me.
  7. Gogs Grog

    Week 14

    Nick Bosa is some player
  8. Gogs Grog

    Week 12

    After a 2 week hallucination Falcons revert to type.
  9. Gogs Grog

    Week 12

    Winston already with 2 picks against the Falcons.
  10. Found a T. And Montrose is warmer than this.
  11. Lost the a in the Baltic weather. Apologies
  12. Watched this as a neutral. For long spells it was hard to tell who were fulltime. Other than a 10 minute spell when your man Nisbit came on when Morton threatened. Brora deserved the reply.
  13. All the best to the Rose. Hope you get a good draw next round. Wasn't at the game so can't comment due to work.
  14. Not sure on your capacity but I'd very much doubt it's more than 3k+ at Falkirk early in the season. Should be a cracker nonetheless. I've no doubt SP and the coaches won't underestimate Bonnyrigg at all, and we need to match the intensity from the start. I suspect first 20 will be frantic and would hope the Mo start to take control as the game goes on.
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