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  1. Does it have a 3D model of the players? No. so it doesn't account for parallax for anything above the pitch
  2. VAR doesn't account for parallax since it is done with one camera with one lens. Yes there is no mechanism to stop vertical lines at pitch level then it is useless. Players's feet are obviously stopped at pitch level but trying to draw lines from an arm or a knee is just guessing.
  3. You know they can draw the line to pretty much where ever they want. It is a picture, the pitch is not a physical barrier.. There is line that shows Kane onside. It has about the same amount of accuracy as the one that called him off. Why do they even pretend they can call offside to the level of precision they do. It was a close call, go with the decision on the park.
  4. That is a very loose interpretation of the T-Shirt line. But the main problem is actually that it seems like they extended the line down from his arm until it was offisde. There is no way to tell where exactly his arm is. BUT for that line to be right he needs to be both stretching his arm forward but also much closer to the camera than his knee.
  5. You can click through for some heads gone by Spurs fans but genuinely where the hell have they drawn the line from on Kane?
  6. What a complete red neck for england. They finally get an innings without Labuschagne soaking up tens of overs and building a score and it ends up that they just get pumped even faster. Root aside England don't have a top order test batsman. None of them know how to build an innings.
  7. Never mind Bevis getting claret and amber hearts from MILF Africa. DC44x is Devante Cole.
  8. Lovely 3 points. Dubious that bringing on Grimmy at left wingback and McGinley into the back line made us more secure. Really poor defending for the livi goal. KVV immense all game. Big Sol was brilliant too before he had ot go off.
  9. Where is Starfelt on the Duffy scale? Must be getting up to 8. Still a little to go to catch big Shane.
  10. Has Davidson went with a 4-2-4 for the second half here? Wild
  11. As he strolls onto the park... But Chris Kane, there is a guy.
  12. Above zero good, below zero bad. Easy. But what is 0.1 of goals v xG? goals v xG implies some sort of ratio but the chart goes negative so ???
  13. Watt might not sign for Utd but he 100% won't be extending his contract at Fir Park. We aren't close to the money Utd are offering, whether another club comes in with a better offer remains to be seen. If I were Watt I would want to sign a deal ASAP as it is a significant amount of money for him. I remember people being mad at Hastie for going to Rangers but he turned 2 months worth of form into a 3 year deal at Ibrox. Tony Watt might never have another 4 months like this in his whole career.
  14. The most likely match to effect Scottish football might be Canada's double header in January/February. I don't think Wotherspoon will be fit but these matches will go a long way to determining if they qualify for the World Cup. So if Scott Arfield got the call he would be picking between the OF game and potentially going to Qatar. Harry Paton at Ross County has been in recent Canada squads too. And Motherwell might lose Sondre Solholm if he decides to play for Canada.
  15. Usually it only crops up when a lower league team has a few players away because top flight teams don't play on recognised international dates. Sevco were probably one of the more recent examples as they struggled through the lower leagues. There is definitely going to be more contention if the 2021 Africa Cup does get played. There are EPL teams that will be losing 4 players for the duration plus whatever time they need to quarantine on arriving back in the UK. I don't think any club will be able to stop players going if they wish but I also don't think there will be sanctions to players who decline to go (coerced or otherwise) There are also a international dates at the end of January and start of February to finish up WC qualifying in every other confederation outside of UEFA. And I don't expect those to be respected either.
  16. Zero crowd restrictions already being rolled back in parts of Germany. Obviously reached the same conclusions that going to outdoor sport isn't a big deal in terms of spreading Covid
  17. They can ask but it won't be granted since this is not a recognised International window.
  18. They do have a bit of logic for picking the number for all games. They have decided that folk going out the house is the problem so the way to fix it is to stop people having things to do. But they can't actually close much because no furlough so they hammered sport as hard as they can without actually being the ones that cancel it. Nevermind that attending football is a very small part of people's lives and therefore banning it is doing little to reduce contacts which make the whole thing feel vindictive and pointless.
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