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  1. Please explain the significance of his feet beig together? Genuinely interested.
  2. So Abada moving back towards his own goal makes an arse of himself swiping at the ball, misses it, then makes contact with Bates? Why wouldn't that be a penalty?
  3. Aye and then puts his leg right in front of Bates committing a foul. Jesus f**k. Even the celtic tv commentators said it was a penalty.
  4. Sancho smart enough to see that Rashford was always offside. Used him to give the keeper the eyes and put in the other corner.
  5. Mostly comfortable for celtic. Should have scored more with the chances created. But also very poor from set pieces today. 14 corners and I don't think they caused Aberdeen any trouble from the crosses. Aberdeen lacked a bit of belief in the 2nd half and didn't have anyone providing quality going forward. Would have been funny if they stole a point with the Ramires header near the end.
  6. Probably onside from that. Aberdeen player at right back playing him on. Have Aberdeen had a touch in the celtic half in this half?
  7. Kyogo talking to McGeouch as he is down injured. Pat will be amazed that Dylan knows Japanese
  8. Weird but kind of amazing. I need to watch it again tbh. So many details in it. Not simply "please buy hats/scarf/flag from the club shop.
  9. Never a penalty. Bates should be booked for diving, Referee couldn't point to the spot quick enough Half time here has been great tbh. It opened with the host ripping into Hartson and Petrov for moaning about it being cold. Askign if they want a body warmer. Must have been torture for her to watch with those 2 moaning b*****ds. Jota interview too. Getting him to taste Irn Bru. He was repulsed by it. Now a bizarre Christmas ad.
  10. No need to imagine, Celtic win a soft penalty every few weeks. Sounds like you have a short term memory problem
  11. There is a weird kit clash thing going on. Both teams are essentially wearing shades of blue. Brighton are wearing the darker blue when they have their backs to the camera and the lighter blue when they are front on. Not great.
  12. Tried the long throw to Mugabi at the front post about 8 times and got absolutely nothing from it.
  13. Well. That is that. Haven't been at it today at the back.
  14. Watching the "highlights" on the stream at half time and it is not good viewing. Stupid mistakes and poor clearances from every midfielder and defender.
  15. KvV on at half time please. Forwards haven't been in the game
  16. Brutal. Can't get in the game. Dundee not pissing about at the back like Hearts and Aberdeen did. Battle is in the midfield and we are losing it. The goals we lost were both from poor clearances and Dundee winning the ball. A tough watch
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