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  1. She went to basically the edge of the world in pursuit of Sauron. Then she was sent away because the other elves told her she was full of shit Then she finds out that Sauron is likely back in the Southlands but the dumbass Numenorians are holding her Not Hostage while they decide how little help they are going to send. I find her drive and aggression admirable tbh. She could have went to Valar and lived an eternal life with no problems. Will her attitude lead to some problems for her in the future? Probably. It is going to be part of her character arc over multiple seasons.
  2. Gordon was class tonight even if 80% of his saves were against guys who were yards offside.
  3. Surely Maguire has to be binned for the World Cup.
  4. What are the implications for us? Are we fighting Finland for seeding?
  5. England cosplaying as the 1966 World Cup team as they are relegated in a dead rubber. Delicious.
  6. We are fine when Tierney and Robertson play. The issue was persisting with the back 5 when only one of them was available.
  7. Celtic don't have the squad to compete in domestic and european competitions
  8. 3 amateur level goals conceded by Leicester. Brendan might as well get his coat now.
  9. Going to be a long season for Glasgow.
  10. Absolutely bizarre story Alan Rogers not holding back. And no idea why the manager making the allegations has been granted anonymity. The guy tried to bribe a cop, hid details of his betting, withdrew his cooperation and placed bets on football.
  11. Police Scotland are a complete shambles. Can't deal with one major event in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh at the same time. What a joke.
  12. Good. Why should anyone have to show respect. Go and be the Thought Police elsewhere.
  13. There have been loads of disrespectful posts about loads of people on here. footballers or not. Why the need to get your knickers in a twist over some old woman?
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