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  1. They are more dominant. More points gained. More goals scored. Fewer goals conceded. Those are the facts.
  2. What does the gap with 3rd place matter? City and Liverpool are racking up more points and better goal difference than the Old Firm. They are strolling the league with the exact same ease that Rangers and Celtic do. If Hearts had not fell to bits and managed to continue putting away poorer teams what would that say about the quality of Rangers and Celtic? nothing.
  3. You can see them going the exact same way as Blackburn Rovers unless they can bounce straight back using the parachute payments
  4. It isn't the same as the original Carling Premiership trophy where players danced about with the crown on their head. Do they commission a new trophy every year?
  5. Safe to say Liverpool and City are now more dominant in the EPL than the Old Firm are now in the Premiership. Still a little off the peak dominance Real and Barca had over the rest of La Liga.
  6. Burnley were a far better team after they binned Dyche. They were going to be an irrelevance like Norwich but they managed to take it to the last day.
  7. What if Ederson has to go off and De Bruyne goes in goals
  8. Bald fraud alert! City have looked flat. Possession and pushing a little but absolutely no cutting edge or looking like they could overwhelm the Villa backline
  9. 25 minutes for Neilson to try and do something instead of whatever the f**k Hearts have been doing for the last hour
  10. Shocking corner. And how can Hearts let a keeper take a clean catch on 90 minutes. At least commit a foul
  11. Game has been dreadful in this half. Hearts not competing like in the first half and Rangers still struggling to create.
  12. Why is anyone bothered about Collum. Most the decisions have been fine and the few questionable ones haven't impacted teh standard of the game, which has been quite poor.
  13. Looking at all these attacking highlights featuring Middleton. Unbelievable that Davidson pulled him
  14. Bold of a Falkirk fan to talk about the quality of the Premiership or the Championship
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