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  1. A cup win is sometimes about luck though. When you won the league cup in 2012 that Killie team wasn't exactly hitting the heights of the previous year either. I think you would have fancied your chances in the quarters. Avoid Celtic in the semis and have a great game in the final.
  2. Oooft. Didn't think anyone could feel sicker than Well fans after last night's collapse but fair play to killie. Being minutes away from winning the game twice and not even getting to penalties. That takes the biscuit. After the draw I'm sure all 4 sets of fans were seeing a decent chance to get to the semis so it is an even bigger kick in the balls.
  3. First one was a clean strike. St Mirren keeper didn't move quick enough to cover the near post. Don't think there was a deflection on the 3rd either. Saints defender swiped and missed allowing the ball to go straight in the bottom corner.
  4. You lost to Connahs Quay Nomads FFS. Deserved every bit of criticism he got.
  5. Shite. Trying to laugh at rangers while hoping we don't implode. Fucking hell.
  6. Any Killie fans jump on the roof of the disabled section?
  7. Someone tell the killie keeper he can save shots with his hands.
  8. But he had played the day before so he wouldn't necessarily have been scheduled to train on the Monday. Sean Maitland wasn't going to train on the Monday https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/51125848
  9. Exactly this. Here are the minutes of meetings http://ibroxcessnockcc.weebly.com/minutes search Fanzone. In the next meeting the minutes were clarified But aye Rangers fans there was a CONSPIRACY that went right to the top. I saw Rangers are taking over the facilities with a 25 year lease but with the explicit clause that they can't apply for alcohol licensing. The main reaosn being that a place meant for the well being and fitness of the community shouldn't be given over to steamers ever couple of weeks.
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