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  1. County missed a good few sitters while we couldn't get a shot on target aside from the ball bouncing in off Foley. Really poor and County did more than enough than they needed today.
  2. No Jordan Roberts against Hibs? Lovely bit of interplay for that goal.
  3. That was a really nice goal. Liverpool centre halfs were easily beat.
  4. Can you believe Harry Maguire was actually holding the Man Utd defence together.
  5. Where are the officials from the Raith game to get that chopped off for Offside?
  6. Completely awful decision. If anything it is a foul on Bailly. Philips goes into him and he doesn't play the ball.
  7. It is fair to say that in some certain players found something extra for the playoff against Rangers. Honestly i think if Killie are in the playoffs again it will be like their last time against Falkirk. They might struggle a bit in the first leg but should have enough quality over two games to see off Dundee.
  8. Agree with this. Scary how Polworth has followed the exact same trajectory as Vigurs. First season played well, a bit slow and lazy but his creativity made it a decent trade off. Second season do absolutely nothing and toys out the pram by the end of the it all.
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