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  1. BBC apologising for letting a Labour member on their PM debate with no disclaimer. I wonder if such after the fact reporting will be done for Question Time contributors?
  2. More analysis of the England game than the Scotland game. If folk wanted to watch England it is on BBC1.
  3. Ref had a nightmare there. A complete farce. Briedis honest in the interview. Actually seeing the punch to the back of the head, no sympathy from me. Deserved a dirty shot in return.
  4. @Div Here are people complaining about the font on github. https://github.com/itfoundry/Poppins/issues/13
  5. Police Scotland report further exposed as a shambles today https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jun/14/south-yorkshire-police-changes-approach-football-criticism The Sheffield derby was on March 4, the Police Scotland report was on March 6. I wonder if Police Scotland will have to hold a further review in light of this. Oops.
  6. New thing on the top, old one underneath. (2019 vs 2017 themes, zoom is the same) The new one is less readable. The letter e is particulary shite and blurry, fok should try to avoid using it.
  7. Signing season hasn't really started yet. There are very few clubs in the upper champ/lower EPL making moves right now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/transfers
  8. Finland had a good 2-0 win over Bosnia yesterday. Teemu Pukki with a double and apparently Glen Kamara played out his skin.
  9. Proper raging imo. When was the last time france made a major finals?
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