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  1. None of those videos show an offside player challenging for the ball.
  2. I am actually laughing at you now.
  3. What is your opinion on the offside given in the Juve game I posted. Were the officials wrong there? Or are english refs time and again giving horrendous reasoning to cover their own f**k ups.
  4. the rule says "Receive the ball". Case closed. Here is one of the many thousands of correct offside decisions that would be wrong if this mad interpretation of the offside rule were to be correct.
  5. Yeah how about no, That is not the rule. It wasn't a deliberate pass. The Man City player did not "Receive" the ball from a deliberate play, he tackled the opponent.
  6. Going by this one other horribly officiated example rather than the thousands of other examples of defenders playing the ball not cancelling out offsides.
  7. Aye and that explanation was a load of shite then and it is a load of shite now. Going down that route essentially means you are automatically onside as soon as any defender touches it.
  8. Absolutely bizarre stuff here. Clearly offside. He didn't "receive the ball". He made a tackle.
  9. BBC wanking off about peaceful transition of power without mentioning the thousands of troops deployed and the Green Zone built around Congress to keep the violence out.
  10. Rugby is completely fucked and had to shut down because players were giving it to each other during games. That is a problem football doesn't really have with most outbreaks at clubs due to not being socially distant off the park.
  11. Time isn't added on for bookings. Overall it was a good point but we have questions to answer about 2nd half performances. Sure Rangers are a good team and going to have the ball but the same thing has happened against other, lesser teams. St Mirren last week to. If we are too scared to play on the front foot at least have a contingency plan of having an out ball that we can work from. Simple stuff like turning a centre half with a ball down the channel that might win a throw in high up the park. We played some good football for our goal but never go going again afterwards. For Rangers goal, it looked offside but was a symptom of not getting a proper clearance. Balogun is still in the box and leaving Carroll in between players and Itten got free.
  12. Watching Hylton ripping the pish out of Aberdeen is not improving my mood with us at the foot of the table.
  13. Huw Jones went onto his knee for the yellow. It was the right decision imo. Were the Warriors confused about the score at the end? Would have made up for Edinburgh conceding 3 points at the end of the first half because of the train.
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