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  1. He will probably put a claim in. Wearing a neck brace tomorrow imo.
  2. PM me your QR code and I'll get back to you
  3. You need to have an app with the right decryption tools for the QR code. If the information was stored inside the code in plain text it would be piss easy to make fake codes. To see what info is being shared you can download the French verify app and scan your own code.
  4. Wright clearly clipped Denayer's leg. The defender is going to get that foul every time.
  5. Bolingoli went to Spain, the rest of the squad evened it up with the trip to Dubai.
  6. Tony Ralston showing his international quality in run tracking for the equaliser. Can't stop waiting for a flag.
  7. La Liga might be the league most effected by the pandemic. Lot of clubs in a poor financial state as they need to adjust and pay down their debts. You would think they would have enough to beat this celtic team. As I am typing they cut through celtic and score an easy goal
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