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  1. Edouard scored a few tap ins. Morelos outpaced McKenna for his assist yesterday. The difference was McInnes parked the bus at home while Accies actually had a decent go at Celtic.
  2. Mental that we seemingly are just tossing money around. Rangers don't have 2 centre forwards to rub together and we have signed 4. A few players are clearly surplus to requirements. Seedorf, Mugabi, Maciver, McGuire. And Semple needs to go out on loan when the lower leagues start.
  3. Since it was outside the box VAR would need to think it was a red to intervene.
  4. The arsenal back line is horrendous. Giving David Luiz an extra year so he was available for the extended season has been a great laugh.
  5. I would recommend this for all streams. Shite with notifications on because you know nothing has happened.
  6. If she thought she was going to win she would just resign. If she had the backing of her local party she could get one of her loyalists as the candidate in the by-election and have a continuity of staff, at least until the Scottish Elections. The staff thing is a complete redherring. She just wasn't confident of winning and did not want to take a risk.
  7. Better print off multiple copies of the sub manual otherwise it will take half an hour to get them all on.
  8. As much as folk slate her i think she is more equipped to be a leader than anyone else mentioned. She does spout some amount of pish but which Tory doesn't? Only problem for the Tories is that she is very much a Weegie which would not play well with their anti-weegie base in Aberdeenshire and the Borders.
  9. Last season I was reasonably confident in our back line and worried about going forward. This season it looks like we have an abundance of forward options but will be cobbling together a back 4. We could be in big trouble with a single injury to big Dec or Grimmy with no real replacement.
  10. I think a loan for now but it will be permanent once they officially owe us money when Kipre is sold. We can't pay money up front on the promise there is a fee coming for Kipre because that carries too much risk.
  11. Sky are just consolidating costs. They have Hartson, Fletcher and for some reason McFadden contracted for their international fixtures. Might as well chuck them on the Scottish football as well.
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