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  1. Tried to phone the take-away for a delivery. Number disconnected. Had to order online. WTF. going to miss how the kebab man finished my order. I must have been the only person still phoning up. Update: delivery guy asked why I moved online, apparently they didn't the phones have been cut off. Which still begs the question if I am the only person phoning up.
  2. At least they are humped. Supporters can go to the pub and continue to enjoy the trip. Better getting it over quickly.
  3. If Alexander had performance bonuses for reaching europe then subsequent bonuses for progressing through each round he can argue that if he wasn't in charge for the Euro matches he should get the bonuses anyway. There was similar chat around Celtic binning Lennon and the fact they held on for so long was that if he got sacked before THE TEN was mathematically impossible they could still have to pay the bonuses in the contract.
  4. Better than last week where "Give it to Kent" was "fanny about at the back"
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