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  1. America has even longer Summer Time than the EU. Clocks won't be changing until after Hallowe'en and they switch to Summer time earlier in march too.
  2. What clocks are people going to be manually changing? Going to have to change my microwave clock. Not bothering with the oven.
  3. Farmers don't want to get up a 4am in the summer and everyone gets an extra hour of daylight for late night summer drinking. Now Summer is done we are moving back to normal time.
  4. I looked it up and it seems like he is banned from Liverpool and Everton games but can ref the derby. Must be a hardcore scouse nationalist.
  5. That stat about this only being the 2nd game Mike Dean has ever reffed at anfield has to be wrong. The guy has been a barclays ref for over a decade.
  6. VAR only decided if the foul was in or out the box. Can't overrule the foul unless it is a clear error. And it wasn't clear that the ball was played first.
  7. This game is stinking. Solskjaer and Lampard are attrocious managers.
  8. Lovely play again from Watt. Centre back Mark O'Hara stepping up to take the penalty like Shaun Teale.
  9. Tremendous attack from a throw in our own half. Given Watt's muted celebrations perhaps an own goal.
  10. I'm shocked Robinson has decided to just say f**k it and play 3 strikers. The only other option was a back 3 of Maguire, Gallagher, McGinley with O'Donnell and JAKE HASTIE at wing back. Hylton is going to turn Maguire inside out and score a hattrick today.
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