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  1. Well took the game in and a few points. Raith looked good, still need a centre half but Reece and Hill were solid, Reece read the game well. Was impressed by Callachan and the front two had decent movement. At that level 30 goals a season men are like hens teeth but think there is at least 2-3 that can get to double figures. Lots to be encouraged with and no real gap in quality, what impressed me most was the better fitness levels of the Raith lads. Hibs are poor on that display. Booth was the best Hibs left back on the park. Couldn't believe the no. 5 in middle park was Tudor-Jones, he was pish! Hibs 10 looked lively, long season for the Hibs who brought decent numbers.
  2. Plus interest, which I'm sure will be very reasonable. Anyone notice what rates wonga.com and useyourchildasguarantee.com are charging nowadays?
  3. Regardless of how individual teams voted. The Diddy tribe united, democracy won. Regan and Cockwomble's positions are untenable surely. Turnbull 'the Pitbull' Hutton to lead Scottish Football into a new dawn. Frankly he talks sense and I'd put any money on him kicking f**k out of any other blazer in a square-go.
  4. Why did that gobshite at Killie abstain? Can just imagine him greeting with his arms folded refusing to say his vote.
  5. Say aye to D1 and Turnbull Hutton will punch yer c*unt in. The above should be a memo sent to all SFL clubs as a matter of urgency.
  6. Rangers media is for poofs and pirates.<BR><BR>In the greatest ever Ranger thread some f**k-nut said Nacho fucking Novo - on the reasoning that in fact he is a true blue, not a ***** and as always followed Rangers due to some line he put in his book about his youth?? - Jesus wept.
  7. Beat me to it Chimp-tits. I think this is starting to look a foregone conclusion to this whole charade, I also think Whyte is still involved in this with Green. Chancer Charlie will phone the Blue Knights. CG: "So you cunto's wanna buy Rangers?" TBK: "Aye but we are sticking to our offer of £3m" CG: "Sold." TBK: "Erm, what?" CG: "You heard me, you've saved Sevco5088, well done lads" TBK: "Where do we sign?" Out pops CW. CW and CG: "Oh and by the way, we still own Ibrox and the going rate is £1billion per season. See you later you fucking idiot scumbag bigoted cretins".
  8. If they are suspended they cannot just be brought back into the top league, any suspension would lead to them starting again in the bottom league, surely?
  9. Presuming that the vote is now NO to Newco.......that now makes it impossible for the SFL if they accept Newco to put them anywhere other than D3? Am I correct?
  10. Me also Gaz, you are my brother from another mother. However, anyone scanning this will now in fact think I was born in 1984. Damn it.
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