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  1. Week 3 - Vikings and packers.
  2. Phil didn't deserve that, bit of a cop out. Team Steph for the win though.
  3. Dazzle

    Week 2

    The correct answer is of course Adam Thielen. (Probably not but I still love him)
  4. Dazzle

    Week 2

    Vikings are somehow in this.
  5. Dazzle

    Week 2

    Well that's enough for me, redzone on.
  6. Dazzle

    Week 2

    Worst possible start for the Vikings, easy packer TD first drive then missed field goal from us. I've been worried about this game and I can see hammering.
  7. Week 2 - Patriots and Ravens please.
  8. Dazzle

    Week 1

    Vikes win 28-12. Good start to the season, Packers next week.
  9. Dazzle

    Week 1

    Jets are trash.
  10. Dazzle

    Week 1

    Another pick for Baker.
  11. Dazzle

    Week 1

    Oh dear Baker.
  12. Dazzle

    Week 1

    Falcons finally get points on the board , 28-6. Should be far too far behind.
  13. Dazzle

    Week 1

    This is a Dalvin Cook masterclass Please stay healthy Dalvin.
  14. Hopefully this boy doesn't play right back and its just a signing to get Millar into midfield leaving the Bene/Davo partnership intact. Glad to get new face into defence anyway, anything to help.
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