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  1. I love the London games, been down every year for the past 4 seasons, even my wife wants to go down for the experience this year and we can have a weekend in London, what’s not to like? I’d support a London team in every game other than Vikings games of course and I’d get to one or two games every year.
  2. Dazzle

    FIFA 20

    I’d be inclined to agree, most seem to be decent and all make random howlers, I doubt he’s worth 770k more to me than futmas De Gea.
  3. Dazzle

    FIFA 20

    Got really annoyed at the game recently and spunked 500k on ultimate packs when I had a few beers on Saturday night. Not even a walkout thought that was me done with the game other than the odd sbc for fun. Open a 50k pack on the app there with some of my last coins, Prime Yashin 94 goes for 770K, the game must have known. Anyone used him or should I sell for Mbappe?
  4. Dazzle

    FIFA 20

    Had over a million coins with no real intention of buying any one so bought a 100k pack with coins to see if I could land a future stars, not even a board. f**k off EA[emoji19]
  5. Dazzle


    Jesus, a total legend and someone I loved watching growing up. Horrible news.
  6. Dazzle

    FIFA 20

    Got De Jong from a 2x81 rated pack so thought why not try again....
  7. Just happy to be here, that said I'd rather play the 49ers than either of the other two.
  8. Dazzle


    Watched the game yesterday, was a schooling for clippers who dont look the same team without PG13. Ja looks like an exceptional talent for the Grizzlies.
  9. I'd take the money but I'd be dead long before the 24 years or whatever.
  10. Dazzle

    FIFA 20

    I'm fairly sure its 11 English players, 4 first owned.
  11. Got a bottle today, either it's been hyped up way to much in its absence or it's not the same thing. Very average and 2 quid a bottle is a bit sore.
  12. Dazzle

    FIFA 20

    84 Inform John McGinn, looks good I'll try him out hopefully replace Moura. Front 3 of Kane, CR7 and Hazard in totw as well.
  13. Dazzle

    Week 11

    I've fucking lost it, deary me what a comeback. Never seen the likes from the Vikes.
  14. Dazzle

    Week 11

    Yaaaaaaassssss Kamaaaan.
  15. Dazzle

    FIFA 20

    I have 10 tokens (I didnt even attempt Bundesliga or Ligue 1 with the team I had) and i thought another 10 would be good to get me Carlos and Nesta for the first set, however now it looks like I'm only going to achieve 9 this time around unless I can be bothered with legendary or I get some good first owned Bundesliga or Ligue 1 players. Maybe I should just get someone like Rivaldo and have my end game CAM from now onwards.
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