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  1. Dazzle


    2 games in Harden and KD look incredible together on offence as expected, whatever happens with kyrie I think the nets are good enough to get to the finals since I started watching. Changed times from staying up til 1am watching nets teams containing Jarrett Jack, Shane Larkin, Wayne Ellington and ancient Joe Johnson.
  2. Dazzle


    You can get the league pass which allows you too watch full games or highlights after the game has been quite, I find the service really good and I watch a lot of basketball now at my leisure, falling that and free there’s highlights for pretty much every big team on YouTube the next day, it’s about 10 minutes long and has all the best players which he might enjoy.
  3. Dazzle


    Whilst I’m naturally very excited to watch that trio after seeing some god awful nets teams since I’ve followed, I’m just not convinced it will work as it should. Irving seems to want to do anything but play basketball just now, a poor defensive team just got worse with the loss of Jarrett Allen and it’s 3 players who need the ball. Nets future has effectively been sold to win a championship in the next 2-3 years.
  4. Dazzle


    Westbrook to wizards, him and Beal could be very good together. Nice to see John wall and Boogie back together again! If both of them were 100% rockets would be a force.
  5. Dazzle


    Donald and Joelle both seem like really annoying people in real life, Bill is a class act though.
  6. Dazzle


    Giannis is clearly an excellent player, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s top 5 in the league, he really doesn’t look like the same player in the playoffs. Caught the lakers v rockets last night, series could go 7 it looks like a great match up.
  7. Dazzle


    Yeah, Giannis is leaving the bucks.
  8. Dazzle


    No games again tonight, I’m not convinced this season is going to end, Talk off a lockout next season as well not sure how much lower earning players would be keen on this, whole situation is a bit of a disaster, a bit like America just now.
  9. Dazzle


    Play in between Memphis and Portland, crazy the suns went 8-0 and miss out. Still don’t know who is going to win this, lakers look good but rockets are such an enigma with no centre.
  10. Dazzle


    Finally the NBA is back tomorrow! Who do we think is sneaking into the west playoffs? Who’s winning it all? I think Dallas are in and Memphis probably have enough with JA to win a few games and sneak in, who knows though maybe Dame or Zion get hot and win out. As for winning it all I’d quite like LBJ to get number 4 seeing as I don’t think the nets will do anything this year, wouldn’t hate if Harden finally one it either though.
  11. Dazzle


    As much as I love scrubs the janitor thing in season 1 is complete nonsense, there’s an episode near the end of the season the one where Turk and JD fall out about the guy choosing surgery and the janitor is noticed loads of times by people and directly spoken too as well.
  12. Really don’t like that away top, home one is fine and I’ll maybe pick it up to help the club out but neither are great.
  13. That Ayr kit was almost really nice, but it’s totally ruined by the horrific sponser and the lines going up and down it just look weird.
  14. Funnily enough that’s what I had first and thought it was great, on the tea party green tea cream ale right now. It’s not for me.
  15. Another 8 beers from beer 52 delivery this week, very excited to try a few tonight, one made with pepper which is really intriguing.
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