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  1. Dazzle


    Finally the NBA is back tomorrow! Who do we think is sneaking into the west playoffs? Who’s winning it all? I think Dallas are in and Memphis probably have enough with JA to win a few games and sneak in, who knows though maybe Dame or Zion get hot and win out. As for winning it all I’d quite like LBJ to get number 4 seeing as I don’t think the nets will do anything this year, wouldn’t hate if Harden finally one it either though.
  2. Dazzle


    As much as I love scrubs the janitor thing in season 1 is complete nonsense, there’s an episode near the end of the season the one where Turk and JD fall out about the guy choosing surgery and the janitor is noticed loads of times by people and directly spoken too as well.
  3. Really don’t like that away top, home one is fine and I’ll maybe pick it up to help the club out but neither are great.
  4. That Ayr kit was almost really nice, but it’s totally ruined by the horrific sponser and the lines going up and down it just look weird.
  5. Funnily enough that’s what I had first and thought it was great, on the tea party green tea cream ale right now. It’s not for me.
  6. Another 8 beers from beer 52 delivery this week, very excited to try a few tonight, one made with pepper which is really intriguing.
  7. We only have 4 days work in orders, same reason they wouldn’t furlough us as they still need the work done.
  8. We’ve been told we have to have a weeks shutdown in July and every Friday off as a holiday until the end of September until we run out of holidays then gradually we all come back to work as you run out, leaving everyone with no holidays October - December, as you can imagine the atmosphere is foul but it seems to be the only way the company say they can get by without redundancies, in reality it’s just so when it’s busy at the end of the year everyone is stuck at work.
  9. Dazzle


    Probably because Jordan doesn’t believe that the rockets could actually have beaten them if he had been there, he would of course be wrong, the Magic team that beat the bulls in 95 was incredible and Hakeem smacked them about.
  10. I have a keg of this in the fridge waiting to go into my sub over the weekend, it really is an incredible beer. My beer 52 came today also can’t wait to try some in the next few days.
  11. I’ll take a case if one is still going guys, I was going to order from them a while back but never bothered so that would be lovely if there’s one going.
  12. Dazzle

    FIFA 20

    Maybe 500k with 100k left, 4 packs and 3 paid out must be over a million there. Gutted it was on the app not quite the same.
  13. Dazzle

    FIFA 20

    Totally bored off the game so spunked my coins on packs, packed Mbappe, VVD and TOTS Thiago [emoji23] I’ve had insane luck this year.
  14. Kennedy Bakircioglu is my all time favourite CM01/02 player, looks completely average to start with then the best player I’ve ever had in any team.
  15. We’ve traded Diggs to the bills for a 1st, 5th, 6th and 4th next year. Can help but feel Viking’s came off better even if I really like Diggs.
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