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  1. Premier League 2018-19

    I'm far from a Liverpool fan, but I'd be more than happy to see this team win the league, great to watch and of course Andy Robertson [emoji7]
  2. This season can go take a run and f**k at itself.
  3. Mark Ferry is coming home
  4. Ando, it'll be Ferry next week as all my favourite ex players score against us.
  5. I've met a few famous people, Stuart Armstrong was easily the soundest, really happy to chat away shite about football and Celtic (2 of my mates that were with me are Celtic fans) got a few photos then even bought us a drink.
  6. Do you love your parents?

    I have a good relationship with both my parents now, always have with my dad but lived with my gran from ages 8-19 when she died as me and my mum pretty much hated each other for spells of my childhood. She was too young to be a mum really and I think she regretted having me when her and my old man had to stop having fun and grow up at 17 and 20, my old man took to it like a duck to water and she struggled. That said both worked incredibly hard to give me everything I needed growing up and I can't thank them enough for it. Me and mum have a good relationship now, after my gran passed I was destroyed and my mum was worse, she ended up nearly drinking herself to death for a long while and I really thought me and my old man would lose her, with help though she came out of it and we now get on great, I'm thankful to have both them in my life and visit as much as I can, were never going to be a close, talk about deep issues family, me and my old man love talking all sports and my mum loves hearing about what I'm up to and all the wedding plans etc, she adores my fiance as well and they get on great which is really nice. The only gripe I have with them nowadays is how much they do for my sister when she actually needs a boot up the arse but that's by the by. Anyway I've rambled about nothing there, my folks are good c***s that as an adult I would class them as friends as well as family.
  7. NBA

    Would depend on whether the Raptors are looking a rebuild and what the Lakers would give up, may get 2 off lonzo, Kuz, Ingram and Hart but why give them up when Kawhi seems to want to go to LA anyway and they have a max to offer.
  8. NBA

    That's a great trade for the Raptors if they can somehow keep him in Toronto. I like DeRozen but he chokes in the play offs every year. Celtics, Raptors and 6ers should make the east interesting next year.
  9. NBA

    I don't think Lakers will take anyone else In a trade before the season starts, run with the 3 young guys and LeBron and still get to the WCF most likely before adding Klay/Kawhi next season and then going on to win a ring when GSW break up. Chance that lbj could play as a small ball 5 next year? A bit like Draymond did with gsw for a while.
  10. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I get the fact your trying to play down your chances a little but there is no way anyone can see us as heavy favourites for the league, we've made very meh signings on the whole whereas Dumbarton have made quite a lot of good signings for this league. We may get over the line due to being part time/ a few real quality players but were no where near heavy favourites.
  11. Decent money for my job, only work 21 weeks a year on a 4 on 4 off shift pattern, the people I work with are good guys and I'm very rarely stressed out or overworked. Good job all in all, the 4 on when it falls Fri sat sun Mon nightshift is a ballache but just have to make the most of weekends when I'm off.
  12. Irn Bru

    Loads of cans in my local spar tonight when I went in. Eta: won't let me send the pic but good diabetec times about to be had.
  13. We actually went up to Dundee to play bowling only to realise it was shut years previous, she then mentioned she needed to decorate and I thought I'd bored the life out of her and she was just wanting home, but no my charm and good looks kept her hanging on in.
  14. Met my fiance at a 21st birthday party, got talking had a great niggt and asked her on a date but she had only just split up with her ex who was a massive c**t so she wasn't interested in dating then, about a year later I was out one night and she came over too me and starting chatting away, me being steaming had no idea who she was but went along with it anyway and it wasn't until I woke up with a photo on my phone of her I realised who it was, messaged her then and we met up and went to B&Q. Must have worked as here we are 5 years later getting married in 14 weeks and never looked back. What's for you won't go by you eh.
  15. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    It's Martin that doesn't like Vaughan, his dad is a big fan.