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  1. Stayed in a hostel for a month when I first moved down a few years ago, probably one of the best months of my life.
  2. Hopefully get Inverness/Raith in the semis.
  3. Who you calling a gretna lad mate? Huge game for them on Saturday really disappointed to lose McGuffie but he wasn't there when I placed the bet so he was a bonus anyway.
  4. Anyone recommend a good pub in Edinburgh for this?
  5. I reckon Gretna will kick on and challenge for the title, 20/1 was far too big.
  6. Dumfries and Waterbeck are the same distance apart as Glasgow and Falkirk, nothing to see here...
  7. QPR, were my local team when I stayed in Landan, made a couple games last season and hope to make Everton in December. Always feel uneasy when everyone shouts c'mon Rangers, apparently c'mon Queens isn't the done thing.
  8. What colour were the old QOS substitution boards? Blue background and white numbers? Yellow numbers?
  9. What behaviour? I was under the impression that they didn't do anything...
  10. Sorry to say I'll be having a nibble at evens, think they were 11/10 yesterday.
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