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  1. A goalkeeper with huge potential, however, he had his share of dodgy moments for us.
  2. Taking a guess Austin has has another setback and they are waiting on medical opinion before commenting.
  3. 6 points for Thistle here - Ian Macall knows he will get a few free pints out of it in the west end.
  4. Message to drunk Morton fan that was in main stand hospitality - giving out abuse when you have big ears was never going to end well.
  5. Penrice gets the ball in the first one. The second one is one you sometimes get but the last one is a stonewaller.
  6. Ryan Edwards is a good player for a bottom six premiership team.
  7. Baily Cargill would be good at this level next to a big center back.
  8. Last time Chris Erskine was in this league he scored double that of any of your midfielders last season.
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