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  1. Any P&Bers have ticket purchase history for Fulham FC? My brother and I are going to that London on the 22nd and were planning on going to the game against Watford. Seeing as Watford have sold out their away allocation, they won't put home end tickets on general sale, not even to a pair of Scottish idiots 400 miles away, despite there being empty seats galore. Lunacy.
  2. A desperately disappointing game in the end. I've not watched it back at all and I probably wont. We didn't turn up at all in the first half and only seemed to play in the usual style once the game was pretty much gone. Seeing busses of Celtic fans leaving from Wishaw, Newmains, Carluke etc en route is disheartening.
  3. How does that work? Are the players contracted to the league and complete the full season or do they play for a "parent" team or something?
  4. So the EIHL have rejected the Racers' application and form the wording, it sounds like Capitals are definitely oot. http://eliteleague.co.uk/view/eliteicehockey/latest-news/news_502858 I'm glad in a way the league have rejected it, rather than just trying to keep the status quo. I wonder if Racers or Caps will apply to the NIHL, although that opens up an entirely new tin of worms as a lot of the midlands based teams are already none too happy about trekking up to Dumfries. Either way, it's a mess.
  5. Had my best score yet yesterday, a 78. Granted it was over par 65 Kinghorn, but still. That included an unfortunate 7 and a lost ball, finished one under for the last 7 holes.
  6. He's a right boring c**t. Always seems to have plenty time for the fans, but just so dull. The trio of Spieth, Fowler and Thomas have the most criminal patter ever heard. Also - f**k this;
  7. I went to the game at Braehead on Wednesday, Caps gave their all but looked absolutely exhausted. Saw the squad for tonight's game in Cardiff, that could be a cricket score...
  8. It probably suits the league to have Edinburgh about and it's a place with great potential a la Braehead Clan. It would be great if there was some kind of takeover by someone with a bit of a business noggin, that rules out any of Scott Neil's mates.
  9. I broke my self imposed Edinburgh Capitals exile as the Paisley v Kirkcaldy game was off. Fucking hell it was grim, a crowd of less than 400 with at least 120 of those being there to see Dundee. Suspect that will be the last I see of Caps in the Elite League. It was a shockingly bad game in terms of quality and terrible value at £18. They'll probably be finished at the end of the season and there still hasn't been a peep from whoever it actually is that owns the club these days. They've treated their fans disgustingly. If a football club was run like that for 15 years someone would have been lynched.
  10. I for one can hardly wait, an hour long special too!
  11. Well, I'll regret that when I'm up for work in 4 and a half hours. Glad to see Phil win again, well deserved too.
  12. Yeah, brilliant drama. So close there...
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