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  1. I wasn't impressed with Finnie atall. I'd be a bit concerned if we were to bring him in permanently. Mullen is more than capable for us at RB these days.
  2. I loved the way Jordyn played. Like a round version of Gareth Wardlaw.
  3. Surely there's a stray sheep kicking about to use as a screen wipe?
  4. Gary Bollan is a very, very poor manager. Absolutely baffled with how we lined up tonight as well as the lack of change to react to what was happening during the game. We may well stay up this season but that's mainly due to how inept Brechin have been. We have some pretty decent players at this level but I genuinely think we're massively underperforming. That is down to the manager.
  5. Much better application shown by the players today in what is a much needed and deserved victory. I'm sick fed up seeing players punt the ball aimlessly when they have time and space say on the edge of our box for example - so it's refreshing to see Kyle Hutton come in and not waste the ball. There really is no need to panic as much as we do generally. Hutton rightly MOTM, but no failures throughout the side today although Ryan Finnie doesn't do it for me atall, just not a very good football player. Swann is the one player capable of a bit of magic and nearly scored probably what would have been goal of the season but for poor finishing. Enjoyed seeing him play further up the park.
  6. On pure pressure and chances created, it's nothing less than Dundee deserce to be fair. Hard lines Bonnyrigg. They look absolutely fucked.
  7. The state of these Dundee players trying to con the ref 🤣
  8. Gerry was at us a few years ago now. In spite of being a very honest and hard working defender, he was utterly shite. Good luck to him nonetheless.
  9. What was the jist of the post? Would explain bringing Russell in - a player who always played well against us. Is Sheerin still with us?
  10. Sincerely hope everyone associated with the club are doing as well as possible at the moment. Pretty quiet place this understandably. Sadly I think we're still a long way off hearing those old turnstiles click again. Hopefully I'm proved wrong!
  11. To go 1 up V Livvy was an especially tough one to handle. Am I right in saying we lost the two goals straight after Chris Kane came on? He had an utter nightmare.
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