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  1. Sincerely hope everyone associated with the club are doing as well as possible at the moment. Pretty quiet place this understandably. Sadly I think we're still a long way off hearing those old turnstiles click again. Hopefully I'm proved wrong!
  2. To go 1 up V Livvy was an especially tough one to handle. Am I right in saying we lost the two goals straight after Chris Kane came on? He had an utter nightmare.
  3. On a related note to finances - I see the lottery is over £4k now. Since going online, how successful has this been for the club? I assume the 100 club and bonus ball will have funds available should the club require them?
  4. Those Hhamilton supporters getting it up the Ragers. Inject that shit straight in my veins. I watched a fair bit of the match on Rangers TV (part of my 'package') and had to double check it wasn't twinned with the comedy channel. Andy Little and the other boy, get it absolutely round you ya pair of bitter, bitter b*****ds. According to Little at one point - 'the goals are coming'. He wasn't wrong - Hamilton got one and the tribute act got none 😂 It's genuinely hilarious that the rest of Scottish football are laughing at them. For the record, I really dislike Celtic as well but the entitlement with this lot and staunchness enhances the comedy. Keep it coming boys.
  5. Referee done what Wilders corner should have done.
  6. Wilder in a bad way. His corner should really consider pulling him if knocked down again.
  7. Wilder turned his back almost. Scary how much better a boxer Fury is.
  8. Tighter rd 2. Absolutely no doubt of rd 3.
  9. After the drygate debacle last season this early call is very welcome.
  10. Up to 170 maintenance contractors have walked out today. According to a source I know, it seems more like a mountain has been made from a molehill. One set of workers not happy at not being paid for a few hours due to a loss of power then another set joining in as a show of support. Of course, with the bad stuff being spread over various means in the last few weeks, the press are jumping all over this latest development. All in all I wouldn't be gutted to see the back of it.
  11. Pretty much echo the thoughts previously stated regarding stranger. A bit much going on for my liking albeit still didn't feel like I'd wasted my time watching it. The wee fat dude reminded me a bit of James Cordon. Can see him having a decent career.
  12. Please ask them about the times we finished bottom of the league and a few of them were relentless in their pointing and laughing at us potentially dropping down to the Lowland League. It would please me greatly - particularly if you get BTU on board. Thank you.
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