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  1. Whatever happened to Ad Lib? I remember a couple of amusing photos/gifs being posted when he ran for Lib Dems in 2015.
  2. That's massive. A lot of tactical voting perhaps propping up Labour a bit as well? Great stuff.
  3. Having met Rennie a number of times in various environments, I can confirm he's a genuine gid c**t.
  4. The comparison between Kelty and Gretna stops at someone putting a wad of money into the playing squad. What's happening at Kelty is far bigger than Mileson ever done at Gretna. Just saw those new plans for the ground - the infrastructure is being heavily invested in, not just for the benefit of the football club, but for the community. Sure there's players there that can easily be playing at a higher level and they'll be getting paid well, but the club 'should' exist far longer when the money dries up than what Gretna did due to said investment.
  5. In fairness to Scullion, he was decent enough for us in his first spell. An absolute diddy in his 2nd spell.
  6. Jacqueline is a helmet. She's a shoe in for every trial now. Pathetic reaction.
  7. Wonder how long it would have took some Berwick supporters to come down here and give us it tight for being absolutely gutless in our quest to return to league 2? My guess is well before now. So in spite of losing a cracking away day and the same thing potentially (although hopefully not) happening to us, get it right round you, you useless fuckers.
  8. I've nutmegged Paul McStay. I haven't, however, shagged Hayden Panettiere.
  9. I'd forgot about that Stirling Albion game until reading that. We were absolutely outstanding the first half. Everyone including the players thought it was job done. Their comeback was mental and I'm not sure I've ever left a game so confused. One thing that our successful teams oozed was character - I include our promotion winning wide in 2000 in that as well. Cheers for your efforts. Hoping for some more footage makes it here as well. Did nobody get Jordan Morton's goal v East Fife?
  10. If you aren't trolling, you're clearly very dim. I don't know who kefc is but it really doesn't take Einstein to figure out he obviously knows a thing or two about Kelty's finances.
  11. Just watched the interview with Bollan after the match on Saturday. Definitely sporting a couple of marks suggesting he perhaps was the victim of the QP Mafia.
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