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  1. Genuinely disappointed by that news on multiple fronts.
  2. Hayden Panettiere. Creepy little saddact.
  3. Sakala is such a diddy. Imagine how Kent must feel right now
  4. You should really use your toilet for that sort of stuff.
  5. Finals don't come along too often, absolutely no beef with him not playing for us yesterday due to it. I've not seen him a massive amount but not done a lot wrong. Plenty time to develop and technically looks tidy enough however nowhere near Championship level I'd suggest. I'd be happy to see him back next season but suspect the pars might want him playing higher up the levels.
  6. Slave is one of the worst players I've had the misfortune of seeing in a Cowden shirt and seems to have a shocking attitude. Hoping the above is true and he's out.
  7. Mick Kennedy away from the regiment at Darvel. Just saying.
  8. Pish pish and more pish. Good to see the young boy coming on, he looks a right handful!
  9. Not before time. An appointment which I welcomed but his behaviour since has made me completely change my mind. That said, I wish him well. Very strange it being announced so late in the evening as well I feel. We really need someone that knows this league to take charge, if we can afford that.
  10. In a rare venture into the GN forum I stumbled across this thread having recognised the name of Madwullie. There was a few PnB Fifa tournaments organised a number of years ago that I took part in and I remember him being fairly decent at it. An absolute sin what happened to him and I can only hope his family are doing as well as can be and the kids are flourishing. I've spent the last couple of hours on and off reading the thread from start to finish and the closer I got to the end, I kept on hoping for an update from Jimi himself, something along the lines of he was doing better than expected and things were as well as can be but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Then there's TDN's story - man that hit me so hard I can't begin to imagine what it was like for yourself, again I only hope all is as well as can be. I'm fairly recently married with a wee one on the way and the thought of going through something similar is beyond my comprehension. The story itself plus trying to put myself in your shoes made me shed a few genuine tears, which is rare for me (I don't say that with pleasure). I'd like to thank you though. The scrabble comment resonates with me - I'm regularly putting off silly wee tasks/requests etc from my wife and they might well just be minute details in the grand scheme of things but I need to do better. I know it's not possible to have absolutely no regrets in whatever path life takes us, but I'm going to try and be...better. It's a wee boot up the arse I think I needed, so genuinely thanks for sharing such a tragic and personal story. Strength to you and everyone else affected with this dickhead of a disease and RIP to those who have sadly passed.
  11. Can I nominate myself as taxi driver to get rid of that cretin Ross? Please and thanks. Feeble feeble stuff. I'm never happy to see my team lose but I can safely say I'm happy for Bucks. A man who could have dug us out a hole last season had it not been for that imposter in charge.
  12. Come on *linesthem* pal. Someone put this pair out of their misery please.
  13. Pointing fingers and blaming is all fine and well, but there have been plenty times directors have stated they'll happily step aside if someone wants to take their place. Therein lies the problem. It's a depressing state of affairs for absolutely everyone, of that I am sure. The community have done absolutely nothing to help the club - only the same loyal fans/directors have kept us alive for as long as this.
  14. Mentioned this a couple of weeks ago. Far more pressing issues but it's a genuine embarrassment how loud and shite the sound is. Turn it the f**k down.
  15. What an utterly horrendous game of football. Only one team wanted to play the right way and it wasn't us. That said, obviously we're all delighted with that result. It clearly meant a lot to everyone on the park and it was brilliant to see the celebrations. There's a couple of the Braves players I wouldn't mind seeing in Cowden colours though, they'll be deflated tonight as they put some shift in too so fair play. Couple of points; Alfie was an absolute animal at the back. No nonsense and effort levels that every player in the squad should aspire to (albeit plenty of effort from every player was evident today) and rightly becoming a popular player for us. He reminds me a bit of Innes Ritchie in that he's not the most technically gifted player but an absolute workhorse that does the basics of defending well. Hoping the injury to Black isn't serious - the only one that had a bit of composure in the middle of the park when he was on. Can we PLEASE (and I'm deadly serious) turn the PA system down a lot. It is genuinely horrendous at half time, screeching away at top volume. Absolutely unnecessary. Very happy tonight at the result and the togetherness/fight from my team despite it being torture to watch.
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