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  1. Looks like the IPL is going to be real non event this year if it is played outside India IPL will be staged outside India The IPL is tthe most lucrative tournament in cricket Next month's Indian Premier League will be held outside the country after organisers failed to secure government approval for the matches to go ahead. The tournament clashes with the upcoming Indian general election, prompting fears over security. An alternative venue is now being sought, with England a possible option. "We have to move the event because of existing conditions," said Indian board president Shasank Manohar. "The venue will be decided soon." Manohar said that all efforts had been made to stage the event in India but this had proved impossible and that discussions are underway with a number of other countries as potential hosts of the tournament. South Africa has been suggested as the early favourite to stage the event but England is also thought to be in the running. "We made the best of our endeavours to stage the event in India," said Manohar. "We're in discussion with some foreign cricket boards who have shown interest." The IPL is scheduled to be held from April 10 to May 24, with the elections for the Indian Parliament's lower house taking place across the country in five different phases between April 16 and May 13. Two proposed itineraries were made to India's federal Home Ministry by IPL organizers but both were rejected as security forces would be preoccupied with the elections. The security agencies in states hosting matches were subsequently approached and whilst some gave clearance for the matches, others refused to sanction fixtures until the elections were over. Concerns about security have been heightened after the recent attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team in the Pakistani city of Lahore at the beginning of March.
  2. Job done for the Aussies to be honest in this series.The Ashes will see Lee and Stewart Clarke back also.I fancy a 2-1 Aussies win.Good bowlers can get a lot out of the flattest wicket.Also Ponting is a far superior captain.
  3. We have NZ and SA in our group.Cant see anything other than a pummeling I am afraid.
  4. That was their first win in their whole winter tour schedule of India and the Windies.The cheeky schoolboy grins on KP and Strauss faces was enough to make you want to punch their faces in.I suppose they will be getting MBE's for this win
  5. The West Indies coach should be publicy flogged and then flogged in private just for good measure.
  6. I am certain you can still get them.Look on the respective host counties website.They are still up for sale I think.
  7. Wont be going mate.Likely to be away at the time.
  8. Early wicket for India but now Australia are 64/1 and looking good for 400 plus.
  9. Some cracking winter cricket ahead on Sky India vs Aussie( drawn test series ,India to win the OD1's) India vs England(India to win Test and ODI series Aussie vs Soth Africa( test series too close to call) boxing day test Aussie vs SA in Melbourne
  10. Trent Bridge is my favourite ground .Traditional set up.I am lucky as I live similar distance away from Old Trafford,Trent Bridge and Edgbaston.
  11. agreed did three of those tests and wanted the Aussies to win
  12. Will be going to see Scotland at Derbys and Lancs this season.Aussie vs India was the best test series in years
  13. the shorter version has become too predictable tbh
  14. been around the world to watch scotland and england and watched a fair few test matches in England Must admit I prefer test match cricket
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