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  1. Agreed. Amazed that he's only 22 but he fully deserves the chance to test himself further up the pyramid.
  2. I've met loads of Celtic fans that aren't really interested in football.
  3. That was a grim read. The additional info regarding his aunt's murder is mind-blowing!
  4. Honestly can't claim to have ever seen him in action?
  5. Fresh from his cup final heroics, B J Coll has re-signed for next season.
  6. Sad to see Jama moving on but he was being used mostly as an impact sub and will hopefully find more game time elsewhere.
  7. Only 1 duplicate from our last involvement in 2017, happy with that.
  8. I think the (desired) salary was a bigger issue for the Celtic board than the transfer fee.
  9. Good day out. Started on the terrace facing the stand with sunshine on my face, this slowly mutated to grey skies then a spit in the air then heavy rain. Watched second half from the stand and you could really see the strength of the wind from up there. Good free kick from Cammy for our opener but an even better one from Lee Currie for the equaliser. I didn't think we looked great but felt we looked in control for large parts of the match. Jama came on and did what he often does...gets into good positions and seems to make things happen...cue the winner from BJ. Per chance, does anyone know the winning raffle ticket numbers?
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