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  1. Interview with Vic Kasule on The Nutmeg podcast:
  2. I'd just like to say that, as far as I can see, there's only 1 set of midweek fixtures shown on this seasons list and like last season that fixture for us is an away match at Dalbeattie Star (a venue I enjoy visiting). Can this be coincidence or is it the work of unseen (and annoying as f*ck) forces?
  3. http://howtowatchfootball.co.uk/Post/Display/1808?t=in-bad-faith Armies of unpaid interns and 'volunteers' are subsidising the Scottish game. It is an abuse of fans' loyalty and an attack on the livelihoods of experienced professionals. Article was originally published in Nutmeg 12.
  4. If Aberdeen can get past FC Chikhura Sachkhere then they may find themselves up against....FC Chikhura Sachkhere..?
  5. Plenty of reasons to be confident but with so many new players coupled with stronger opposition I think this will be a really tough league campaign and it wouldn't surprise me if it went to the wire.
  6. 1. East Kilbride 2. Kelty Hearts 3. East Stirlingshire 4. Spartans 5. Bonnyrigg Rose 6. BSC Glasgow 7. Berwick Rangers 8. CSS 9.Cumbernauld Colts 10. Edusport 11. Gala Fairydean 12. Dalbeattie Star 13. Gretna 14. University of Stirling 15. Vale of Leithen 16. Edinburgh University
  7. Thought I'd pop in and offer you these crumbs of consolation. We played Queen of the South in this competition two years ago with same result 0-0 before coming out on top in penalty shootout and the reaction was very similar. Lots of QotS posts about how this one has to go, that one's not good enough, this points to a train wreck of a season. In the end they finished in 6th place in the Championship which, by their standards, has to be seen as good. The game had the feel of pre-season and the reality is that you drew the match without managing to score. We didn't really get near your goal in the second half and it was backs to the wall for most of it. Our recently accquired keeper Alan Martin got the motm award and was the difference between us losing (probably by a couple). In some ways yesterday was our biggest match at K Park and it was great seeing such a large travelling support. Goodwin proved that he could manage the squad at Alloa and got them to a very respectable finish and I think that given time (he really needs to get to know his players), a little resource and the backing of the fans...he can do the same for you. Good luck for the season.
  8. Totally agree with EKOK re the Saint's fans, biggest away support I've seen at K Park and they were excellent.
  9. Tickets for this match went on sale at K Park last week on a first come first served basis. There may still be tickets available but you should probably phone first to avoid disappointment.
  10. Has ANY Celtic player of the last few seasons looked 'clearly comfortable' in the CL?
  11. Agree with the sentiment in line one but.... Have a word with yourself...blood is thicker than water postcodes.
  12. I'm worried for you...the stock of players like O'Donnell, Taylor, Power and Finlay had never been higher. Now without SSC and on the back of that result they must be fearing a horrific season ahead. You couldn't be surprised if they were on to their agents wondering if there's an escape route. I don't like to judge coaches on a single result and some have managed to overcome similar situations before but what looked like a bit of a gamble before now looks Cathro-esque. I'll look forward to Kris Boyd's views on the performance/result.
  13. I can't even bring myself to laugh at this result, a footballing nightmare...
  14. Looks like Finnish clubs struggle to score more than 1 goal per game so play it cool lads, play it cool....
  15. ...and only 1 win in their last 10 home matches!?
  16. Please Aberdeen don't get knocked out over two legs by a part time Finnish team
  17. Betfred Cup 13/07/19 : East Kilbride 0 - 1 Albion Rovers. We played Rovers in the same competition in 2017 and from memory were deservedly stuffed 4-1. I had no complaints that day and told myself that losing like that to a (then) League 1 side was nothing to be embarrassed about. Yesterday was our first real match of the season and featured 8 new faces amongst the 16 listed as starting or on the bench. I felt we were slightly the stronger team in the first half and looked the team most likely to score. The main problem was not being clinical when in good positions and as it turned out a cheap foul allowed Stewart to produce a magical free kick into the top corner giving the visitors the lead. In the second half our performance notably dipped. We had some decent moves but the final ball was continually poor and unlike the first half we didn't put Goodfellow under any real pressure. As the game progressed and we desperately chased an equaliser Rovers looked more and more threatening and only a series of excellent saves from recent acquisition Alan Martin kept the scoreline as it was. A deserved victory for Albion Rovers on a very nice day for football. A few of the new players gave promising performances so hopefully we can put up a stout defence of the LL title this coming season. St Mirren rock up next week and will be a very stern test.
  18. During the signing talks Celtic advised him they'd be managing his injury the same way they did with Tierney.
  19. Most people agree he had a decent game against Man City in September 2016 (although Sterling still managed to score) BUT to mention 'Old Firm' as if it's some kind of measure of quality...Fucking hell!
  20. Totally disagree with anyone banding around that kind of ridiculous comment BUT I've been hearing more comments like " fee should be £30m as there's next to nothing between him and Andy Robertson..." and I'm not sure what that's based on. AR has delivered consistently at a very high level. KT is, in the grand scheme of things, a good prospect.
  21. 1. Celtic 2. Rangers 3. Hearts 4. Aberdeen 5. Hibernian 6. Kilmarnock 7. Motherwell 8. St Johnstone 9. St Mirren 10. Ross County 11. Hamilton 12. Livingston
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