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  1. When did the David Marsh [Cowden keeper] challenge take place?
  2. Was going to say that he was really good for us (EK) and that LL is possibly his level?
  3. Which option is closest to the general response when/if they lose a match? a) Anger, vitriol and rage b) Supportive and genial c) No one really cares as they've had such a good time
  4. You use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore.....
  5. The whole thing feels grimy! It's like the team finishing in 6th getting promotion via the play-offs (in your heart they don't deserve it), are we so desperate to get to the Euro's that we'd be happy to win a raffle?
  6. I don't see the fact that young people don't want to play football as a social problem and I'm not sure that we ever had a glut of world class golfers that's now disappeared. Entrepreneurs are wealth creators so we'd probably be better off with them .
  7. I would disagree. The middle classes are still more likely to favour rugby. If you mean that the former working class are now better off and have aspirations to be middle class then you could be right.
  8. Give SSC up to and including the 2028 Euros, he deserves a proper financial award for what he achieved with Kilmarnock.
  9. Just be aware that if you do and it doesn't work you'll still be getting abuse 9 years later 😃
  10. The desire to only watch winning teams is what gives Celtic and The Rangers so many fans along with seeing Barcelona/Man City, etc replica tops all over the place. Never give up and never give in, fight that desire!!
  11. People often find it hard to comprehend but the margins are pretty fine at this level and it only takes a few changes to completely change a team. Our success over the last few seasons has been built on strong defence. Craig Howie was an ever present during that period and alongside David Proctor has a tremendous record at Lowland level. We have resources and will continue to search for players to make the jigsaw better but it's not FM. You see loads of potential players with, what looks like, great pedigree but for different reasons a lot of them don't work. The fact that we haven't seen any single team dominate relentlessly is one of the many great qualities of football at this level.
  12. I like Deano, he's not the quickest and I prefer to see him in midfield as he's quite direct.
  13. I believe there's the possibility of another [free agent] addition to the EK squad, here's hoping.
  14. That's horrific!! Did you ever see him there again?
  15. With a Scotland double header approaching here's a flash back to Alan Hansen taking the piss out of the Brazilian legend Socrates during the 1982 World Cup....I can't recall the final score
  16. Managing professional footballers is a very difficult job (particularly when there is high fan expectation) but I think Derek McInnes has done really well at Aberdeen.
  17. It certainly sounds good but I have to wonder why a guy playing at that level is prepared to drop down four levels?
  18. Scouting and signing targets are all dealt with by the OO, specifically their Director of Footfall...
  19. An interesting match report on the Basque derby: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/sep/02/sport-as-song-and-song-as-sport-a-night-at-the-basque-derby-athletic-bilbao-real-sociedad-la-liga-sid-lowe
  20. [Michael Stewart's bedroom] - Craig Levein's position is clearly untenable, Craig Levein's position is clearly untenable, Craig Levein's position is clearly untenable........
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