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  1. I just listened to the show but didn't hear any "car crash"...? Is this just an expression people use when they expect there to be an uproar (even when there isn't one)? I also didn't here that awkward silence but did find it a strange question to ask given that Pressley had already mentioned being given strong backing two weeks earlier.
  2. You'd normally scoff at such a beige and unsubstantiated statement as that. Looking through Twitter reaction was mixed but he did have supporters. KT is a good player and will get better as he comes to terms with the demands of such a tough league. It's hard to see Emery surviving for much longer and if a new coach can get some shape and belief back in the team then I do think that Tierney will bring to Arsenal, a lot of, what Robertson brings to Liverpool.
  3. TTIP[edit] Resistance from the EU side to the US proposal to include an ISDS clause in the draft Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership treaty was such as to cause this element to be abandoned in September 2015. In its place, the European Commission proposed an investment court system (ICS).[9][10][11] Not long afterwards, ICS was declared illegal by the German Association of Magistrates,[12] though the Commission dismissed the magistrates' judgement as based on a misunderstanding.[13] For its part, the United States wants ISDS reinstated.[13] According to a 2019 study, opposition to ISDS is the single most important factor motivating opposition to TTIP among Germans.[14]
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Investor-state_dispute_settlement
  5. https://www.ciel.org/news/new-report-exposes-mining-companies-suing-latin-american-countries-where-communities-defend-land-and-environment/
  6. He seems to be generating a lot of excitement amongst Celtic fans. I haven't seen him in action but I have been very impressed with Hatem Abd Elhamed.
  7. Agreed Rennes haven't won an away fixture since August so this is a great opportunity to get some minutes into Taylor, Frimpong, Morgan, Rogic and/or Griffiths.
  8. That certainly sounds like a diplomatic answer to the question "why are you leaving your top scorer out for the match against the Scottish champions"? Would be more believable if he hadn't played. I can't see why you'd risk your best player unless you needed a goal in a must-win game as opposed to drawing 1-1 in round 3 of 6.
  9. I think Ciro Immobile (the club and league's top scorer) only came on for the final 15 minutes at Celtic Park...a few days after he'd scored two and assisted the other of Lazio's 3 goals. Arguably Inzaghi underestimated Celtic's ability and was rightly punished.
  10. A tremendous performance and result from BSC....really wish they'd been rewarded with a glamour tie. Agree with others that it gives both teams a great chance to get to the last 16.
  11. Now we'll get a true measure of Steve Clarke's ability as Scotland coach. He knows who we face in the semi final and who we could be playing in the final and has months to work out a successful strategy. With the players he has at his disposal I expect us to be competitive, reach the play-off final and to do ourselves justice (regardless of the final result).
  12. Does this situation finally put to rest the theory that Scotland players were withdrawing because of McLeish?
  13. Don't bother. Your coat was doused in petrol and set alight and then 30 minutes later when the flames had lowered to a safe level they were extinguished with a gallon of piss. You leave now....but you leave coatless.
  14. Austin McPhee with Steven Naismith as his [playing] assistant.
  15. Thoroughly deserved victory, Lazio were gash. In 40 years the record books won't show that they'll just show that Celtic went to Rome and beat one of Italy's big 12 on their own pitch.
  16. No disrespect intended...but...I think you've just made that up
  17. The £16 million man seems to be making a big impact up here.
  18. I'm of the same view as most here, we played better in the second half with ten men although I think the decision to dismiss Reid was poor. I also thought the winning goal wouldn't have been scored without Austin fouling Reid (match highlights might prove me wrong on both counts), that said Austin really caught the eye and Kelty had several great chances to increase the winning margin. They are very much the team to beat for this season's title IMO.
  19. Another outstanding performance from Fraser Forster, his loan signing has rescued Celtic's season.
  20. It would be a shame if McInnes's legacy at Aberdeen was to be overshadowed by this downward spiral. He's done a tremendous job at Pittodrie and I hope he gets a decent job somewhere else so both parties can start afresh.
  21. They've not been slow to change managers in the past even when they appeared to be doing okay. We're not competitive this season and that's not acceptable.
  22. Even with 10 men Southampton managed to muster a shot on target.
  23. The EK lineup for todays 4-0 victory at Easthouses Lily:
  24. 4 points off automatic promotion with a game in hand. Beat two Premiership sides in League Cup away from home & has lost just 7 league games out 57 in charge at Sunderland.
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