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  1. Has Aitken been out of the game for 18 months? I'd imagine he's really keen to get back in. IF Booth had been trying to get a gig in the men's game it would be a shame if his achievements at Glasgow City haven't worked in his favour.
  2. "Junior football supremos in Lanarkshire..." WHO is in overall charge of the Lanarkshire Junior Football Association?
  3. I like a high turnover of officials as it means the bigger clubs can't form cosy relationships with them and they can't keep blaming the same handful of guys every time they lose a match
  4. Can your gran play in the middle of a back 3? Maybe...she's GRANt Hanley
  5. Ha Ha. Putting my gran in goals for you would've been a better recipe than paying Kevin Fucking Kyle 8 grand a week BUT my point still stands.
  6. You wouldn't have gotten out of 'the jellytots league' with a team of youngsters, they'd have been snapped like twigs week after week no matter how 'talented' they might have been.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIOLOQk9PZQ Henrik Larsson on staying loyal to Celtic and his Man Utd regret! | Transfer Talk Podcast
  8. I wasn't aware just how much of a financial superiority PSG had over the other teams in France!
  9. It's probably for the best. I accept that the circumstances were different BUT when Stuart Malcolm became interim manager following Brian Kerr's exit he basically made the job his own by keeping performance levels high and getting positive results. You can say what you like about Jim and Dean's potential but the bottom line is they haven't.
  10. Congratulations to BSC, worthy winners of Saturday's tie. I said after your East Fife exploits that I hoped you got a glamour tie...well you've got one now .
  11. Not been a great season for him so far , he needs to find an appropriate level at which he can play regularly...unless of course he's on a good wage in which case he should knuckle down and save...as he'll always have the first two tiers of Scotland as a fall-back afterwards.
  12. Just read that George Stanger is coming to you on loan. He's been playing at right back for East Kilbride and has impressed me every time I've watched him.
  13. George Stanger (who had been on loan at EK from Hamilton) has now joined Forfar until the end of the season Good player.
  14. If you're at a loose end this evening and are impervious to cold temperatures then you could try this...
  15. The aspect I always find fascinating is the internal tension of who will be deemed to be part of the strongest possible line up, who will be relegated to the role of supporting artist (the bench) and who will have to wander about the pitch at full time clad in the obligatory designer suit looking absolutely overjoyed BUT almost crying inside and knowing they did no more to earn a medal than I did.
  16. This is Ljunberg's first audition so that's a big call.
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