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  1. It's only OVER if you let it be OVER. Reduce your costs where possible, work hard at building an a competitive, attractive team with the funds you have. Enjoy competing in a league where your main aim isn't just avoiding last place. See some new grounds, meet some new fans and you'll find there is more to life than league 2. You might still manage to land some cup ties.
  2. I had a look at Kilmarnock's squad at the start of the season and it didn't scream Top 3 to me. I had a look at Falkirk's squad at the start of the season and it didn't scream 10th place in The Championshiop to me. I even had a look at Tottenham's squad at the start of the season and it didn't scream Champions League finalists to me. Sometimes football can be a funny game and isn't won on paper or via a spreadsheet.
  3. Exactly, it's always interesting to see how a team adjusts to a higher league particularly when they haven't been at that level before (or for a considerable period of time). I enjoyed watching Livingston's attempts in the Premiership and boy did they do well.
  4. It doesn't look like what you are describing has had much effect on the league system with, so far, NO highland league teams having made the step up. Cove are now in a good position to do so but as has been stated on other posts here they're squad is not currently made up of former Premiership or even Championship players. A few Berwick fans are already predicting armageddon if they don't get promoted quickly. Are we to assume they will adjust their costs in relation to their new environment OR will they pay unsustainable wages in the hope of getting promoted? If it's the latter then they're more likely to become the latest 'Gretna'.
  5. As always, in the interests of fairness, I have to say that when Cove visited us in the play off match they behaved impeccably. It might have helped that they played well and won comfortably BUT having hosted many teams including some from L1, L2 and The Championship that hasn't always been the case. I wouldn't go as far as to say that they were robbed last season BUT that decision to allow the goal when their goalkeeper was taken out would have enraged fans of most clubs and for it to happen in a game of that magnitude was very disappointing. I have absolutely no doubt that had Cowden been on the end of that decision the response of your players [and fans] would have been similar. My biggest hope for the Cove - Berwick matches are that the best team wins and that the referee is not a pivotal factor.
  6. I'm more interested to know what would happen if two coconuts were thrown onto the pitch?
  7. Would be conceivable if either believe they can achieve what Celtic haven't and bulk him up like Danny Rose. I don't think you'll get far in a big league by just folding like an old deck chair OR putting both hands to your face every time someone gives him a shoulder challenge.
  8. Whilst I'm firmly not in favour it seems only fair to suggest that, such is the obsession some have with the cheeks, they'd probably bring larger supports than that. This could of course be completely dispelled if someone can advise if they brought any/many to the cup matches this season.
  9. I can't remember him making more than one decent save in any single match BUT he certainly hasn't dropped any clangers and I can't think of a goal for which I'd blame him. Will be interesting to see if he remains as number one next season.
  10. Jermaine Defoe is always looking to play on the hard shoulder.... Great to see Ryan Gauld playing regular first team footbll.... First start in 3 months after injury
  11. We're never going to see eye to eye on this. The final result doesn't show how close the ties were. Montrose scored twice in the last 14 minutes against 10 men to secure their place. Cowdenbeath were level with LL opposition after 180 minutes. Cowdenbeath scored what proved to be the winning goal against Cove with 20 minutes to go in the second leg with the benefit of (imho) an incredibly 'generous' refereeing decision. What fair minded person could say that indicates a big jump in standard?
  12. Sectarianism should have NO place in a modern Scottish society.
  13. With respect, when you look at just how close those ties were you cannot possibly say that it's indicative of a huge jump in standard!
  14. So in their first season with, presumably, the same squad that won the LL they finished 7th?
  15. I personally think you're slightly overstating the jump. Edinburgh City have only been in League 2 for three seasons. In their first season they finished 7th ahead of Berwick Rangers, Clyde and Cowdenbeath. In their second season they did finish 9th [8 points ahead of Cowdenbeath] and this season they've finished 3rd. There are examples in all of our divisions of teams coming up and being smashed [Brechin] or doing well [Livingston]. In the time I've been watching it I don't believe that League 2 has, on the whole, more skillful football players than the top teams in LL (many of whom have played higher than L2) but it is a tougher, dirtier standard. I fully understand why League 2 teams want to self preserve whether it be via no relegation or blocking of colt teams.
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