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  1. Anyone seeing the Morelos stamp on Porteous could see it was no accident and that issuing a retrospective punishment, in this case a 3 match ban, was appropriate and kind of underlined the point of having the process.

    For me the Roofe one was chalk and cheese, absolutely no intent in my opinion and the kind of incident that happens a lot in Scottish football.  The ref saw it and issued a yellow.  Some you get away with and some you don't but subjecting that kind of challenge to the retrospective process understandably leads to accusations of what about that tackle, well what about that tackle, etc and I don't think it helps the game.  

    Out of curiosity I did decide to check on how widely used VAR now is and was pretty shocked at the results....





  2. 57 minutes ago, Dundee Hibernian said:

    A point missed by Tom English: both Brora and Kelty could also have been overhauled in their respective leagues had the Covid19 crisis not struck. Brora were well ahead but, unlikely though it may have been, four other sides could have caught them. Bonnyrigg Rose could have overtaken Kelty. 

    However, these Leagues were called, Brora and Kelty were beneficiaries and the other clubs wished them well. 

    I doubt the guys in the BBC studios, including English, have had a cursory glance at these leagues, if even that.

    I congratulated Kelty because they played 25 league games and won 22 of them (losing only 1).  IF they'd only been ahead on goal difference OR Bonnyrigg had been able to leapfrog them via a game in hand I'd have suggested  legal action 😃

  3. Glad to have him on board and hope he can build a better team than last season and winning the league would be a great achievement BUT I do get pissed off with this narrative that it's all about the SPFL as if it's some kind of wonderland!!  It's shite!  It's just tier 4 rather than tier 5 and it amounts to playing nine teams 4 times a season at double the ticket price.  Any arguments about it having more 'quality' are laughable. 

    Now, where do I get my virtual season ticket?




  4. 16 hours ago, TxRover said:

    Since he’s a Hearts fan, he could really shaft the top teams by simply donating to teams from the Championship down. Just saying, the seethe would be quite amazing to watch. Unfortunately, this is being framed as helping all 42 clubs, damn shame.

    Indeed.  Every division except the Premier!  That would definitely be a fascinating plot twist.

  5. 25 minutes ago, EdinburghPar1975 said:

    As I've said before I have sympathy for all the teams relegated (but mostly Partick), but any reconstruction should be for the long term benefit of the game and not just Hearts and I just don't get that from the proposals.

    When the call was made I had no beef with Celtic being crowned, they were comfortably ahead, but did think it was incredibly unfair on Partick, Hearts and Stranraer in that order as well as Brora/Kelty.

    I genuinely expected the majority of Scottish football fans to be incensed at this injustice BUT in actual fact the vast majority of feedback on P&B and Twitter has been "Ha Ha we fucking hate Hearts...get doon!!".

  6. I was looking at the number of players out of contract this season (mostly end of May, some end of June) and was surprised at the gap between both ends of the spectrum.  On the face of it you would think, that in terms of clubs surviving, their current wage bill could drop significantly BUT they then face a potential difficulty in recruiting players for a new season.

    What do you think of your clubs situation compared to other teams?


    Team                    Squad           Out of Contract

    Kilmarnock          22                      17

    Hamilton              25                       19

    Motherwell         24                      13

    Ross County      24                       13

    St Mirren             25                      13

    St Johnstone     23                       11

    Livingston           26                      10    

    Hibernian            24                      07

    Celtic                     31                       07

    Rangers                27                       06

    Aberdeen            23                       02


  7. 2 minutes ago, gannonball said:

    Im talking more long term tbh. Hearts and Dundee utd are generally standard top 6 if they dont have terrible people running their clubs. For me I would rather If the teams are good enough to get in to the league then they can beat a current top team via the play offs.

    Not too sure if trolling or serious. Even if you take the top 2 away the gap be tween 3rd and 10th is nearly 20 points. 

    The point is that next season any one of the other teams could finish 3rd or last, it's not a foregone conclusion.

  8. 24 minutes ago, EdTheDuck said:

    Not so fast, young man....

    What's in it for Dundee then? Do they think 14 will fly, requiring a ridiculous 11-1 vote from the Prem (I'm looking at you Stewart Milne) and they're taking the 'long view' that they're shoo-ins for promotion next season?

    And how will they decide who gets the 2nd promotion place from Divs 1, 2 & 3 without playoffs? Top 2?

    Such fun coming our way...

    It's hard not to wonder what discussions have taken place privately...

  9. 4 minutes ago, Tony Wonder said:

    If it was reconstructed to 14 Hearts and United would make it 13 teams.  You'd only really be adding Inverness to that who would've had a crack at the playoffs, you'd not be diluting it much at all.

    ..and you'd have 12 clubs fighting for 3rd place instead of just 10 currently.  That's even greater competition!

  10. 32 minutes ago, aDONisSheep said:

    I think it's fans that propose league expansion that are 'delusional'.  The argument seems to be (and feel free to correct me) is that playing the same teams 3 or 4 times a season is boring and that the introduction of a couple of championship teams will make it both 'more interesting' and 'strengthen the Scottish Premiership' (and presumably other leagues).

    It's boring for fans that go home and away!  One trip to each team each year (excluding cups obviously) would make it more exciting for travelling fans of the other 11 clubs.  They currently only exist to give Celtic a platform to win everything and play in Europe.

    Rivalries would be enhanced and even in derbies I think only having one chance to beat your rivals home or away in a season would give the games more prestige.

  11. Ken Ferguson, chairman of [Club 42] Brechin City and a member of the 9 man SPFL board has indicated he got support for a special clause that meant any decision they make will ensure that Brechin can not face ANY possibility of relegation.

    Only kidding 😩

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