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  1. Surely the cost to replace them is what you actually paid for them...not what you sold them for?
  2. He actually said Vests go with pants. The guy on the right is modelling Dundee's brand new 3rd kit.
  3. He swears it's worked in the past...
  4. I think there will be plenty of interest. The only way is up.
  5. I noticed that a few of the teams knocked out in last nights CL qualifiers go straight into the EL groups e.g. FC Midtjylland, Genk, Sparta Prague, Spartak Moscow. Is that because their national co-efficient is higher than ours?
  6. I've been to both home league games. A 1-1 draw and a 1-0 defeat. I'm not a glory hunter and I like the fact that the LL is keenly contested. I also don't really go in for managers being heroes OR disasters. In both games we had chances but didn't really dominate the way we might have been expected to. The Betfred cup games suggested we were competitive and should be able to challenge for the title but that's already looking a tall order. In the LL years we've had better looking squads and more successful teams and one constant has been that the guys in charge demand success so if you're not delivering then you probably wont last too long. Others will possibly have much stronger feelings and will likely give you a more satisfying answer (especially if you harbour bad feeling towards Stevie Aitken).
  7. Absolutely sensational performance from St Johnstone, well played lads!!
  8. We're in safe hands, there were quite a few touchline experts in my vicinity on Saturday
  9. Lowland league continues with it's sinister policy of preventing them [Dalbeattie] meeting EK on a Saturday...!!
  10. I'm not so sure....Vitoria and Erskine both off injured in the first 30 minutes. Final score 1-1 but Caledonia Braves had plenty of good chances.
  11. Really enjoyable match tonight against Caledonia Braves. Full time 1-1, second half was end to end and it could have gone either way. It felt good to be back
  12. Losing TWO plastic pitches in one season would definitely feel like a win BUT I kind of want Dundee to suffer after last season's Hotmail fuckup.
  13. I'd like our premier competition to have it but that said I'd also be in favor of our premier competition also having only grass pitches.
  14. Anyone seeing the Morelos stamp on Porteous could see it was no accident and that issuing a retrospective punishment, in this case a 3 match ban, was appropriate and kind of underlined the point of having the process. For me the Roofe one was chalk and cheese, absolutely no intent in my opinion and the kind of incident that happens a lot in Scottish football. The ref saw it and issued a yellow. Some you get away with and some you don't but subjecting that kind of challenge to the retrospective process understandably leads to accusations of what about that tackle, well what about that tackle, etc and I don't think it helps the game. Out of curiosity I did decide to check on how widely used VAR now is and was pretty shocked at the results....
  15. The lad moved for financial reasons. Doesn't matter how often he plays or what position Arsenal finish in the table. By time his contract expires he'll be set up for life.
  16. The poster has problems with his vision, it's been highlighted on a number of occasions in the LL forum.
  17. Would THE SPFL leagues be restricted to full time clubs with grass pitches?
  18. I congratulated Kelty because they played 25 league games and won 22 of them (losing only 1). IF they'd only been ahead on goal difference OR Bonnyrigg had been able to leapfrog them via a game in hand I'd have suggested legal action
  19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52983164 French Ligue 1: Season over but Toulouse & Amiens relegation suspended, court rules
  20. Glad to have him on board and hope he can build a better team than last season and winning the league would be a great achievement BUT I do get pissed off with this narrative that it's all about the SPFL as if it's some kind of wonderland!! It's shite! It's just tier 4 rather than tier 5 and it amounts to playing nine teams 4 times a season at double the ticket price. Any arguments about it having more 'quality' are laughable. Now, where do I get my virtual season ticket?
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