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  1. East Kilbride continues to grow (at least 4 builders with huge estates going up linking Lindsayfield to Jackton) so the case for a multi-purpose community hub becomes stronger. The changing of the council majority was a blow given all the time it took to 'persuade' the previous councilors to fully support the stadium idea.
  2. They'll appreciate that it's a complimentary acceptance of just how good many of their current players are
  3. Mooy is NOT Celtic quality. For a guy with his pedigree to be anywhere near the CL is in the realms of 'winning lottery ticket'
  4. The weakest starting line up I can remember under Ange although I'm still prediciting a final score of 1-3. If some of the reserve players were given this as an audition to show they deserve to be in the first 11 they've definitely failed.
  5. Now Terry you're repeating yourself But that's okay, drunk people can't help that A chemical reaction inside your brain causes you to forget what you're saying
  6. James McCarthy misses out tonight due to illness.......he's sick of no getting a game
  7. I thought Modric (was he the oldest player on the pitch?), Valverde and Kroos were top drawer.
  8. Most of the chat you hear from players is about how they want to test themselves against the best players...and on last nights showing the only 2 players who definitely failed the test were Abada and Maeda. Really good efforts from Taylor, Hatate, Juranovic and McGregor followed by Jota. I think the fact that Celtic competed so well in the first half is a reason to be cheerful for Celtic fans
  9. The bookies are seldom wrong Rangers ahead in possession and passing BUT Celtic way ahead in the most important aspects of the game i.e. goals. Clinical finishing and better decisions in key areas had me thinking they might surpass the 9 they scored against Dundee United. Only positives they could draw might be Barisic winning his personal battle with Juranovic and Sands dealing well with Giakamakous. Other that that ALL the credit has to go to Celtic with Jota, Abada, Taylor & Hatate producing end product and/or very impressive numbers. They must be feeling extreme confidence and excitement about the visit of Real Madrid on Tuesday. This is the best possible time to meet them at home imo and with the squad and belief Postecoglu has now created I think celtic could go all the way....catching many more established clubs cold. Get on them now whilst the odds are astronomical
  10. Apologies, I wasn't sure where to post but was trying to find some logic as to why such massive clubs would consider spending £20m on a player who was worth £1.5m in January and has done okay in domestic Scottish competition
  11. Not sure where to post this but in the aftermath of Kieran Tierney snubbing a proposed £50m move to Real Madrid I saw this today. Generally football gossip columns tend to have more than a grain of truth and this is not the first mention of Matt O'Reilly in the last few months. I see he's represented by CAA Base Ltd whose clientele is vast and peppered with good EPL players (Son, Maddison, Varane, Richarlison,....) and several managers including Ange Postecoglu. Is there any way to apply logic to this rumour. Does he want out of Scottish football, do the club want rid of him or is just another facet of the worldwide money laundering / tax evasion machine that underpins professional football.
  12. It's all about arse covering. If they get relegated they'll say it was unlucky as they've used the same model as most of their competitors and surely bringing in players from a neighbouring country with a higher football pedigree is a sound strategy. It takes bravery and a willingness to fail yet stick with the plan to make it work in the longer term. Most managers don't get that luxury.
  13. I've never forgotten that result!! Icelandic club football wasn't a lot better that it was given credit for and the ultimate sickener was DAFC going ahead and the commentator pointing out that the opponents were a part-time club whose inferior fitness would probably show in the later stages of the match...cue goals in the 83rd and 90th minute. Horrendous!!
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