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  1. Live mics for referees?

    ^^^^Whilst he's shagging...?
  2. Gigs

    Would be interested on your views on both The Dunts and Rascalton (having seen them both over the last year or two). Also how were Fontaines DC as there seems to be a LOT of hype. Cheers.
  3. Revisiting old albums

    I was shocked to learn this week marked the 20th anniversary of this albums release. I loved it at the time but hadn't heard it in quite a while. Having given it a few spins over the last few days I think it has aged well.
  4. Revisiting old albums

    13 is the sixth studio album by English alternative rock band Blur, released on 15 March 1999. Jettisoning the Britpop sound of Blur's early career, 13 explores experimental, psychedelic and electronic music. Recording took place from June to October 1998 in London and Reykjavík. The album marks a departure of the band's longtime producer, Stephen Street, with his role being filled by William Orbit. Relationships between the band members were reported to be strained, with members frequently missing from the sessions. Lyrically, the album is significantly darker and more innovative than Blur's previous efforts, being heavily inspired by Damon Albarn's breakup with long-term girlfriend, Justine Frischmann, which followed an increasingly strained relationship. 13 was released on 15 March 1999 and entered the UK Albums Chart at number one, making it Blur's fourth consecutive studio album to reach the top spot. The album was later certified Platinum. The album produced three singles – "Tender", "Coffee & TV" and "No Distance Left to Run". 13 received a nomination for Best Album at the 2000 NME Awards. It was also nominated for the Mercury Prize.
  5. Dundee v Celtic

    ...and sometimes less than that at some clubs .
  6. Tremendous finish by McGowan. Every time I see Hamilton highlights Mikel Miller looks like a pretty good player, is that a true reflection of his contribution this season? And who was McKinnon screaming at just after the final whistle?
  7. Aberdeen v Livingston

    The commentator seemed convinced that giving Livingston a free kick in their own half was tantamount to presenting then with a really good chance of scoring. The fact that they then did reflects well on his footballing knowledge. Most impressive.
  8. Rangers bottlers v Killie battlers

    McGregor totally culpable for the opener. Goldson should have seen a red card. Broadfoot is a bad egg.
  9. Dundee v Celtic

    Also, just going by the highlights, number 4 [Woods] was sloppy on a few occasions.
  10. Dundee v Celtic

    I just watched the highlights and to be honest my first instinct was that Brown had left one on him BUT the fact that Robson didn't appear to react in the slightest made me think it was just an illusion.
  11. Biased BBC reporting the crowd as about 20 rather than 41!! Despicable
  12. And five of them at home. No matter how poor your team are that wont get the fans on your side.