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  1. If you're at a loose end this evening and are impervious to cold temperatures then you could try this...
  2. The aspect I always find fascinating is the internal tension of who will be deemed to be part of the strongest possible line up, who will be relegated to the role of supporting artist (the bench) and who will have to wander about the pitch at full time clad in the obligatory designer suit looking absolutely overjoyed BUT almost crying inside and knowing they did no more to earn a medal than I did.
  3. This is Ljunberg's first audition so that's a big call.
  4. Now they have a two goal cushion he should be given license to desert his post and just play as a winger.
  5. I assume he's had better days? Seems to be in the Tavernier mould i.e. dangerous going forward but not a natural defender.
  6. Just saw a guy waving a flag bearing the slogan The Popes XI. Explains why Edouard's not been selected 😃. This will be my first look at Frimpong, I'm expecting big things against lowly Ross County.
  7. Morelos really is on fire this season scoring in all 3 of the group stage away ties. I'd be of the view that those goals will carry much more significance to suitors than any number in the SPFL and it will be interesting to see if, mystery Chinese teams aside, someone does put a serious offer on the table.
  8. Exactly the kind of thing that someone that's just stabbed a Stade Rennais fan in the arse would say
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