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  1. Halfway and all to play for. Seem to recall someone whining a while back about LL not being a competitive league this season. He's a fool
  2. Worth asking if the fan in question is a p***k?
  3. Die Bayern haben mehr Fußballwissen und wollen es mehr.
  4. That's very mean-spirited of you DB. If you don't enjoy his contributions to the forum you could just skip past them. A little compassion goes a long way
  5. Good effort from Livingston. Under the circumstances there's nothing embarrassing about this 3-0 defeat.
  6. It's a tough one that, because when you look at the number of tickets sold to the Old Firm, they really should be challenging for the title. You can tell from their body language they just don't want it enough.
  7. Given the massive gulf in resources I think Livingston have done themselves proud so far.
  8. I think many of them want to see how far they can go. Cove and Edinburgh have managed to get beyond the starting point of the SPFL (well done). I've said in the past I'd like EK to win promotion BUT have also said how much I hate the idea of playing 9 teams four times. I'd agree that once you find your level then it could start to become stale although that said there are plenty of teams that have happily coped with that scenario for decades .
  9. I agree with both of you A guy being accidentally caught as he races the ball out of the box towards the corner flag (or even playing for contact) should NOT be rewarded with a penalty kick imo.
  10. It's a short career, imperative that he maximises his income whilst his stock is high, good luck to him.
  11. Generally speaking I like him and he was a good addition to punditry in Scottish football. He can be a total nugget....his obsession with Craig Levein was unhealthy imo but more often than not I agree with him and at least am thankful that, up to now, he has not been too scared to oppose the two cults.
  12. I don't see him often but he seems to get lots of positive feedback from pundits
  13. Given the massive gulf in resources I think Livingston have done themselves proud so far.
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